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Table of contents

1. Introduction: Reflections on Working Together—Through and Beyond Design Thinking
Larry Leifer, Christoph Meinel

2. Theoretical Foundations of Design Thinking
Julia P. A. Thienen, William J. Clancey, Giovanni E. Corazza, Christoph Meinel

Part I. Modelling and Mapping Teamwork

3. Quadratic Model of Reciprocal Causation for Monitoring, Improving, and Reflecting on Design Team Performance
Neeraj Sonalkar, Ade Mabogunje, Mark Cutkosky

4. Breaks with a Purpose
Franziska Dobrigkeit, Danielly Paula, Matthias Uflacker

Part II. Tools and Techniques for Productive Collaboration

5. Mechanical Novel: Crowdsourcing Complex Work Through Reflection and Revision
Joy Kim, Sarah Sterman, Allegra Argent Beal Cohen, Michael S. Bernstein

6. Mosaic: Designing Online Creative Communities for Sharing Works-in-Progress
Joy Kim, Maneesh Agrawala, Michael S. Bernstein

7. Investigating Tangible Collaboration for Design Towards Augmented Physical Telepresence
Alexa F. Siu, Shenli Yuan, Hieu Pham, Eric Gonzalez, Lawrence H. Kim, Mathieu Le Goc, Sean Follmer

8. The Interaction Engine
Nikolas Martelaro, Wendy Ju, Mark Horowitz

9. Making the Domain Tangible: Implicit Object Lookup for Source Code Readability
Patrick Rein, Marcel Taeumel, Robert Hirschfeld

10. “… and not building on that”: The Relation of Low Coherence and Creativity in Design Conversations
Axel Menning, Benedikt Ewald, Claudia Nicolai, Ulrich Weinberg

Part III. Teaching, Training, Priming: Approaches to Teaching and Enabling Creative Skills

11. The DT MOOC Prototype: Towards Teaching Design Thinking at Scale
Mana Taheri, Lena Mayer, Karen Schmieden, Christoph Meinel

12. Creativity in the Twenty-first Century: The Added Benefit of Training and Cooperation
Naama Mayseless, Manish Saggar, Grace Hawthorne, Allan Reiss

13. Priming Designers Leads to Prime Designs
Jinjuan She, Carolyn Conner Seepersad, Katja Holtta-Otto, Erin F. MacDonald

14. From Place to Space: How to Conceptualize Places for Design Thinking
Martin Schwemmle, Claudia Nicolai, Marie Klooker, Ulrich Weinberg

Part IV. Design Thinking in Practice

15. Mapping and Measuring Design Thinking in Organizational Environments
Adam Royalty, Sheri Shepard

16. Human Technology Teamwork: Enhancing the Communication of Pain Between Patients and Providers
Lauren Aquino Shluzas, David Pickham

17. Learning from Success and Failure in Healthcare Innovation: The Story of Tele-Board MED
Anja Perlich, Julia Thienen, Matthias Wenzel, Christoph Meinel

18. The Design Thinking Methodology at Work: Semi-Automated Interactive Recovery
Joachim Hänsel, Holger Giese

19. Abracadabra: Imagining Access to Creative Computing Tools for Everyone
Joel Sadler, Lauren Aquino Shluzas, Paulo Blikstein

Keywords: Business and Management, IT in Business, Innovation/Technology Management, Software Engineering, Management of Computing and Information Systems, Media Management

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Understanding Innovation
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9 pages
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