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Engineering Education for a Smart Society

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Table of contents

1. The Empirical Research on Human Knowledge Processing in Natural Language Within Engineering Education
Stefan Svetsky, Oliver Moravcik

2. Study on Interest and Perception of Value in Multinational Collaborative Design Projects Among Engineering Students
Ivan Enrique Esparragoza, Jared Ocampo, Jorge Rodriguez, Roberto Vigano, Carlos Sacchelli, Jorge Duque, Sheila Lascano, Uladzislau Ivashyn

3. Managing Industry Sponsored Capstone for Learning & Customer Satisfaction
T. H. DeAgostino, R. L. Dougherty

4. The Content and Structure of Code of Ethics for Engineers in China
Man Zhang, Sunyu Wang

5. A Study on the Educational Effectiveness of the Industry Professional Practice (IPP) Program
Chang-Heon Oh, Sung-Hui Kim

6. Introducing Responsible Resource Management to the Engineering Education
Yury P. Pokholkov, Maria Yu. Chervach, Kseniya K. Zaitseva

7. Recruiting and Developing Academic Leaders
Alfred Ngowi

8. Picking Low Hanging Fruits – Integrating Interdisciplinary Learning in Traditional Engineering Curricula by Interdisciplinary Project Courses
Andrea Dirsch-Weigand, Rebecca Pinkelman, Franziska D. Wehner, Joachim Vogt, Manfred Hampe

9. Metacognitive Development in Engineering Students Through Cooperative Problem Based Learning (CPBL)
Nur Fazirah Jumari, Khairiyah Mohd-Yusof, Fatin Aliah Phang

10. Program Outcomes and Institutions Management Frameworks as Seen by EUR-ACE and by CTI: A Comparison of Criteria
Anne-Marie Jolly

11. Academia-Hospital Course Co-development: Developing an Internet-of-Things-Based Design Course for Engineering Undergraduate Students
Andi Sudjana Putra, Puneet Seth

12. Motivating Engineering Students to Engage in Learning Computer Programming
Nor Azlinda Azmi, Khairiyah Mohd-Yusof, Fatin Aliah Phang, Syed Ahmad Helmi Syed Hassan

13. The Power of Self-evaluation Based Cross-Sparring in Developing the Quality of Engineering Programmes
Katriina Schrey-Niemenmaa, Robin Clark, Ásrún Matthíasdóttir, Fredrik Georgsson, Juha Kontio, Jens Bennedsen, Siegfried Rouvrais, Paul Hermon

14. Theoretical Foundations of Vocational and Technical Education and the Part They Play in the Process of State Building
Luis A. Marques

15. Engineering Challenges in Terms of Academic and Professional Training
Camila Garcia, Armando Pinela

16. MCDM for Engineering Education: Literature Review and Research Issues
Syed Ahmad Helmi Syed Hassan, Shy Ching Tan, Khairiyah Mohd Yusof

17. Perception of Complex Engineering Problem Solving Among Engineerıng Educators
Fatin Aliah Phang, Aznah Nor Anuar, Azmahani Abdul Aziz, Khairiyah Mohd Yusof, Syed Ahmad Helmi Syed Hassan, Yusof Ahmad

18. A Subjective Examination of Implicit Root Stereotypes of STEM Disciplines
V. Lakshmi Narasimhan, G. V. Bhargavi, A. Sultana

19. Leveraging Professional Networks for an Equitable, Smart Society - A Case Study on the International Federation of Engineering Education Societies
David A. Delaine, Uriel Cukierman, Rohit Kandakatla, Lueny Morell, Jennifer DeBoer

20. Recommending Exercises in Scratch: An Integrated Approach for Enhancing the Learning of Computer Programming
Jesennia Cárdenas-Cobo, Pavel Novoa-Hernández, Amikar Puris, David Benavides

21. An International Study of Faculty Perceptions on Communication Development in Engineering Education
Christina White, Daniel Hastings

22. French Engineering Universities: How They Deal with Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Anne-Marie Jolly, Christophe Leger

23. Application of Graph Theory to Analysing Student Success Through Development of Progression Maps
Randhir Rawatlal

24. A Quantitative Study of the Role of Active Learning and Engagement in Improving Environmental Engineering Students’ Learning Performance
Olivier Lefebvre, Sharon Prakash

25. Breadth Experiential Courses to Flexibly Meet New Programme Outcomes for Engineers
Siegfried Rouvrais, Sophie Gaultier Le Bris

26. Characteristics of Student Centred Learning from the Perspective of Engineering Lecturers
Khairiyah Mohd-Yusof, Fatin Aliah Phang, Syed Ahmad Helmi Syed Hassan

27. A Virtual Learning System in Environmental Monitoring
Daniel S. Brogan, Debarati Basu, Vinod K. Lohani

Keywords: Engineering, Computational Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence (incl. Robotics)

Publication year
Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing
Page amount
12 pages
Technology, Energy, Traffic
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