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Computational Kinematics

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Table of contents

1. Inherently Balanced Double Bennett Linkage
Volkert Wijk

2. 3D Revolute Joint with Clearance in Multibody Systems
Narendra Akhadkar, Vincent Acary, Bernard Brogliato

3. Kinematics and Bifurcation of a Twofold-Symmetric Eight-Bar Linkage
Zhao Tang, Dimiter Zlatanov, Jian Dai

4. A Novel Kinematic Model of Spatial Four-bar Linkage RSPS for Testing Accuracy of Actual R-Pairs with Ball-bar
Zhi Wang, Delun Wang, Xiaopeng Li, Huimin Dong, Shudong Yu

5. Model Reduction Methods for Optimal Follow-the-Leader Movements of Binary Actuated, Hyper-redundant Robots
Svenja Tappe, Dairong Yu, Jens Kotlarski, Tobias Ortmaier

6. Kinematic Design of a Lighting Robotic Arm for Operating Room
J. Sandoval, L. Nouaille, G. Poisson, Y. Parmantier

7. Elastostatic Modelling of a Wooden Parallel Robot
Lila Kaci, Clement Boudaud, Sebastien Briot, Philippe Martinet

8. Towards an Autonomous Airborne Robotic Agent
Daniel Soto-Guerrero, José Gabriel Ramírez-Torres, Jean-Pierre Gazeau

9. Autonomous March Control for Humanoid Robot Animation in a Virtual Reality Environment
Víctor H. Andaluz, Santiago Guamán, Jorge S. Sánchez

10. Control Based on Linear Algebra for Mobile Manipulators
Víctor H. Andaluz, Edison R. Sásig, William D. Chicaiza, Paola M. Velasco

11. Modeling and Kinematic Nonlinear Control of Aerial Mobile Manipulators
Jessica S. Ortiz, Alex P. Erazo, Christian P. Carvajal, José A. Pérez, Luis E. Proaño, Franklin M. Silva M., Víctor H. Andaluz

12. Path Planning Based on Visual Feedback Between Terrestrial and Aerial Robots Cooperation
Jessica S. Ortiz, Cristhian F. Zapata, Alex D. Vega, Víctor H. Andaluz

13. Dynamic Analysis and Control of a Hybrid Serial/Cable Driven Robot for Lower-Limb Rehabilitation
Mourad Ismail, Samir Lahouar, Lotfi Romdhane

14. Kinematic Analysis of Active Ankle Using Computational Algebraic Geometry
Shivesh Kumar, Abhilash Nayak, Bertold Bongardt, Andreas Mueller, Frank Kirchner

15. Optimization of a Redundant Serial Spherical Mechanism for Robotic Minimally Invasive Surgery
Carl A. Nelson, Med Amine Laribi, Said Zeghloul

16. Kinematic Analysis for a Prostate Biopsy Parallel Robot Using Study Parameters
Iosif Birlescu, Paul Tucan, Bogdan Gherman, Calin Vaida, Nicolae Crisan, Corina Radu, Nicolae Plitea, Doina Pisla

17. Optimum Walking of the Bioloid Humanoid Robot on a Rectilinear Path
Gabriela Reyes, Jose Alfonso Pamanes, Jesus Edurado Fierro, Victor Nunez

18. A New Experimental Set-up for Training Multi-parameter Gaits
Sami Bennour, Houssein Lamine, Baptiste Ulrich, Thomas Legrand, Brigitte Jolles, Julien Favre, Lotfi Romdhane

19. Comprehensive Dynamic Study of an Unloaded Walking Within a Cable-Based Gait Trainer
Houssein Lamine, Sami Bennour, Lotfi Romdhane

20. A Cable-Driven Robot for Upper Limb Rehabilitation Inspired by the Mirror Therapy
Lukas Tappeiner, Erika Ottaviano, Manfred L. Husty

21. Computing Cross-Sections of the Workspace of Cable-Driven Parallel Robots with 6 Sagging Cables
Jean-Pierre Merlet

22. Efficient Computation of the Workspace Boundary, Its Properties and Derivatives for Cable-Driven Parallel Robots
Andreas Pott

23. Application of the Rigid Finite Element Method to the Simulation of Cable-Driven Parallel Robots
Philipp Tempel, Andreas Schmidt, Bernard Haasdonk, Andreas Pott

24. Evaluating the Knot Vector to Synthesize the Cam Motion Using NURBS
T. T. N. Nguyen, S. Kurtenbach, M. Hüsing, B. Corves

25. Kinematics of Biplanetary Epicyclic Gears
J. Drewniak, A. Deptuła, T. Kądziołka, S. Zawiślak

26. Dynamic Synthesis of a Multibody System: A Comparative Study Between Genetic Algorithm and Particle Swarm Optimization Techniques
Mohamed Amine Ben Abdallah, Imed Khemili, Med Amine Laribi, Nizar Aifaoui

27. Robust Design Methodology of Topologically Optimized Components Under the Effect of Uncertainties
Joshua Amrith Raj, Arshad Javed

28. Kinematic and Dynamic Modeling and Base Inertial Parameters Determination of the Quadrupteron Parallel Manipulator
Behzad Danaei, Alaleh Arian, Mehdi Tale Masouleh, Ahmad Kalhor

29. Forward Kinematics of the General Triple-Arm Robot Using a Distance-Based Formulation
Nicolas Rojas, Federico Thomas

30. Parallel Manipulators in Terms of Dual Cayley-Klein Parameters
G. Nawratil

31. An Approach for Type Synthesis of Overconstrained 1T2R Parallel Mechanisms
C. Dong, H. Liu, Q. Liu, T. Sun, T. Huang, D. G. Chetwynd

32. Transmission Quality Evaluation for a Class of Four-limb Parallel Schönflies-motion Generators with Articulated Platforms
Guanglei Wu, Shaoping Bai, Stéphane Caro

33. Study of Redundantly Actuated DELTA-Type Parallel Kinematic Mechanisms
Burkhard Corves, Seyed Amirreza Shahidi, Michael Lorenz, Sami Charaf Eddine, Mathias Hüsing

34. 3-RRR Spherical Parallel Robot Optimization with Minimum of Singularities
Asma Jelassi, Abdelbadia Chaker, Abdelfattah Mlika

35. 4haptic: A Dexterous 4 d.o.fs Haptic Device Based on Delta Architecture
Celestin Preault, Houssem Saafi, Med Amine Laribi, Said Zeghloul

36. Error Modelling and Sensitivity Analysis of a Planar 3-PRP Parallel Manipulator
Jayant K. Mohanta, Santhakumar Mohan, Mathias Huesing, Burkhard Corves

37. Determination of Workspace Volume of Parallel Manipulators Using Monte Carlo Method
Arkadeep Narayan Chaudhury, Ashitava Ghosal

38. Kinematics of a 6-RUU Parallel Robots with Reconfigurable Platforms
Guanglei Wu, Huimin Dong

39. On the Motion/Force Transmissibility and Constrainability of Delta Parallel Robots
Jan Brinker, Burkhard Corves, Yukio Takeda

40. A Geometrical Approach for the Singularity Analysis of a 3-RRS Parallel Manipulator
Halil Tetik, Gokhan Kiper

41. The Collision-Free Workspace of the Tripteron Parallel Robot Based on a Geometrical Approach
Zolfa Anvari, Parnyan Ataei, Mehdi Tale Masouleh

42. A Novel 3T1R Parallel Manipulator 2PaRSS and Its Kinematics
Huiping Shen, Guowei Shao, Jiaming Deng, Ting-li Yang

43. Multi-objective Optimization of a Tripod Parallel Mechanism for a Robotic Leg
Matteo Russo, Saioa Herrero, Oscar Altuzarra, Marco Ceccarelli

44. Robust Optimization of the RAF Parallel Robot for a Prescribed Workspace
M. A. Laribi, A. Mlika, L. Romdhane, S. Zeghloul

45. Optimal Design of

Yuanqing Wu, Marco Carricato

46. Robust Multi-objective Design Optimization of the 3-UPU TPM Based on the GA-Krawczyk Method
S. El Hraiech, A. H. Chebbi, Z. Affi, L. Romdhane

47. Topology Optimization of a Reactionless Four-Bar Linkage
Sebastien Briot, Alexandre Goldsztejn

48. Kinetostatic Analysis and Solution Classification of a Planar Tensegrity Mechanism
P. Wenger, D. Chablat

49. Design Optimization and Accuracy Analysis of a Planar 2PRP-PRR Parallel Manipulator
Santhakumar Mohan, Burkhard Corves, Philippe Wenger

50. Operation Modes of the Planar

RRR Manipulator
Aravind Baskar, Sandipan Bandyopadhyay

51. The Impact of Kinematic Redundancies on the Conditioning of a Planar Parallel Manipulator
Joao Vitor C. Fontes, Hiparco L. Vieira, Maíra M. Silva

52. Holistic Modular Multilayer Synthesis of Planar Linkages Using Parameterized Mass Properties
S. Heinrich, M. Berger

53. Motion Interpolation in Lie Subgroups and Symmetric Subspaces
J. M. Selig, Yuanqing Wu, Marco Carricato

54. Intrusion, Proximity and Stationary Distance
Paul Zsombor-Murray

55. A Novel Geometric Analysis of the Kinematics of the

PS Manipulator
Teja Krishna Mamidi, Aravind Baskar, Sandipan Bandyopadhyay

56. Constraint Equations of Inverted Kinematic Chains
Thomas Stigger, Manfred L. Husty

57. Local and Full-Cycle Mobility Analysis of a 3-RPS-3-SPR Series-Parallel Manipulator
Abhilash Nayak, Stéphane Caro, Philippe Wenger

58. Application of Intersection Theory to Singularity and Motion Mode Analysis of Mechanisms
Samuli Piipponen, Andreas Müller, Eero Hyry, Jukka Tuomela

59. Rational Parametrization of Linear Pentapod’s Singularity Variety and the Distance to It
Arvin Rasoulzadeh, Georg Nawratil

60. Inverse Kinematics of Anthropomorphic Arms Yielding Eight Coinciding Circles
B. Bongardt

61. Optimal Synthesis of Overconstrained 6R Linkages by Curve Evolution
Tudor-Dan Rad, Hans-Peter Schröcker

62. The Instantaneous Screw Axis of Motions in the Kinematic Image Space
Martin Pfurner, Josef Schadlbauer

63. A New Insight into the Coupler Curves of the RCCC Four-Bar Linkage
Federico Thomas, Alba Pérez-Gracia

64. A Forward Kinematics Data Structure for Efficient Evolutionary Inverse Kinematics
Sebastian Starke, Norman Hendrich, Jianwei Zhang

65. Adaptation of the Geometric Model of a 6 dof Serial Robot to the Task Space
Jose Gutiérrez, Helene Chanal, Severine Durieux, Emmanuel Duc

66. Differentiation-Free Taylor Approximation of Finite Motion in Closed Loop Kinematics
J. J. Jong, A. Müller, J. Dijk, J. L. Herder

67. A New Direct Position Analysis Solution for an Over-Constrained Gough-Stewart Platform
Luca Luzi, Nicola Sancisi, Vincenzo Parenti Castelli

68. A Study on Constraints Violation in Dynamic Analysis of Spatial Mechanisms
P. Flores

69. A Generalized and Analytical Method to Solve Inverse Kinematics of Serial and Parallel Mechanisms Using Finite Screw Theory
T. Sun, S. F. Yang, T. Huang, J. S. Dai

Keywords: Engineering, Vibration, Dynamical Systems, Control, Engineering Design, Robotics and Automation, Computational Science and Engineering

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Mechanisms and Machine Science
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13 pages
Technology, Energy, Traffic
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