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Geomatic Approaches for Modeling Land Change Scenarios

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Table of contents

1. Geomatic Approaches for Modeling Land Change Scenarios. An Introduction
M. T. Camacho Olmedo, M. Paegelow, J. F. Mas, F. Escobar

Part I. Concepts and Tools

2. LUCC Modeling Approaches to Calibration
J. F. Mas, M. Paegelow, M. T. Camacho Olmedo

3. The Simulation Stage in LUCC Modeling
M. T. Camacho Olmedo, J. F. Mas, M. Paegelow

4. Techniques for the Validation of LUCC Modeling Outputs
M. Paegelow, M. T. Camacho Olmedo, J. F. Mas

5. LUCC Scenarios
F. Escobar, H. Delden, R. Hewitt

Part II. Methodological Developments and Case Studies: Methodological Developments

6. Obtaining and Comparing Factors in Land Change Models Using One or Two Time Points Based Calibration
M. T. Camacho Olmedo

7. Impact and Integration of Multiple Training Dates for Markov Based Land Change Modeling
M. Paegelow

8. Land Use Change Modeling with SLEUTH: Improving Calibration with a Genetic Algorithm
K. C. Clarke

9. The Importance of Scale in Land Use Models: Experiments in Data Conversion, Data Resampling, Resolution and Neighborhood Extent
J. Díaz-Pacheco, H. Delden, R. Hewitt

10. The Influence of Scale in LULC Modeling. A Comparison Between Two Different LULC Maps (SIOSE and CORINE)
D. García-Álvarez

11. Who Knows Best? The Role of Stakeholder Knowledge in Land Use Models—An Example from Doñana, SW Spain
R. J. Hewitt, V. Hernández Jiménez, L. Román Bermejo, F. Escobar

12. Land Use and Cover Change Modeling as an Integration Framework: A Mixed Methods Approach for the Southern Coast of Jalisco (Western Mexico)
M. Kolb, P. R. W. Gerritsen, G. Garduño, E. Lazos Chavero, S. Quijas, P. Balvanera, N. Álvarez, J. Solís

Part III. Methodological Developments and Case Studies: Case Studies

13. Urban Land Use Change Analysis and Modeling: A Case Study of the Gaza Strip
B. Abuelaish

14. Constraint Cellular Automata for Urban Development Simulation: An Application to the Strasbourg-Kehl Cross-Border Area
J. P. Antoni, V. Judge, G. Vuidel, O. Klein

15. Modeling Land-Use Scenarios in Protected Areas of an Urban Region in Spain
M. Gallardo, J. Martínez-Vega

16. Navigating the Future: Land Redevelopment Scenarios and Broader Impact Assessment in Southern California
J. H. Kim, J. R. Hipp, V. Basolo

17. Modeling the Future Evolution of Chilean Forests to Guide Current Practices. Native Forest and Industrial Timber Plantations in Southern Chile
N. Maestripieri, M. Paegelow, G. Selleron

18. Urban Transportation Scenarios in a LUCC Model: A Case Study in Bogota, Colombia
D. Páez, F. Escobar

19. Integrating Econometric and Spatially Explicit Dynamic Models to Simulate Land Use Transitions in the Cerrado Biome
T. Carvalho Lima, S. Carvalho Ribeiro, B. Soares-Filho

Part IV. Technical Notes

20. Cellular Automaton
J.F. Mas, H. Rodrigues

21. Cellular Automata in CA_MARKOV
M.T. Camacho Olmedo, J.F. Mas

22. Fuzzy Coincidence
J.F. Mas

23. LUCC Based Validation Indices: Figure of Merit, Producer’s Accuracy and User’s Accuracy
M. Paegelow

24. LUCC Budget
M. Paegelow

25. Markov Chain
M.T. Camacho Olmedo, J.F. Mas

26. Multi Criteria Evaluation (MCE)
M. Paegelow

27. Multilayer Perceptron (MLP)
H. Taud, J.F. Mas

28. Multi-objective Land Allocation (MOLA)
M.T. Camacho Olmedo

29. The NASZ Model
F. Escobar

30. Receiver Operating Characteristic (ROC) Analysis
J.F. Mas

31. Weights of Evidence
J.F. Mas

32. A Short Presentation of the Actor, Policy, and Land Use Simulator (APoLUS)
R. J. Hewitt

33. A Short Presentation of CA_MARKOV
J. R. Eastman, J. Toledano

34. A Short Presentation of CLUMondo
J. Vliet, P. H. Verburg

35. A Short Presentation of Dinamica EGO
H. Rodrigues, B. Soares-Filho

36. A Short Presentation of the Land Change Modeler (LCM)
J. R. Eastman, J. Toledano

37. A Short Presentation of LucSim
J. P. Antoni

38. A Short Presentation of Metronamica
H. Delden, R. Vanhout

39. A Short Presentation of SLEUTH
K. C. Clarke

Keywords: Geography, Geographical Information Systems/Cartography, Monitoring/Environmental Analysis, Simulation and Modeling

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Lecture Notes in Geoinformation and Cartography
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