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International Security in the Asia-Pacific

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Table of contents

1. International Security in the Asia-Pacific: Transcending ASEAN Towards Transitional Polycentrism—An Introduction
Alan Chong

2. Southeast Asia: No Longer Peripheral to Global Events
Kee Beng Ooi

3. Defence and Security Cooperation in East Asia: Whither ASEAN Centrality?
See Seng Tan

4. ASEAN’s Limitations in Conflict Resolution
Kriengsak Chareonwongsak

Part 1. The Great Powers: Going their Own Way or Tempering Rivalry with Some Reference to ASEAN?

5. Flexing Muscles Flexibly: China and Asia’s Transitional Polycentrism
Tiang Boon Hoo

6. The Emerging Security Landscape in the Asia-Pacific: Where ASEAN Fits Between the United States and China
Xiaoming Huang

7. ASEAN in the Era of Japan-China Tensions: Diplomatic Opportunities or Strategic Dilemmas?
Takeshi Yuzawa

8. The Role of the United States’ Quasi-Alliances in Asia: Shadow Puppetry or Hard Alliances?
Charmaine G. Misalucha-Willoughby

9. Order in South Asia and the Indian Ocean Region: Indian Hegemony or Indian Primacy?
Manjeet S. Pardesi

Part 2. Defence Diplomacy in the Asia-Pacific

10. Fostering Military Diplomacy with America’s Bilateral Allies: The Philippine Policy of Linking Spokes Together
Renato Cruz De Castro

11. Reasons for Optimism? China, Japan and Unilateral Naval Restraint in the East China Sea
Collin Koh

12. The Emergence of an Asia-Pacific Diplomacy of Counter-Terrorism in Tackling the Islamic State Threat
Bilveer Singh

Part 3. Non-Traditional Security Threats as Security Interdependence and the Challenge to Military Missions in East Asia

13. Climate Change and Food Insecurities: Destabilisers of ASEAN Centrality?
Tamara Nair

14. Subnational Conflict Mitigation: Networks, Innovations, and the Uncertain Place of ASEAN
Linda Quayle

15. Siloes, Synergies and Prospects for Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief in Southeast Asia
Alistair D. B. Cook

16. Asia’s Security Competition by Proxy: Competitive HADR as a Respectable Arena?
Alan Chong, Il Woo Lee

17. Re-conceptualizing the Role of the Military for International Disaster Relief in East Asia
Jeffrey Engstrom

18. Conclusion: Asian International Security in the Mode of Indefinite Polycentrism
Alan Chong

Keywords: Political Science and International Relations, Asian Politics, International Security Studies

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