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Advances in Cross-Cultural Decision Making

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Table of contents

1. A Cross-Cultural Comparison of the Accuracy of Personality Judgements Made Through Social Media
Mark Turner, Eeven Chin

2. Autochthonous Materials and Traditional Manufacturing Methods: Analysis Based on Cultural and Historical Features
Aline Souza, Rita Almendra, Lia Krucken

3. Cross-Cultural Reactions to Crisis Events via Language and Emoticon Use
Samira Shaikh, Prasanna Lalingkar, Eliza Barach, Laurie Feldman

4. Geo-Tagged Social Media Data as a Proxy for Urban Mobility
Cheng Qian, Philipp Kats, Sergey Malinchik, Mark Hoffman, Brian Kettler, Constantine Kontokosta, Stanislav Sobolevsky

5. Veterans in STEM: Supporting the Transition from Military Culture to the Culture of College
Ronda Jenson, Alexis Petri, Arden Day

6. New Approach to Decision Making (DM) - Evaluation of DM by not Choice but Preference of Alternatives
Atsuo Murata

7. Nationalism, Patriotism and Multinational Decision-Making Competence: Evidence from a Situation Judgment Test
Gerald Matthews, Lauren Reinerman-Jones, Grace Teo, Shawn Burke, David Scribner

8. Cultural and Social Determinants of Working Conditions in Europe
Denis A. Coelho

9. Organization & Cultural Impact of Microservices Architecture
Sunil Joshi

10. Challenges in Making Policy Decision-Support Systems Operational
Corey Lofdahl, Martin Voshell

11. Complex Causality: Computational Formalisms, Mental Models, and Objective Truth
Mukesh Dalal, Amy Sliva, David Blumstein

12. Enabling Mixed Method Modeling Through the Use of Causal Networks
James Starz, Jennifer Lautenschlager, Timothy Siedlecki, Luis Asencios Reynoso

13. Examining How Perception of External Threat Influences the Popularity of Government Leaders
Michael Bernard, Asmeret Naugle

14. A Fast Track Approach Towards Automatic Detection of Gray Zone Activities from Text
Jason Schlachter, Jennifer Lautenschlager

15. Challenges and Opportunities in Gray Zone “Combat”
Mark Hoffman, Martin O. Hofmann

16. Intra-group Tension Under Inter-group Conflict: A Generative Model Using Group Social Norms and Identity
Roger M. Whitaker, Liam Turner, Gualtiero Colombo, Dinesh Verma, Diane Felmlee, Gavin Pearson

17. Security Challenges in the 21st Century: The Changing Nature of Risk, Security and Sustainability
Glenn Pierce, Paul Cleary, Curtis Holland, Gordana Rabrenovic

18. Incorporating the Cultural and Decisions Factors in Multi-objective Optimization of Air Conditioning Conduit Design Process
Alexis Cordovés-García, José Arzola-Ruiz, Umer Asgher

19. The Necessity of New Paradigms in Measuring Human-Chatbot Interaction
Leon Ciechanowski, Aleksandra Przegalinska, Krzysztof Wegner

20. Understanding the Social and Economic Factors Affecting Adverse Events in an Active Theater of War: A Neural Network Approach
Erman Çakıt, Waldemar Karwowski

21. Designing Culturally Appropriate Responses to Culturally Influenced Computer Usage Behaviors
Fuad EL-Qirem, Gilbert Cockton

22. Comparative Study of Design by Culture Reference: Design Examples
Yan Gan, Yasuyuki Hirai

23. Analyzing Various Functions of Prefrontal Cortex (PFC) in Decision Making via Brain Imaging Techniques
Umer Asgher, Riaz Ahmad, Yasar Ayaz, Noman Naseer, Liaqat Ali, José Arzola Ruiz, Maureen Kole

Keywords: Engineering, Computational Intelligence, Cross-Cultural Management, Global/International Culture, Simulation and Modeling

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Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing
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11 pages
Technology, Energy, Traffic
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