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Lecture Notes in Real-Time Intelligent Systems

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Table of contents

1. A Research on Classroom Teaching Ability System Construction of English Teachers Combined with Artificial Intelligence
Yali Sun

2. Study of the Establishment of a Reliable English-Chinese Machine Translation System Based on Artificial Intelligence
Xuan Fu, Wei Lu, Ligang Zhu, Shuai Zhou

3. Analysis on the Application of Artificial Intelligence Technology in the Construction of the Internet Interactive Platform of Inquiry Curriculum
Song-Ling Dong

4. Research on Intelligent Standardized English Test Systems with Artificial Intelligence
Hongmei Wang

5. Research on the Automatic Error Correction Model Combined with Artificial Intelligence for College English Essays
Dan Zhao, Jian Sun

6. A New Model for Analyzing the Win Probability and Strength of the Two Sides of the Table Tennis Match
Qian Liu, Yan Zhuang, Fuchuan Wan

7. Water Quality Turbidity Detection Based on Image Recognition System Design and Implementation
Xuehui Zhang

8. Application and Enhancement of Embedded Computer Operating System Interface
Yuxiang Ji, Shengfei Wang

9. Design of Power Cable UAV Intelligent Patrol System Based on Adaptive Kalman Filter Fuzzy PID Control
Siyu Chen

10. Intelligent Agricultural Machinery Monitoring System Based on the Cloud
Fengqi Hao, Xiaojie Zhao, Maoli Wang

11. The Application of Artificial Intelligence in Financial Evaluation
Haipeng Zhu

12. Research on Agricultural Intelligent Robot Based on Path Planning
Xiaoqiang Tang, Yuxiang Ji

13. Application of Artificial Intelligence Technology in the Visual Communication Design of Shopping Platform
Dong Chen

14. Research on Image Fingerprint Technology Based on Watson Visual Model Multimedia Technology
Zhang Chi

15. Elements of Music Based on Artificial Intelligence
Bo Zhang, Jun Lin

16. Video Steganographic Algorithm Based on Intra Prediction Modification for H.264/AVC
Yingnan Zhang, Minqing Zhang, Zhen Zhang, Haibin Yang, Ke Niu

17. The Teaching Mode of Japanese Literature Course with Multimedia
Wang Fang

18. Multi-view Discriminative Manifold Embedding for Pattern Classification
Xuezhen Wang, Yunxia Guo, Ziqiang Wang

19. Network Time Balance Management Based on TFRR Optimization Algorithm
Liguo Wang, Xiaoqiang Tang

20. Application of Optimized Genetic Algorithm in Building Energy-Saving Optimization Control
Meie Lin

21. Demonstration of SVM Classification Based on Improved Gauss Kernel Function
Yang Han, Jie Li, Jin-Ze Li, Hong-Wei Xing, Ai-Min Yang, Yu-Hang Pan

22. TSP Problem Based on Artificial Ant Colony Algorithm
Jin-Ze Li, Wei-Xing Liu, Yang Han, Hong-Wei Xing, Ai-Min Yang, Yu-Hang Pan

23. A Secure Pairing-Free Certificate-Less Authenticated Key Agreement Protocol
Shan Chun, Hu Kangwen, Xue Jingfeng, Hu Changzhen, Ma Rui

24. An Attribute-Based Encryption Scheme with LSSS Key-Policy from Lattices
Lihua Liu, Shangping Wang

25. Improved Encryption Padding for ECC System with Provable Security
Yang Yatao, Zhang Fengjuan, Li Zichen, Zhang Yaze

26. Security Test for Application Software Based on SPN
Ping Pan, Xuan Zhu, Xinyue Mao

27. A Novel Algorithm Enumerating Bent Functions Based on Value Distribution and Run Length
Yongbin Zhao, Fengrong Zhang, Chaohui Qi

28. The Application of Artificial Intelligence and Intelligent Decision in Men Volleyball’s Lineup Tactics
Yunfei Niu

29. A Generic Model for the Application of Computer Aided Design in Environmental Art Design
Guofeng Zhang

30. The Research on the Analysis of Characteristics and Performance of ICAI for Table Tennis Training
Qian Yang

31. Research on Effect Evaluation of Physical Education Teaching Based on Artificial Intelligence Expert Decision Making System
Ji Wen

32. Text Detection with Deep Neural Network
Lin Li, Shengsheng Yu

33. Analysis and System Simulation of Flight Vehicle Sliding Mode Control Algorithm Based on PID Neural Network
Shenao Zhang, Xiangdong Liu, Yongzhi Sheng

34. Research and Implementation of Intelligent Risk Recognition Model Based on Engineering Construction of Neural Network
Jihong Luo, Rong Pan

35. Developing Green Construction Evaluation System Based on Deep Neural Network Algorithm
Min Jing, Jiangtao Kong

36. Determination of the Table Tennis Placement Based on Artificial Intelligence
Hao Yujiao, Hao Zhe, Yang Haoyu

37. Application of Distributed Artificial Intelligence in Network Teaching
Song-Ling Dong

38. Research on Personalized Recommendation of Electronic Commerce Website Based on Text Mining
Ping Chen, Li Zhu

39. Design of Intelligent Evaluation System of Physical Education Teaching Based on Artificial Intelligence Expert Decision System
Bai Yong

40. Analysis of Sports Biomechanics Analysis Based on Intelligent Technology
Ji Naichun

41. Damping Loss Prevention on Aerobics Special Shoe Materials Based on Intelligent Analysis
Shi Qian

42. Application of Neural Network Algorithm Based on PCA-BP in Earthquake Early Warning of Buildings
Weiyuan Zeng

43. Algorithm Design on Filtering Signals in Cable Defect Magnetic Flux Leakage Non-destructive Testing System
Mingyan Yu, Guien Wang

44. Multi Controller Software Defined Network Link Fault Location Based on Tree Decomposition Method
Xing Ye, Xing-Guo Luo, Yu-Xiang Hu, Min Lin

45. The Protection of Power System Based on Artificial Intelligence
Zewei Zhu

46. Research on Education and Teaching Resources Management System Based on ASP.NET
Yanli Wang, Yun Huang

47. The Design and Implementation of an Online English Testing System Based on MVC Model
Zhuo Wang

48. Design and Practice of the Competition Schedule Arrangement System of Swimming Sports Based on Artificial Intelligence
Hao Guofang, Zhang Jing

49. Research on the Operation of Electric Intelligent Automation Based on Computational Intelligence
Yue Wei

50. Fault Diagnosis and Structure Optimization of Engine Based on Signal Feature and CFD
Xiaozhi Wang, Honghui Zhu, Zhigang Liu

51. A Study on the Application of Computer Simulation to Physical Activities
Guocheng Wang

52. Research on Data Storage Algorithm Based on Metallurgy Control System
Zhen Pan, Hongkun Yao, Han Zhang

53. Fault Diagnosis Algorithm for Wireless Sensor-Based on Fault Tolerant Topology
Weijing Liu, Yanfang Liu

54. Improvements of Wireless Network Routing Clustering Algorithm
Shengfei Wang, Fei Gao

Keywords: Engineering, Computational Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence (incl. Robotics)

Publication year
Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing
Technology, Energy, Traffic
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