Boring, Ronald Laurids

Advances in Human Error, Reliability, Resilience, and Performance

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Table of contents

1. Evaluation and Consolidation of the HEART Human Reliability Assessment Principles
Julie L. Bell, Jeremy C. Williams

2. Assessing Dependency in SPAR-H: Some Practical Considerations
Harold S. Blackman, Ronald L. Boring

3. Simulation-Based Optimization of Resilient Communication Protocol for Nuclear Power Plant Outages
Cheng Zhang, Zhe Sun, Pingbo Tang, Shawn W. St. Germain, Ronald Boring

4. Task and Procedure Level Primitives for Modeling Human Error
Ronald Boring, Martin Rasmussen, Thomas Ulrich, Sarah Ewing, Diego Mandelli

5. Operator Timing of Task Level Primitives for Use in Computation-Based Human Reliability Analysis
Thomas Ulrich, Ronald Boring, Sarah Ewing, Martin Rasmussen

6. A Systematic Method to Build a Knowledge Base to be Used in a Human Reliability Analysis Model
Yunfei Zhao, Keith Altman, Kreteeka Chaudhury, Muhammad Anandika, Carol Smidts

7. A Literature Study to Explore Empirically: What Is the Scientific Discipline of Human Factors and What Makes It Distinct from Other Related Fields
Karin Laumann, Martin Rasmussen, Ronald L. Boring

8. Use of Risk Information to Support NRC Human Factors License Amendment Reviews, Inspections, and Research
Brian Green, Jing Xing

9. Task Analysis as a Cornerstone Technique for Human Reliability Analysis
Claire Taylor

10. Combination of Human Reliability Analysis and Task Analysis in Human Factors Engineering
Jinggong Liu, Shiguang Deng, Xiufeng Tian, Xinwei Liu, Kunxiu Liu

11. From Reason and Rasmussen to Kahneman and Thaler: Styles of Thinking and Human Reliability in High Hazard Industries
Ronald W. McLeod

12. Epic Human Failure on June 30, 2013
Fred J. Schoeffler, Lance Honda

13. A Systematic Framework for Root-Cause Analysis of the Aliso Canyon Gas Leak Using the AcciMap Methodology
Maryam Tabibzadeh, Simone Stavros, Mikhil S. Ashtekar, Najmedin Meshkati

14. Permit-to-Work Systems as a Health and Safety Risk Control Strategy in Mining: A Prospective Study in Resilience Engineering
Manikam Pillay, Michael Tuck

15. Modeling Framework of Team Contexts for the Design of Laboratory Experiments and Team Training
Taro Kanno, Satoru Inoue, Daisuke Karikawa, Dingding Chao

16. The Impact of Human Errors on the Estimation of Uncertainty of Measurements in Water Monitoring
Ewa Kmiecik

17. Human Performance Variability in Task Execution Times Under Generic Human-System Integration Conditions in Naval Operations
Tareq Ahram, Waldemar Karwowski, Kevin Muhs

18. Are We Flooding Pilots with Data? – Effects of Situational Awareness Automation Support Concepts on Decision-Making in Modern Military Air Operations
Christopher Roos

19. Comparison of Mutual Awareness in Analog Vs. Digital Control Rooms
Kateryna Savchenko, Heather Medema, Ronald Boring, Thomas Ulrich

20. Characteristics Analysis for the Effect of Mental Fatigue in Monitoring Task
Yiqi Ai, Qianxiang Zhou, Yun Tian, Zhongqi Liu

21. Evaluation of Decision Making Processes in Critical Situations
Lisa Fromm, Gundula Zerbes, Christian Plegge, Thomas Alexander

22. Detection of Typical Progress Patterns of Industrial Incidents by Text Mining Technique
Toru Nakata, Mohammad Sohrab

23. Use of a Big Data Mining Technique to Extract Relative Importance of Performance Shaping Factors from Event Investigation Reports
Jinkyun Park, Yochan Kim, Wondea Jung

24. Text Mining for Procedure-Level Primitives in Human Reliability Analysis
Sarah M. Ewing, Ronald L. Boring, Martin Rasmussen, Thomas Ulrich

25. The Virtual Human Reliability Analyst
Martin Rasmussen, Ronald Boring, Thomas Ulrich, Sarah Ewing

26. A Dynamic Mechanistic Model of Human Response Proposed for Human Reliability Analysis
Yunfei Zhao, Carol Smidts

27. A Framework for Understanding Operator Decision Making in Simulated Nuclear Power Plant Cyber Attacks
Susan Adams, Stacey Hendrickson, Phillip Turner

28. A Sound Investment: Managing Human Error in the Finance Sector
Andrew Wright, Clare Borras

29. Adapting the Cognitive Framework of NUREG-2114 for Use in Human Error Analysis for AP1000 Plant Licensing in the United Kingdom
April M. Whaley

30. Effects of Information Acquisition Method on Diagnostic Task Performance Using Digitalized Interfaces
Xuansheng Ding, Zhizhong Li, Manrong She

31. Cognitive Processes and PEMs of TSA in Digitized MCRs of NPPs
Pengcheng Li, Licao Dai, Li Zhang, Yu Jiang, Xiaofang Li

32. The Effect of the Urban Bus Stop on Human-Machine Characteristics in Public Transport
Fengyuan Wang, Xiaoting Chen, Lu Wang, Shiyuan Yan, Fuquan Pan

33. Operating Events in Chinese Nuclear Power Plants: A Preliminary Analysis
Lixin Zheng, Feng Jiao, Peng Liu, Jiejuan Tong, Zhizhong Li

34. Description of Diagnosis Process: A Review of Existing Measures and a New Approach
Xi Lyu, Zhizhong Li

35. A Case Study of Human Reliability in Maquiladora Industry Manufacturing Process
Teresa Carrillo-Gutierrez, Rosa María Reyes Martínez, Jorge Riva Rodríguez, Jaime Sanchez-Leal, Aidé Aracely Maldonado Macias

Keywords: Engineering, Computational Intelligence, User Interfaces and Human Computer Interaction, Experimental Psychology, Quality Control, Reliability, Safety and Risk, Operation Research/Decision Theory

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Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing
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14 pages
Technology, Energy, Traffic
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