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Advances in Neuroergonomics and Cognitive Engineering

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Table of contents

1. Why Human-Autonomy Teaming?
R. Jay Shively, Joel Lachter, Summer L. Brandt, Michael Matessa, Vernol Battiste, Walter W. Johnson

2. A Human-Autonomy Teaming Approach for a Flight-Following Task
Summer L. Brandt, Joel Lachter, Ricky Russell, Robert Jay Shively

3. Measuring the Effectiveness of Human Autonomy Teaming
Thomas Z. Strybel, Jillian Keeler, Natassia Mattoon, Armando Alvarez, Vanui Barakezyan, Edward Barraza, James Park, Kim-Phuong L. Vu, Vernol Battiste

4. Beyond Point Design: General Pattern to Specific Implementations
Joel Lachter, Summer L. Brandt, Garrett Sadler, R. Jay Shively

5. Using a Crew Resource Management Framework to Develop Human-Autonomy Teaming Measures
Michael Matessa

6. The Impact of Neurocognitive Temporal Training on Reaction Time and Running Memory of U.S. Active Duty Personnel
Cory R. Overby, Valerie Rice, Gary Boykin, Leah Enders, Jessica Villarreal

7. Neurocognitive Temporal Training for Improved Military Marksmanship: Grouping and Zeroing
Gary L. Boykin, Valerie J. Rice

8. Neurofeedback for Personalized Adaptive Training
Jesse Mark, Neha Thomas, Amanda Kraft, William D. Casebeer, Matthias Ziegler, Hasan Ayaz

9. SHELL Revisited: Cognitive Loading and Effects of Digitized Flight Deck Automation
Mark Miller, Sam Holley

10. Workload Assessment and Human Error Identification During the Task of Taking a Plain Abdominal Radiograph: A Case Study
Cesar Alferez-Padron, Aide Aracely Maldonado-Macías, Jorge García-Alcaraz, Liliana Avelar-Sosa, Arturo Realyvasquez-Vargas

11. The Study of Sound and Shape Effects on Design
Tyan-Yu Wu, Alan Lee

12. Research and Analysis on the Influence Factors of Spatial Perception Ability
Minxia Liu, Chengtong Tang, Lin Gong, Qing Xue

13. Cognitive Modeling for Robotic Assembly/Maintenance Task in Space Exploration
Yanfei Liu, Zhiqiang Tian, Yuzhou Liu, Junsong Li, Feng Fu, Jing Bian

14. Analysis of Relationship Between Impression of Video and Memory Using fNIRS
Suguru Azehara, Toru Nakata, Toshikazu Kato

15. Evaluate Fatigue of Blue Light Influence on General LCD, Low Blue Light LCD and OLED Displays
Yunhong Zhang, Yingbao Yang, Yilin Chen, Yong Yang, Yu Chao

16. Comparison of Visual Comfort and Fatigue Between Watching Different Types of 3D TVs as Measured by Eye Tracking
Yunhong Zhang, Haibo Yang, Yufeng Xu, Lei Feng

17. An Eye-Movement Tracking Study on Influence of Circularly Polarized Light LCD and Linearly Polarized Light LCD on Visual Perception Processing Ability for Long-Term Continuous Use
Yunhong Zhang, Jinghong Ding, Haibo Yang, Fan Zhang, Haitao Wang, Yu Chao

18. Visual Pattern Complexity Determination for Enhanced Usability in Cognitive Testing
Kanaka Babshet, Catherine Honegger, Ashley Gritzman, Vered Aharonson

19. Effects of Background Music on Visual Lobe and Visual Search Performance
Lindong Yang, Ruifeng Yu

20. The Sound of Violin: Quantifying and Evaluating the Impact on the Performer’s and Near Audience’s Ear
Pedro Salvadores Palacio, Mercedes Barrios Carro

21. EEG-Engagement Index and Auditory Alarm Misperception: An Inattentional Deafness Study in Actual Flight Condition
Frédéric Dehais, Raphaëlle N. Roy, Gautier Durantin, Thibault Gateau, Daniel Callan

22. Aerospace Neuropsychology: Exploring the Construct of Psychological and Cognitive Interaction in the 100 Most Fatal Civil Aviation Accidents Through Multidimensional Scaling
Andreas Nidos, Spyros Stavrakis Kontostavlos, Petros Roussos, Kostas Mylonas

23. Physiological Model to Classify Physical and Cognitive Workload During Gaming Activities
Néstor Arroyo-Gómez, José Laparra-Hernández, Andrés Soler-Valero, Enrique Medina, Helios Rosario

24. Predicting Stimulus-Driven Attentional Selection Within Mobile Interfaces
Jeremiah D. Still, John Hicks, Ashley Cain, Dorrit Billman

25. Evaluating ANN Efficiency in Recognizing EEG and Eye-Tracking Evoked Potentials in Visual-Game-Events
Andreas Wulff-Jensen, Luis Emilio Bruni

26. Fundamental Cognitive Workload Assessment: A Machine Learning Comparative Approach
Colin Elkin, Sai Nittala, Vijay Devabhaktuni

27. Relationship Between EEG and ECG Findings at Rest and During Brain Activity
Yuto Nakahata, Hiroshi Hagiwara

28. Empathy in Design: A Historical and Cross-Disciplinary Perspective
Yumei Dong, Hua Dong, Shu Yuan

29. A Trial of Intellectual Work Performance Estimation by Using Physiological Indices
Shutaro Kunimasa, Kyoich Seo, Hiroshi Shimoda, Hirotake Ishii

30. The Model of the Factor of Significance of Goal-Directed Decision Making
Alexander Yemelyanov

31. Applying SSAT in Computer-Based Analysis and Investigation of Operator Errors
Alexander Yemelyanov, Alla Yemelyanov

32. Mediating Subjective Task Complexity in Job Design: A Critical Reflection of Historicity in Self-regulatory Activity
Mohammed-Aminu Sanda

33. The Emerging Cognitive Difficulties and Emotional-Motivational Challenges of Ghanaian Air Traffic Controllers: Implication for Improved Job Design
Mohammed-Aminu Sanda, Emmanuel Owusu-Asiedu

34. Studying Thinking in the Framework of SSAT
Gregory Bedny, Inna Bedny, Waldemar Karwowski

35. Concept of the Computer-Based Task in Production and Non-production Environment
Gregory Bedny, Inna Bedny

36. Activity Approach in Management
Fred Voskoboynikov

37. Personalized Instructions for Self-reflective Smart Objects
Jan Pascal Maas, Daniel Burmeister, Andreas Schrader

38. The Human Nervous System as a Model for Function Allocation in Human-Automation Interaction
Behice Durgun

39. Citizen Science Involving Collections of Standardized Community Data
Werner Leyh, Maria Fava, Narumi Abe, Sandra Cavalcante, Leandro Giatti, Carolina Monteiro Carvalho, Homero Fonseca Filho, Clemens Jacobs

40. The Signs of Semiotic Engineering in the IoT Interaction Design
Marcia Ikezaki Ferrari, Silvia Amelia Bim, Plinio Thomaz Aquino

41. Thing to Service: Perspectives from a Network of Things
Sharon S. Chinoy

42. Designing a Cognitive Concierge Service for Hospitals
Hari Madduri, Neil Gomes

Keywords: Engineering, Computational Intelligence, User Interfaces and Human Computer Interaction, Cognitive Psychology, Neurosciences

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Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing
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