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Advances in Design for Inclusion

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Table of contents

1. Challenges to Teaching Empathy in Design
Young Mi Choi

2. Design for All. The Increasing Dissemination of Teaching Experiences
Giuseppe Bucchianico

3. An Exploration of Designer-to-User Relationship from a Care-Orientated Perspective
Ying Jiang, Timothy Joseph Jachna, Hua Dong

4. Building a Tool for Multisensory Storytelling Through DfA
Avril Accolla, Wolfgang Wagenhäuser

5. The Business Opportunity of Longevity
Avril Accolla, Filippo Garini

6. Adaptive Design of Physical, Hand-Operated Interfaces for the Transgenerational User Using Parameterization
Benedikt Janny, Johann Winterholler, Thomas Maier

7. IoT Based Recipes for Enabling Senior Citizens: Stakeholders Views on How Integration of IoT and Web Services Can Enhance Well-Being and Inclusion of Older People
Matteo Zallio, John McGrory, Damon Berry

8. Design for the Active Ageing and Autonomy: The Role of Industrial Design in the Development of the “Habitat” IOT Project
Giuseppe Mincolelli, Silvia Imbesi, Michele Marchi

9. Inclusive Design for Ageing People and the Internet of Things: Understanding Needs
Giuseppe Mincolelli, Michele Marchi, Silvia Imbesi

10. Exploring Fashion Choice Criteria for Older Chinese Female Consumers: A Wardrobe Study Approach
Minzhi Zhang, Sonja Andrew, Simeon Gill

11. Qualitative Study on Salient Factors Influencing Indian Elderly’s Perception on Fall and Its Related Interventions
Nilakshi Yein, Swati Pal

12. Redeveloping Game Set for Living Alone Elderly with Dementia Using Participatory Action Research Approach in Hong Kong
Alex Pui-yuk King, Kin Wai Michael Siu

13. Initiative for Improving Medical Instruction Communication with Elderly Hearing Impaired Patients at an Outpatient Pharmacy Counter
Izumi Fukuzaki, Noriko Ishigami, Terumasa Sata, Shinichiro Nakaishi

14. Designing to Include Judges and Inner-City Tenants
Kathryn Summers, Amy Pointer, Michele Cotton

15. Designing Autonomy in Cars: A Survey and Two Focus Groups on Driving Habits of an Inclusive User Group, and Group Attitudes Towards Autonomous Cars
Ioannis Politis, Patrick Langdon, Mike Bradley, Lee Skrypchuk, Alexander Mouzakitis, P. John Clarkson

16. Study on the Control Device Layout of Truck Cockpit Based on User Experience
Yanlong Yao, Yinxia Li, Aiping Yang, Xin Zhang, Huimin Hu, Yahui Bai

17. The Effect of Display-Control Compatibility Design of Intelligent Electric Rice Cooker on Different User Groups’ Operating Performance and Emotion
Yunhong Zhang, Mengqian Zhang, Hong Chen, Na Lin, Haitao Wang, Fan Zhang

18. Analysis of Design of Washbasin for Use by the Elderly
Yoshiaki Goto, Satoshi Kose, Shinji Tanaka, Yasunari Nakajima, Takayuki Nakamura

19. Inclusion in Sharing-Based Services (I-SBS): An Analytical Tool
Daniele Busciantella Ricci, Hua Dong, Alessandra Rinaldi, Francesca Tosi

20. Universal Design of User Interfaces in Self-driving Cars
Mexhid Ferati, Pietro Murano, G. Anthony Giannoumis

21. Real-Time Cognitive Load Measurement for Dynamic Modality Selection Using Eye-Tracking Methods
Azam Majooni, Amir Akhavan, Mona Masood

22. Recommendations for Age-Appropriate Mobile Application Design
Alireza Darvishy, Hans-Peter Hutter

23. Mobile Technologies Used as Communication Support System for People with Intellectual Disabilities: An Exploratory Study
Chantal Mongeau, Dany Lussier-Desrochers

24. Design and Smart Technologies for Physical Activity as Key Factors in Promoting Quality of Life and Social Inclusion
Alessandra Rinaldi, Francesca Tosi

25. Technological Study of Brazilian Government Websites
Newton Calegari, Reinaldo Ferraz

26. A Diversity Functionalities Project. Development of Inclusive Wearable Products
Gustavo Sevilla, Angela María Echeverri, Alexander Cardona, Luz M. Sáenz

27. Assessment of Users’ Impressions of Mobile Devices’ Vibrations and How Such Impressions Affect the Recognition of Information
Takehiro Tsuji, Kubo Masayoshi

28. Comfort in the Indoor Environment: A Theoretical Framework Linking Energy Efficiency and Universal Design
Ermal Kapedani, Jasmien Herssens, Griet Verbeeck

29. Opportunities for Inclusive Play in Densely Populated Cities: An Analysis of the Human Factors in Hong Kong Play Space
Kin Wai Michael Siu, Yi Lin Wong

30. Study on Wall Colors Which Constitute a Comfortable Interior for the Elderly
Masayuki Shintani, Hiroki Imoto, Yoshiaki Goto

31. Urban Furniture’s Chromatic Planning Methodology: Bucelas, a Case Study
Margarida Gamito, Joana Sousa

32. Toward Inclusive Public Transportation: Rights, not Privileges
Satoshi Kose

33. Design and Evaluation Method for Living Function Resilient Equipment Based on Daily Living Systems Science
Masaaki Takizawa, Koji Kitamura, Yoshifumi Nishida, Hiroshi Mizoguchi

34. Adaptive Technologies for Users with Changing Abilities. Towards Autonomy, Independence and Inclusion
Filippo Angelucci, Cristiana Cellucci, Michele Sivo, Daniela Ladiana

35. Ergonomics and Inclusive Service Design: Exploring Possibilities for Its Application in a Developing World City
Carlos Aceves-Gonzalez

36. Sports-Wear in Wheelchair Rugby: Establishing Design Needs
Sara Braganca, James Steele, Simeon Gill, Miguel Carvalho, Pedro Arezes

37. Anthropometric Data Collection of Portuguese Children with Overweight and Obesity
Raquel Campos, Miguel Carvalho, Carla Capelassi, Humberto Lopes, Bugao Xu

38. Clothing Comfort for the Dependent Elderly - Caregivers Perspective
Artemisia Caldas, Miguel Carvalho, Humberto Lopes

39. Haute Couture and Ergonomics
Gianni Montagna, Sandra Abreu Sousa, Carla Morais

40. Main Characteristics and Anthropometrics of People with Down Syndrome – Impact in Garment Design
Rochelne Barboza, Miguel Carvalho, Fernando Ferreira, Bugao Xu

41. Inclusive Design of Educational Environment for Diverse People
Zuzana Ceresnova, Lea Rollova, Danica Koncekova

42. Teaching an Innovative E-learning Design Program for Visually Impaired Students
Theresa Lobo

43. Analysis of Primary Caregiver to Prevent Ergonomic Risks When Transferring a Person with Motor Disability
Wendy Cruz

44. Three-Dimensional Tactile Images for Blind People: A Proposition for a Translating Model of Static Two-Dimensional Images
Emilia Christie Picelli Sanches, Claudia Mara Scudelari Macedo, Juliana Bueno

45. A Hybrid Approach Based on Multi-sensory Stimulation Rooms, Robotic Assistants and Ontologies to Provide Support in the Intervention of Children with Autism
Vladimir Robles-Bykbaev, Carlos Arévalo-Fernández, Eulalia Naranjo-Cabrera, Paúl Quito-Naula, Jhonny Pauta-Pintado, Geanina Ávila, Ronald Quezada

46. A Survey on Innovative Refreshable Braille Display Technologies
Daniele Leonardis, Loconsole Claudio, Antonio Frisoli

47. Airport Infrastructures and Satisfaction of Passengers with Reduced Mobility: The Human-System Integration and the Constraint of the Users
Natalha Carvalho, Nelson Matias, Claudia Araújo, Rosinei Ribeiro, Paulo Sena

48. Digital Inclusion Trajectory of People with Down Syndrome: A Pilot Study
Dany Lussier-Desrochers, Claude L. Normand, Alejandro Romero-Torres, Yves Lachapelle, Geneviève Labrecque, Valérie Godin-Tremblay

49. Pressure Ulcer Prevention System Based in Capacitive Sensors
Jorge Cazho-Tobar, Jorge Barbecho-Sarango, Freddy Bueno-Palomeque

Keywords: Engineering, Computational Intelligence, Engineering Design, Industrial Design, Cognitive Psychology

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