Cassenti, Daniel N.

Advances in Human Factors in Simulation and Modeling

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Table of contents

1. Exploring Trust Barriers to Future Autonomy: A Qualitative Look
Joseph B. Lyons, Nhut T. Ho, Anna Lee Abel, Lauren C. Hoffmann, W. Eric Fergueson, Garrett G. Sadler, Michelle A. Grigsby, Amy C. Burns

2. A Design Pattern for Working Agreements in Human-Autonomy Teaming
Robert S. Gutzwiller, Sarah H. Espinosa, Caitlin Kenny, Douglas S. Lange

3. Automated Situation Analysis as Next Level of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Artificial Intelligence
Gunta Strupka, Anatoly Levchenkov, Mikhail Gorobetz

4. Connected and Automated Vehicle Simulation to Enhance Vehicle Message Delivery
Daniel Barber, Andrew Best

5. Measuring Human Trust Behavior in Human-Machine Teams
Jason M. Bindewald, Christina F. Rusnock, Michael E. Miller

6. Analysis of Occupational Security Management Interventions Based on Coupling Human Factors
Yujun Xu, Xuebo Chen, Qiubai Sun

7. Group Safety Consciousness Reconstruction Based on the Inclusion Principle
Yangguang Xu, Wei Ye, Xuebo Chen, Qiubai Sun

8. Safety Awareness Emergence and Behavior-Based Safety Management in Enterprise
Xiaohui Zhang, Xuebo Chen, Qiubai Sun

9. Emergent Research of Employee Safety Awareness Based on Multi-agent Model
Siyuan Fan, Xuebo Chen, Qiubai Sun

10. Recognizing Mine Site Hazards: Identifying Differences in Hazard Recognition Ability for Experienced and New Mineworkers
Brianna M. Eiter, Jennica L. Bellanca, William Helfrich, Timothy J. Orr, Jonathan Hrica, Brendan Macdonald, Jason Navoyski

11. Modeling of Muscle Atrophy and Exercise Induced Hypertrophy
Xianlian Zhou, Paulien E. Roos, Xinyu Chen

12. Human Simulation System for Injury Assessment Due to Repetitive Loading
Sultan Sultan, Karim Abdel-Malek, Jasbir Arora, Rajan Bhatt

13. Image Enhancement Using FUZZY Set
Gunamani Jena, Shubhashish Jena, V. Rajesh Bonam

14. Medical Simulation Training: Targeting Medical Skills to Emulate Real-Time Field Injuries
Amber Linde, Kevin Kunkler, Jona Caridha

15. Diagnosis of Alzheimer Disease Through an Artificial Neural Network Based System
Ivo Ramalhosa, Pedro Mateus, Victor Alves, Henrique Vicente, Filipa Ferraz, João Neves, José Neves

16. Realization of the Principle of Conformal Symmetry in the Structure of the Heart
Galina A. Spirina

17. Modeling Operator Workload for the Resource Prospector Lunar Rover Mission
Becky L. Hooey, Jason J. N. T. Toy, Robert E. Carvalho, Terrence Fong, Brian F. Gore

18. Occupant Protection Modeling and Injury Prediction for NASA Human Exploration Spacecraft
Nancy J. Currie-Gregg, Charles Lawrence, Jeffrey Somers

19. Minimizing Human Risk: Human Performance Models in the Human Factors and Behavioral Performance Elements
Brian F. Gore

20. When Less is More: Studying the Role of Functional Fidelity in a Low Fidelity Mixed-Reality Tank Simulator
Catherine Neubauer, Peter Khooshabeh, Julia Campbell

21. Advancements in Fleet Synthetic Training Systems: A Use Case of Landing Signal Officers
Alexis Neigel, Heather Priest

22. Comprehensive Assessments of the Effects of Auditory Cognitive Distractions on Driving Safety Across the Lifespan
Nazan Aksan

23. Exploring the Effects of Perception Errors and Anticipation Strategies on Traffic Accidents - A Simulation Study
Hans Lint, Simeon Calvert, Wouter Schakel, Meng Wang, Alexander Verbraeck

24. Human Factors in Modelling Mixed Traffic of Traditional, Connected, and Automated Vehicles
Anshuman Sharma, Yasir Ali, Mohammad Saifuzzaman, Zuduo Zheng, Md. Mazharul Haque

25. Implementation of a sEMG-Machine Interface for Steering a Virtual Car in a Driving Simulator
Edric John Nacpil, Rencheng Zheng, Tsutomu Kaizuka, Kimihiko Nakano

26. How Triangle Structure in Inter-firm Human Network Affects Bankruptcy Evolution: An Agent-Based Simulation Study with Real and Artificial Data
Shihan Wang, Mohsen Jafari Songhori, Shuang Chang, Takao Terano

27. A Preliminary Study of Human Decision-Making, Risk Attitude, and Social Preference on Knowledge Management
Jessica Gu, Ji-Ping Huang, Yu Chen

28. A Stock Market Model Based on the Interaction of Heterogeneous Traders’ Behavior
Ye Yuan, Xuebo Chen, Qiubai Sun

29. The Agent-Based Agri-Household Micro-Simulation Platform and Its Application
Xiangyu Wan

30. An Agent-Based Approach on Conditional Deterrence
Zining Yang, Kyungkook Kang, Jacek Kugler

31. The Virtuality Continuum and Storytelling: Simulation, Interactivity, User Experience and Interaction Design in Virtual and Mixed Environments. A STEAM Based Approach
Jose Luis Rubio-Tamayo, Manuel Gertrudix Barrio, Francisco García García

32. Simulating Seat Discomfort: An Experimental Design for Using Digital Human Models
Annika Ulherr, Florian Zeller, Klaus Bengler

33. A Comparative Study of Virtual Reality and 2D Display Methods in Visual Search in Real Scenes
Juan Carlo M. Figueroa, Raul Alberto B. Arellano, Janeen Mikee E. Calinisan

34. Using Cognitive Modeling for Adaptive Automation Triggering
Daniel N. Cassenti, Vladislav D. Veksler

35. Validation of Interruption Management Stage Model: Can We Develop the Human Cognitive Behavior Model in Interruptive Working Environment?
Byung Cheol Lee

36. An Evaluation Method for Human Fatigue in Virtual Maintenance Simulation Based on the Cube Model
Yimin Li, Qing Xue, Minxia Liu, Jingqian Wen

37. Optimization-Based Simulation of the Motion of a Human Performing a Horizontal Drop Jump
Mahdiar Hariri, Toyin Ajisafe, Jangwoon Park

38. Concept of Formalized Test Procedure for Proactive Assessment of Ergonomic Value by Digital Human Modelling Tools in Lean Product Development
Dan Högberg, Erik Brolin, Lars Hanson

39. Full Body Statistical Shape Modeling with Posture Normalization
Femke Danckaers, Toon Huysmans, Ann Hallemans, Guido Bruyne, Steven Truijen, Jan Sijbers

40. A Study of Digital Media Art Utilizing 2D Animation: Digital Video Expression Using Projection Mapping and Multi Screen Techniques
Zhipeng Feng, Kiyoshi Tomimatsu

41. Comprehensive Mappings of Postural Angles on a Normalized Plane of Reachability
Raffaele Castellone, Fabrizio Sessa, Stefania Spada, Maria Pia Cavatorta

42. Comparison of Gender Specific and Anthropometrically Scaled Musculoskeletal Model Predictions Using the Sorensen Test
Phillip E. Whitley, Paulien E. Roos, Xianlian Zhou

43. Enhancing User Identification During Reading by Applying Content-Based Text Analysis to Eye-Movement Patterns
Akram Bayat, Amir Hossein Bayat, Marc Pomplun

44. Effects of Socks and Shoes on Normal Foot Skin Temperature
Ameersing Luximon, Balasankar Ganesan, Abida Younus

45. Research on the Competency Model for the Professional Ship Crew
Zhen Liao, Xin Wang, Tuoyang Zhou, Shuang Liu, Gui Cai, Lei Liu

46. Ergonomic Study to Compare Digital Human Modeling Simulation Versus Real Life and Momentum
Caroline Massolino, Salvador Ávila Filho, Ivone Cerqueira, Renê Pimentel, Napoleão Neto, Cristiane Fragoso

47. A Comparison Between Physical and Virtual Experiments of Convective Heat Transfer Between Head and Bicycle Helmet
Shriram Mukunthan, Kalev Kuklane, Toon Huysmans, Guido Bruyne

48. Modeling Transition and Mobility Patterns
Adele Hedrick, Ying Zhu, Ken Pu

49. A Combined Statistical Shape Model of the Scalp and Skull of the Human Head
Femke Danckaers, Daniël Lacko, Stijn Verwulgen, Guido Bruyne, Toon Huysmans, Jan Sijbers

50. Improved Motion Capture Processing for High-Fidelity Human Models Using Optimization-Based Prediction of Posture and Anthropometry
Anna Seydel, Kimberly Farrell, Ross Johnson, Timothy Marler, Salam Rahmatalla, Rajan Bhatt, Karim Abdel-Malek

51. Finding the Maximal Day-Time Dependent Component of a Subway System
Marian Sorin Nistor, Doina Bein, Horia Nicolai Teodorescu, Stefan Wolfgang Pickl

52. The Research of Maintainability Analysis Based on Immersive Virtual Maintenance Technology
Wei Wang, Wei Zhang, Weijia Feng

53. Biometric Identification Through Eye-Movement Patterns
Akram Bayat, Marc Pomplun

Keywords: Engineering, Computational Intelligence, Simulation and Modeling, User Interfaces and Human Computer Interaction, Robotics and Automation

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Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing
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16 pages
Technology, Energy, Traffic
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