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Advances in Human Factors in Cybersecurity

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Table of contents

1. Cybersecurity Management Through Logging Analytics
Michael Muggler, Rekha Eshwarappa, Ebru Celikel Cankaya

2. Adaptive Weak Secrets for Authenticated Key Exchange
Phillip H. Griffin

3. Internet of Things and Distributed Denial of Service Mitigation
Mohammed AlSaudi Ali, Dyaa Motawa, Fahad Al-Harby

4. Eye Tracking Graphical Passwords
Martin Mihajlov, Borka Jerman-Blazic

5. Understanding and Discovering SQL Injection Vulnerabilities
Abdullaziz A. Sarhan, Shehab A. Farhan, Fahad M. Al-Harby

6. Grid Framework to Address Password Memorability Issues and Offline Password Attacks
Paul Biocco, Mohd Anwar

7. Cryptanalysis and Improvement of an Advanced Anonymous and Biometrics-Based Multi-server Authentication Scheme Using Smart Cards
Chunyi Quan, Hakjun Lee, Dongwoo Kang, Jiye Kim, Seokhyang Cho, Dongho Won

8. Cryptanalysis of Chaos-Based 2-Party Key Agreement Protocol with Provable Security
Jongho Moon, Taeui Song, Donghoon Lee, Youngsook Lee, Dongho Won

9. Cryptanalysis of Lightweight User Authentication Scheme Using Smartcard
Dongwoo Kang, Jaewook Jung, Hyungkyu Yang, Younsung Choi, Dongho Won

10. Modeling, Analysis and Control of Personal Data to Ensure Data Privacy – A Use Case Driven Approach
Christian Zinke, Jürgen Anke, Kyrill Meyer, Johannes Schmidt

11. Exploring the Discoverability of Personal Data Used for Authentication
Kirsten E. Richards, Anthony F. Norcio

12. Human Centric Security and Privacy for the IoT Using Formal Techniques
Florian Kammüller

13. Feasibility of Leveraging an Adaptive Presentation Layer for Cyber Security Visualizations
Lauren Massey, Remzi Seker, Denise Nicholson

14. Interacting with Synthetic Teammates in Cyberspace
Scott D. Lathrop

15. Valuing Information Security from a Phishing Attack
Kenneth D. Nguyen, Heather Rosoff, Richard S. John

16. Event Detection Based on Nonnegative Matrix Factorization: Ceasefire Violation, Environmental, and Malware Events
Barry Drake, Tiffany Huang, Ashley Beavers, Rundong Du, Haesun Park

17. Human Behavior Analytics from Microworlds: The Cyber Security Game
Johan Heer, Paul Porskamp

18. Culture + Cyber: Exploring the Relationship
Char Sample, Jennifer Cowley, Steve Hutchinson, Jonathan Bakdash

19. Exploring 3D Cybersecurity Visualization with the Microsoft HoloLens
Steve Beitzel, Josiah Dykstra, Paul Toliver, Jason Youzwak

20. Humans as the Strong Link in Securing the Total Learning Architecture
Fernando Maymí, Angela Woods, Jeremiah Folsom-Kovarik

21. A Team-Level Perspective of Human Factors in Cyber Security: Security Operations Centers
Balázs Péter Hámornik, Csaba Krasznay

22. Utilizing Chatbots to Increase the Efficacy of Information Security Practitioners
Saurabh Dutta, Ger Joyce, Jay Brewer

23. Understanding Human Factors in Cyber Security as a Dynamic System
Heather Young, Tony Vliet, Josine Ven, Steven Jol, Carlijn Broekman

24. Preserving Dignity, Maintaining Security and Acting Ethically
Scott Cadzow

25. Human Factors in Information Security Culture: A Literature Review
Henry W. Glaspie, Waldemar Karwowski

26. The Gender Turing Test
Wayne Patterson, Jacari Boboye, Sidney Hall, Maalik Hornbuckle

27. Do You Really Trust “Privacy Policy” or “Terms of Use” Agreements Without Reading Them?
Abbas Moallem

28. Users’ Attitudes Towards the “Going Dark” Debate
Aseel Addawood, Yixin Zou, Masooda Bashir

29. Identifying Relevance of Security, Privacy, Trust, and Adoption Dimensions Concerning Cloud Computing Applications Employed in Educational Settings
Tihomir Orehovački, Snježana Babić, Darko Etinger

Keywords: Engineering, Computational Intelligence, Systems and Data Security, User Interfaces and Human Computer Interaction, Business IT Infrastructure, Cybercrime

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Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing
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11 pages
Technology, Energy, Traffic
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