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Advances in Ergonomics in Design

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Table of contents

1. A Preventive Ergonomic Approach Based on Virtual and Immersive Reality
Francesco Caputo, Alessandro Greco, Egidio D‘Amato, Immacolata Notaro, Stefania Spada

2. Improving the Design of Virtual Reality Devices Applying an Ergonomics Guideline
Catalina Mariani, Pere Ponsa

3. Virtual Reality Self Induced Cybersickness: An Exploratory Study
Ana Almeida, Francisco Rebelo, Paulo Noriega, Elisângela Vilar

4. Comparing Three Stimulus Presentation Types in a Virtual Reality Experiment to Human Wayfinding Behavior During Emergency Situation
Elisângela Vilar, Francisco Rebelo, Paulo Noriega

5. Methods and Procedures to Usability Testing in Virtual Reality Systems
Ana Carol Pontes França, J. Pereira Neto, Marcelo Márcio Soares

6. Review of Virtual Reality Technology: An Ergonomic Approach and Current Challenges
Ana Carol Pontes França, Marcelo Márcio Soares

7. Shape Analysis of Pottery Using Elliptic Fourier Descriptor and 3D Scanning
Jin Wang, Wei Qian, Haixiao Liu

8. Evaluation of the Relationship Between Virtual Environments and Emotions
Tiago Oliveira, Paulo Noriega, Francisco Rebelo, Regina Heidrich

9. Simulation as a Pedagogical Strategy in Product Design
Johana Ruíz Hoyos, Gustavo Sevilla

10. Eye Tracking-Based Reverse Inference Approach for Design of Restaurant Information Display
Hirotaka Aoki, Satoshi Suzuki

11. Evaluation of a Virtual Environment Prototype for Studies on the Effectiveness of Technology-Based Safety Signs
Lara Reis Amaral, Emília Duarte, Francisco Rebelo

12. Do Zenware Applications Reduce the Digital Distraction of Knowledge Workers? A Qualitative Study Based on Expert Interviews
Damian Gerbaulet, Oliver Korn

13. Human Work Interaction Design: Beyond Human Factors
Arminda Lopes, Pedro Campos, Barbara Rita Barricelli

14. Effect of Driving Context on Design Dialogue
Luca Giuliano, Claudio Germak, Joseph Giacomin

15. Should Tractors’ Ergonomic Evaluation Index System in Different Life Cycle Stage be Different? A Delphi Survey Conducted in China
Bianbian Qiu, Jiping Zhou, Zaixiang Zheng, Hui Shen

16. Ergonomics Evaluation of a Manual Braking System for Skateboards
Uzairulhassan Syed, Manoj Patil, Yueqing Li, Brian Craig

17. The Effect of Ergonomics to Improve the Convenience of the Consumer Packaging of Edible Oil Industry
Rahul Tirpude, Tanweer Alam, N. C. Saha

18. Juice Packaging Design: Effects of Transparency on Consumers’ Perception Leading Toward Purchase Preference for Packaged Juice
Swati Pal, Shivani Holkar, Abhishek Yevalkar, Amrita Bhattacharjee

19. Techniques for Managing Stale Mission Information Through Card-Based User Interfaces
Erika Kelsch, Stephanie Kane, Chris Muller

20. The Effect of Font Type on Character Legibility for Different Age Groups
Yunqian Zhao, Li Ding, Linghua Ran, Yan Li

21. A Story of Misencounters: Graphic Design and the Production of Digital Interaction
Marco Neves

22. The Influence of Different Style of Icons on Users’ Visual Search in Touch Screen Interface
Tianyang Xi, Xiaoli Wu

23. Ergonomics and Warning Design: Standardization of Graphical Symbols for Safety Signs
João Neves, Fernando Moreira Silva, Daniel Raposo, José Silva

24. Effect of Smartphone Use on Upper Extremity and Neck
Saishyam Akurke, Yueqing Li, Brian Craig

25. An Elastic Interface for Artistic Composition and Performance
Carlos Arce-Lopera, Juan Salamanca, Daniel Gomez

26. Improving HMIs of Vehicle Exterior Design Using Adaptive Structures and Systems
Andrea Hein, Elena Patzer, Thomas Maier

27. Co-designing an Arthritis Nurse-Call Device, with Lead Aged-Care Users
Alexander Walker, Peter Schumacher

28. Ergonomic/Human Factors in the Design Process: Methodological Tool for Context Characterization and Analysis of Accessibility
Gustavo Sevilla, J. Hoyos Ruíz, Luz M. Sáenz

29. The Role of Human Factors in Surface Design
Maria João Pereira Neto, Gianni Montagna, Luís Santos

30. Information Characteristics in the Operation of a Healthcare Service from the Staff Perspective
Zuli T. Galindo-Estupiñan, Carlos Aceves-Gonzalez, Genaro Ortiz, John Rey-Galindo, Mario Mireles-Ramirez

31. User-Centered Design and Theory of Innovation: Problem Solving Integration Approach for Ergonomic Product Design
Fanglan Zhang, Sharon Joines

32. A Quick Method to Extract Earphone-Related Ear Dimensions Using Two-Dimensional (2D) Image
Liang Ma, Liuxing Tsao, Chen Yu, Wei Zhou

33. Evaluation of Macroergonomic Methods for the Application of Organization Analyzes in Startups
Luiza Debastiani Silva, Elton Moura Nickel, Flávio Anthero Nunes Vianna Santos

34. Design Strategies for Inclusive Environments
Miguel Aboim Borges, Fernando Moreira Silva

35. Biomimicry as Metodological Tool for Technical Emancipation of Peripheral Countries
Justino Barbosa, Amilton Arruda, Theska Laila, Edna Moura

36. The Constructive Advantages of Buckminster Fuller’s Geodesic Domes and Their Relationship to the Built Environment Ergonomics
Theska Laila, Amilton Arruda, Justino Barbosa, Edna Moura

37. Potentialities of a Face Reading Tool to a Digital Game Evaluation and Development: A Preliminary Study
Yanick Trindade, Francisco Rebelo, Paulo Noriega

38. The Importance of Physical Elements and Their Influences on Users’ Concentration of Academic Library
Thao-Hien Dang, Wenzhi Chen

39. Aerial Surveillance: A Theoretical Comparison Study on Remote Controlled Aircrafts
Wilian Daniel Henriques Amaral, Guilherme Valle Loures Brandão, Jose Alberto Barroso Castañon

40. How Design the Future Hydrogen Users’ Needs? A Contribution of Prospective Ergonomics
Robin Vivian, Eric Brangier, Corinne Bornet

41. Color in Glossolalia: White in Western Culture
Leonor Ferrão

42. Dream and Reality in the Film Storytelling and Their Boundaries: Viewer Inner Self Centered Cognitive and Ergonomic Consciousness
Carlos Figueiredo, Inês Coimbra

43. Inspædia Report: An Inspired Research Itinerary
Paulo Maldonado, José Pinto Duarte, António Câmara, Nuno Correia, Leonor Ferrão, Pablo Ermida

44. White Space in Editorial Design
Elisabete Rolo

45. Strategic Design: Enhancing Experiences and Developing Local Products
Pablo Bezerra, Amilton Arruda, Theska Laila, Isabela Moroni

46. Inspædia: Changing the Landscape of Cultural Reflection and Influence Through User Experience Design
Paulo Maldonado, Leonor Ferrão, Pablo Ermida

47. How the Design Processes Add Innovative Capacity in Startup Companies
Isabela Moroni, Amilton Arruda, Pablo Bezerra, Theska Laila

48. Optimization and Ergonomics of Novel Modular Wheelchair Design
Nadir Skendraoui, Fabien Bogard, Sébastien Murer, Tareq Ahram, Redha Taiar

49. Industrial Manufacturing Workstations Suitability for People with Disabilities: The Perception of Workers
Edson S. M. Teixeira, Maria Lucia L. R. Okimoto

50. External Breast Prostheses: Brazilian Performance Parameters
Lucia Regina Branco, José Aguiomar Foggiatto

51. Design Management Contributions in the Diagnosis of a Psychiatric Hospital in Brazil: Identifying Opportunities in Assistive Technology
Giselle Schmidt A. Merino, Renata Hinnig, Arina Blum, Susana Domenech, Eugenio A. D. Merino

52. Design and Development of a Bionic Hand Prosthesis
Marcelo H. Stoppa, Guilherme F. Neto, Stéfany M. Rezende, José A. Foggiatto

53. Design of Assistive Devices and Occupational Therapy: Case Study in a Brazilian Psychatric Hospital
Giselle S. A. D. Merino, Rosimeri F. Pichler, Susana Domenech, Zelita Rech, Eugenio A. D. Merino

54. Requirements’ Literature Review for the Development of Furniture for People with Motor Impairments
Raffaela Leane Zenni Tanure, Maria Lúcia Leite Ribeiro Okimoto

55. Implementation of Integrated Instrumentation in Assistive Technology
Eugenio Merino, Giuliano Mannrich, Bruno Guimarães, Giselle Speck, Diego Matos, Susana Domenech, Giselle Merino

56. Research and Development of Pedagogical Objects to Support Inclusive Education
Janete Cícero, Saul Mizrahi, Gil Brito, Felipe Sampaio, Gabriel Ferreira

57. Modularity and Variety in the Customization of Functional Clothes for People with Disabilities
Bruna Brogin, Maria Lúcia Ribeiro Okimoto, Carlo Martino

58. Use Perception Analysis in Custom Made Footwear for People with Physical Disability
Rosangela Monteiro Santos, Flavio Cardoso Ventura, Francienne Hernandes, Ademir Marques Junior, João Eduardo Guarnetti, Luís Carlos Paschoarelli

59. Usability Evaluation of Mining Machinery Interface Based on Eye Movement Experiment
Hongxia Li, Shuicheng Tian, Fang Li, Yixin Huang

60. Clarifying the Concept of Corporate Identity: From a Collective Vision to Cultural Interface
Daniel Raposo, Fernando Moreira Silva, João Neves, José Silva

61. Visual Perception and Contemporary Portuguese Type Design
Teresa Olazabal Cabral

62. Usage of Mobile Phones Amongst Elderly People in Pakistan
Zunaira Ilyas Bhutta, Javed Anjum Sheikh, Azeem Yousaf

63. The Influence of Ergonomics Aspects on the Use of Hydrotherapy Equipment by Individuals with Rheumatoid Arthritis: The Specialists Perspective
Ricardo Schwinn Rodrigues, Susana Cristina Domenech, Marcelo Gitirana Gomes Ferreira

64. A Descriptive Study on the Influence of Wheelchair Design and Movement Trajectory on the Upper Limbs’ Joint Angles
Guilherme Bertolaccini, Frode Sandnes, Idnei Filho, Luis Paschoarelli, Fausto Medola

65. Contribution to the Design of Hospital Bed: Systematic for Surveying the Design Requirements and Functional Requirements for Synthesis of Mechanism
Elias Renã Maletz, Henrique Simas, Rodrigo Luís Pereira Barreto, Daniel

66. Ergonomic Aspects in the Redesign of a Child’s Inclusive Textbook
Fernanda Domingues, Laís Cristina Licheski

67. Application of Assistive Technologies in Rehabilitation of the Visually Impaired
Tainá A. Bueno de Oliveira, João Moura, Felipe Wojcikiewicz, Luiz Maia, Elton Nickel, Marcelo Gomes Ferreira

68. Ergonomic Evaluation of Human-Computer Interfaces Through the Ergonomic Aspects of Scarpin and Bastien
Marly Menezes, Ricardo Bontempo, Marcelo Falco, Augusto Gottsfritz

69. Product Development of Assistive Technology for the Feet of a Person with Cerebral Palsy
Márcio F. Catapan, Eugenio Fossile Filho, Luane C. Araium, Luísa Dieter, Maria Lucia L. R. Okimoto, Mateus N. Villas Boas, Caio Marcio Silva, Christian Strobel

70. Development and Evaluation of Low-Cost Custom Splint for Spastic Hand by Additive Manufacturing
Gabriel C. Rosenmann, Mateus C. Weigert, Paloma H. Poier, José A. Foggiatto, Maria Lúcia L. Okimoto, Neri Volpato, Leandra Ulbricht

71. Applications and Interface Requirements to Engage the Citizens to Share Information in a Smart City Project
Francisco Rebelo, Paulo Noriega, Tiago Oliveira, Daniela Santos, José Carvalhais, Teresa Cotrim

72. Study and Design of a Tactile Map and a Tactile 3D Model in Brazil: Assistive Technologies for People with Visual Impairment
Sabrina Oliveira, Laura Doro, Maria Lucia Okimoto

73. Cultural and Creative Elements of Digital Technology Art and Product Design
Lung-Wen Kuo, Chih-Chun Lai

74. New Concepts in Flexible Packaging
Álvaro M. Sampaio, Cátia Silva, André Lima, André Fernandes, António J. Pontes

75. User-Chair Fit Index (UCFI): An Ergonomic Evaluation Tool for User-Chair Compatibility
Namrata Arora Charpe

76. Sustainable Product Design and the Wood Furniture Sector
José Vicente, Rui Frazão, Fernando Moreira Silva

77. Ergonomics in the Design Process - Study of Adaptability of Evolutive High Chairs
Cristina Salvador

78. Design of an Innovative Mattress to Improve Sleep Quality by Increasing Deep Sleep Time
Chih-Yang Huang, Fong-Gong Wu

79. Pillow Design and Evaluation of Shoulder and Neck Surface Pressure to Sleep Quality
Tsung-yao Li, Fong-gong Wu

80. Design Requirements to Enhance the Postural Control in Patients with Severe Spastic Quadriplegia
Paulina Manzano-Hernandez, David Vidana-Zavala, Irma C. Landa-Avila, Carlos Aceves-Gonzalez

81. Drawing as Reasoning Tool in UX Design - Doodling and Drawing as Foundation for Project Planning
José Silva, Fernando Silva, Daniel Raposo, João Neves

82. Ergonomics in the Design Conceptual Process: The Case Study Daciano da Costa
Ana Moreira Silva

83. A Study Exploring the Facets of Visual Elements in Ethnic Products: Case Study of Sarees from West Bengal
Chirapriya Mondal, Sougata Karmakar

84. Research and Innovative Design of the Motorcycle Gloves
Shu-Jen Hu, Wei-lung Kao

85. Could the Design Features of a Wheelchair Influence the User Experience and Stigmatization Perceptions of the Users?
Luciana Carneiro, Francisco Rebelo, Paulo Noriega, J. Faria Pais

86. Risk Assessment for Small Scale Gold Surface Mining at Licuan Baay, Abra in the Philippines
Isachar Bernaldez, Virginia Soriano

87. Ergonomic Evaluations and Design Interventions for Shop-Floors Dealing with Chemical Conversion Coatings: Case Study from India
Sougata Karmakar, R. Solomon

88. An Ergonomic Design of Senior High School Science Laboratories in the Philippines
Jerielle Trini S. Santiago, Pauline Hannah P. Dizon, Mary Agnes C. Espina, Melen M. Tamayao

89. A Study on Examining User Comfort in Hospital Beds
Güzide Güzelbey Esengün, Ekrem Cem Alppay

90. Reachable Domain of Adults’ Right Leg in Sitting Posture
Ai-ping Yang, Wen-yu Fu, Xin Zhang, Ming-ju Wang, Chau-Kuang Chen

91. Screen Design of Portable Terminal to Promote Users’ Motivation to Use the System
Suguru Ito, Masahiko Sakata, Miwa Nakanishi

92. Travel Kit Organiser for Carry on Luggage Design: Contribution to Traveller’s Comfort
Paula Mercedes Neves, Fernando Moreira Silva

93. Online Posture Feedback System Aiming at Human Comfort
Thiago Beckert Otto, Alexandre Campos, Marcos Aurélio Souza, Daniel Martins, Eduardo Bock

94. Garment Design and Engineering for Hospital Use
Miguel Carvalho, Liliana Fontes, Elazer Edelman, Jorge Santos

95. Human Factors Applied to the Understanding of the Importance of Therapeutic Clothing Textiles for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders
Su-Jeong Hwang Shin, Kristi Gaines

96. A Study on Maternity Dress Based on the Development Situation of Ergonomics and Design of Hygiene and Safety
Yuting Shang

97. Ergonomic Assessment on the Tasks Performed by Hairstylists in Quezon City, Philippines
Maricella D. Valdivia, Patrizia Gayle P. Godinez, M. Marjorie R. Sintor, Benette P. Custodio

98. Discussion of the Design of Sanitation Workers’ Clothes Based on Ergonomics
Jiahui Xu, Xiaoping Hu

99. Dynamic Understanding of Human-Skin Movement and Garment Design of Golf Apparel
Ziting Hu, Li Liu, Zhengdong Liu, Mengdi Xing

100. Design Solution of Shoe Sole (Base of the Footwear) Preparation in Traditional Hand Sewn Footwear Manufacturing: A Case Study on Kolhapuri Chappal
Urmi R. Salve, Ganesh S. Jadhav, Hemant K. Shete

101. Analysis of Characteristic Features of Juvenile Female Aged Between 15 and 17 in Guangdong Province P. R. China
Huajuan Lin, Xiaoping Hu

102. Development of a Design Protocol for Customized Swimming Goggles Using 3D Facial Scan Data
Jose Coleman, Christopher Hernandez, Joshua Hernandez, Shane Hubenak, Aric McBride, Mehrube Mehrubeoglu, Jangwoon Park

103. Comparison of Anthropometric Data for the Design of Chairs Between Seven Countries
Linghua Ran, Xin Zhang, Hong Luo, Taijie Liu, Huimin Hu, Chaoyi Zhao

104. Segmentation of Anthropometric Data of the Brazilian’ Female Population
Carla Capelassi, Miguel Carvalho, Raquel Campos, Cristina Kattel, Bugao Xu

Keywords: Engineering, Computational Intelligence, Engineering Design, User Interfaces and Human Computer Interaction, Cognitive Psychology, Manufacturing, Machines, Tools

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Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing
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