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Advances in Safety Management and Human Factors

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Table of contents

1. Case Study in Best Practice Incident Investigation
Jason Barlow, Manikam Pillay

2. “Day to Day, Town to Town, Sing My Songs, Travel on”? Examining Aspects of Precarious Employment for Work Psychologists in Austria
Lisa Hopfgartner, Christian Seubert, Jürgen Glaser

3. Age-Related Impairments like Reduced Hearing Capacity – A Safety Issue for the Working World?
Verena Wagner, Nina Raffaela Grossi, K. Wolfgang Kallus

4. Managing Tacit Knowledge in Safety Critical Systems
Toni Waefler, Katrin Fischer, Christian Kunz, Nina Saric

5. Advancing Organisational Health and Safety Management: Are We Learning the Right Lessons?
Manikam Pillay

6. Anomaly in Safety Management: Is It Constantly Possible to Make Safety Compatible with Economy?
Atsuo Murata, Makoto Moriwaka

7. Needs and Opportunities for Applying Voluntary Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems in the High-Hazard U.S. Dairy Production Industry
Daniel Autenrieth, Noa Román-Muñiz

8. Factors Which Affect Construction Safety in Different Types of Construction Work
Rita Yi Man Li, Daniel Chi Wing Ho, Beiqi Tang

9. Aviation Accident Analysis: A Case Study
M. Shahriari, M. E. Aydin

10. European Countries Social and Working Conditions Association with Fatal and Non-fatal Occupational Accidents
Denis A. Coelho

11. Are Safety Culture Assessments Really Necessary?
Frank W. Guldenmund

12. Strategically Developing a Resilient Safety Culture: Organizational Mindfulness and Mindful Organizing
Karen Klockner

13. Development and Initial Testing of a Regulatory Body Safety Culture Perception Survey
Mark Fleming, Kate C. Bowers, Tabatha Thibault, Brianna Cregan

14. Role of Emotions in Risk Perception
Catherine Huyen, Alexandra N. Vredenburgh, Ilene B. Zackowitz, Alison G. Vredenburgh

15. Safety Culture in the Ergonomics Perspective: Case Study in Offshore Platforms
Francisco Duarte

16. Importance of Safety Guidelines on South African Construction Sites
Ayodeji Oke, Clinton Aigbavboa, Mosima Seemola

17. Usability of Machinery
Gyula Szabó

18. Contributory Factors Analysis on Undergraduates’ Unsafe Acts at University
Yunhua Gong

19. Analysis on Human Unsafe Acts Contributing to Falling Accidents in Construction Industry
Zhang Hong, Fu Gui

20. Study of the Influence of Training in Occupational Safety and Health in the Human Factors of the Construction Sector
Paulo Oliveira, Rui Pais

21. Towards a Framework for Steering Safety Performance: A Review of the Literature on Leading Indicators
Seyed Sajad Mousavi, Elizabeth A. Cudney, Paolo Trucco

22. Motigravity: A New VR System to Increase Performance and Safety in Space Operations Simulation and Rehabilitation Medicine
Antonio Del Mastro, Irene Lia Schlacht, Yacine Benyoucef, Gernot Groemer, Salman Nazir

23. Two-Hand Actuator Placement for Power Press Operation: A Reexamination of After-Reach Speeds
Roger Jensen

24. Risk Communication for Consumer Products
Meriel L. Bench, Michael J. Vredenburgh, Ilene B. Zackowitz, Alison G. Vredenburgh

25. Soldier Protection of Staying in the Radiated Field Generated by Antenna of Selected Military Communications Systems
Marian Wnuk, Rafał Przesmycki

26. Work Automation and Psychophysical Hazards in Employees’ Opinion
Janusz Rymaniak, Katarzyna Lis

27. Is It Smart to Use Smartphones to Measure Illuminance for Occupational Health and Safety Purposes?
Diogo Cerqueira, Filipa Carvalho, Rui Bettencourt Melo

28. Analysis of Competencies for Decision Crisis Management in Actions Under Progressive Stress: A Simulated Case
Ivone Cerqueira, Salvador Ávila Filho, Antonio Julio N. Silva, Cristiane Fragoso, Caroline Massolino, Renê Pimentel

29. Investigation of Human’s Evacuation Behavior in Multi-ethnics Jumping-off of China
Lin Luo, Lizhong Yang, Zhijian Fu

30. Assessment of Human Factors Analysis and Classification System in Construction Accident Prevention
Zakari Mustapha, Clinton Aigbavboa, Wellington Thwala

31. Human Element as the Contributing Factor Towards Construction Accidents from the Perspective of Malaysian Residential Construction Industry
Mohd Hafiidz Jaafar, Kadir Arifin, Kadaruddin Aiyub, Muhammad Rizal Razman, Mohamad Anuar Kamaruddin

32. Lessons Learned from Analysis of Los Frailes Tailing Dam Failure
M. Shahriari, M. E. Aydin

33. Blame Culture in Workplace Accidents Investigation: Current Model Discussion and Shift Requirements for a Collaborative Model
Cristiane Fragoso, Salvador Ávila Filho, Ricardo Sousa, Caroline Massolino, Renê Pimentel, Ivone Cerqueira

34. Burning and Electrocution Risk’s Evaluation and Prevention Procedures: A Case Study in a Production Work Shop
Bouhafs Mebarki, Mhamed Bengharbi, Mohamed Mokdad, Lahcene Bouabdellah

35. Development of Child Climbing Behavior Video Database
Mikiko Oono, Koji Kitamura, Yoshifumi Nishida

36. STAMP Analysis of the Hanmi Short Selling Episode
Yoo Woo Lee, Sunzu Kim, Jeongseok Song

37. An Epidemiological Perspective of Individual and Population Health Risk Prevention
Meriel L. Bench, Michael J. Vredenburgh, Ilene B. Zackowitz, Alison G. Vredenburgh

38. Development of a Risk Assessment Tool for Small Scale Gold Mining in the Philippines
Virginia Soriano, Isachar Bernaldez, Mili-Ann Tamayao

39. Proposal of a Mathematical Model of Prediction of Sinistrality Values for Valuation of Organizational Management Indicators, Applied to the Construction Industry
Paulo Oliveira, João Baptista, Rui Pais

40. Behavior Monitoring with Non-wearable Sensors for Precision Nursing
Erisa Murata, Koji Kitamura, Mikiko Oono, Yoshihisa Shirato, Yoshihumi Nishida

41. Thermal Environment: Case Study of a Meat Processing Industry
Joana Santos Guerreiro, Andreia Cravo, João Almeida, Marta Vasconcelos Pinto

42. Examination of Occupational Health and Safety Practices in Ghana
Zakari Mustapha, Clinton Aigbavboa, Wellington Thwala

43. Smart Phone Use and the Increased Risks of Cumulative Trauma Disorders in Children
Regina Pope-Ford

44. Ergonomic Assessment Tool for Real-Time Risk Assessment of Seated Work Postures
Chika Edith Mgbemena, Ashutosh Tiwari, Yuchun Xu, John Oyekan, Windo Hutabarat

45. Three Times Smart – Smart Workplaces, Smart Lighting & Smart Glass
Sandra Preto, Cristina Caramelo Gomes

46. Analysis of Infrared Imaging During Vertical Handling Tasks in Workers with Different Levels of Obesity
Ana Colim, Pedro Arezes, Paulo Flores, Ricardo Vardasca, Ana Cristina Braga

47. Safety Culture and Its Contributing Factor in Education Sector in Malaysia
Nor Kamilah Makhtar, Balakrishnan Parasuraman, Mohd Nazri Zakaria, Ahmad Rasdan Ismail

48. Dynamic Fuzzy Safety Analysis of an Industrial System
Tony Veditti, Nguyen Duy Phuong Tran, Anh Dung Ngo

49. Implementation Proposal of OH&S Management System According to the Standard ISO/DIS 45001
Anna Nagyova, Michaela Balazikova, Stefan Markulik, Juraj Sinay, Hana Pacaiova

50. Assessing the Safety Use of Tower Cranes on Construction Sites in Central Region of Ghana
Emmanuel Bamfo-Agyei, Lawrence Atepor

51. Study on Error-Cognition Mechanism of Task Interface in Complex Information System
Xiaoli Wu, Yan Chen, Jing Li

52. The Design of Alarm Systems and Alarm Management - An Empirical Investigation from an Ergonomic Perspective
Martina Bockelmann, Peter Nickel, Friedhelm Nachreiner

53. Assessment and Comparison of Human-Robot Co-work Order Picking Systems Focused on Ergonomic Factors
Joo Ae Lee, Yoon Seok Chang, Young Hun Choe

54. A Press-Through Package Design Similarity Index with Inpainting Technique
Seitaro Suzuki, Masaomi Kimura

55. Ergonomic Work Analysis of Industrial Quality Control Workstations
Élson Marques, Rui B. Melo, Filipa Carvalho

56. The Exploration and Analysis of the Influence Factors for Staff Interactive Relationship
Tonghe Jiang, Xuebo Chen, Qiubai Sun

57. The Effects of Night Shift Schedule on Workers’ Life and Wellbeing: Gender Differences
Bankole K. Fasanya, Regina Pope-Ford

58. Occupational Health and Safety Dimensions and Work Outcomes in the Mental Hospitals in Ghana: The Moderating Effect of Job Satisfaction
Michael Asiedu Gyensare, Olivia Anku-Tsede, Lucky Enyonam Kumedzro

59. Noninvasive Estimation of Lumber Disk Load During Motion to Improve the Posture
Yu Suzuki, Kyoko Shibata, Motomichi Sonobe, Yoshio Inoue, Hironobu Satoh

60. Mining Traffic Data for the Development of an Accident Warning Application for Tourists
Andreas Gregoriades, Andreas Christodoulides, Harris Michael

61. Driving Workload Indicators: The Case of Senior Drivers
Nélson Costa, Paulo Simões, Susana Costa, Pedro Arezes

62. A Study of the Knowledge, Attitude, Behaviour and Practices Pertaining to the Safety of Public School Children Among School Van Drivers in the 5 Towns of the Republic of Mauritius
S. D. Lukea-Bhiwajee, P. Ramseook-Munurrun

63. An Integrative Literature Review: What Are the Barriers that Stop Organisations from Learning the Lessons Highlighted in Serious Incident Investigations?
Michelle Gillman, Manikam Pillay

64. The Study of Population Evacuation Problems
Dapeng Li, Xuebo Chen, Qiubai Sun

Keywords: Engineering, Quality Control, Reliability, Safety and Risk, Health Informatics, Industrial and Organizational Psychology, User Interfaces and Human Computer Interaction, Engineering Design

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