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Advances in Affective and Pleasurable Design

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Table of contents

1. Exploring Two Design Processes: Slow and Fast
Cliff Shin, Joyce Thomas

2. Rematerializing the User Interface of a Digitized Toy Through Tokens: A Comparative User Study with Children Aged Five to Six
Marieke Camp, Lukas Campenhout, Guido Bruyne

3. Analysis of Emotion and Cultural Background on Affective Design Process
Amic G. Ho

4. Design and Validation of Affective Warning Pictorials on Alcohol Container Labels
Waratta Authayarat, Papawee Kasornsuwan, Arisara Jiamsanguanwong

5. Design Changing a Traditional Product in a Contemporary Way
Isabel Bieger, Cristina Carvalho, Gianni Montagna

6. Semantic Influence of the Radiator Grille on Vehicle Front Design in the Course of Current EV-Design
Daniel Holder, Tobias Benz, Thomas Maier

7. A Mahalanobis Taguchi Approach to Human Motion Control
Shuichi Fukuda

8. Eye-Tracking Analysis of User Behavior with an Active Display Interface
Teruaki Ito, Tomio Watanabe

9. Experimental Study on Color Preference and Visual Fatigue Against LED Lighting
Keiichi Muramatsu, Kazunori Kaede, Eiichiro Tanaka, Keiichi Watanuki

10. Emotional Responses of the Disabled Towards Wheelchairs
Mohamed Mokdad, Bouhafs Mebarki, Lahcene Bouabdellah, Ibrahim Mokdad

11. Emotional Values of Ceramic Material for Product Design
Dosun Shin, Samuel Chung

12. Research on the Space-Leaving Technique in Web Design
Huaxiang Yuan, Xuewen Ji

13. The Pain and Pleasure of Autonomy: The Role of Negative Emotion in Serviced Reality Storytelling
Miso Kim, Youngsoo Lee

14. Soma-Deep as a Marker for Idealized Experience
Stephen Neely

15. Design for Dignity and Procedural Justice
Margaret Hagan, Miso Kim

16. Ritual Design: Crafting Team Rituals for Meaningful Organizational Change
Fatih Kursat Ozenc, Margaret Hagan

17. New Typographic Experience in the Post-digital Age with 3D Printing and Ceramics
Taekyeom Lee

18. The Black Color of Product Design and Packaging Research
Lung-Wen Kuo, Chih-Chun Lai

19. Research on the Application of User Experience Design in Agricultural Product Packaging Design
Lvhuayang Feng, Xiao Zhang, Delai Men

20. Analysis of Affective Evaluation for Material Perception of Resin Surfaces: Combined Effect of Tactile Sensation and Hue
Michiko Ohkura, Wataru Morishita, Ryuji Miyazaki, Masato Takahashi, Hiroko Sakurai, Kiyotaka Yarimizu, Akira Nakahara

21. Influence of Individual Fashion Item Images on the Image of Coordinates
Miu Sato, Toshikazu Kato

22. Estimation of Unconscious Preference Judgment with Near-Infrared Spectroscopy
Haruka Tanida, Toshikazu Kato

23. Analysis of Change in Purchasing Motivation by Tone of Product-Recommendation Agent in Electronic Commerce Site
Masanari Toriba, Toshikazu Kato

24. Interference Thermal Sensation Simulation Using Visual and Auditory Stimuli
Tatsuya Amano, Takashi Sakamoto, Toru-nakata, Toshikazu Kato

25. Effectiveness of Communicating Personalized Values Related to Physical Exercise to Enhance Motivation
Hitoshi Urata, Takashi Sakamoto, Toshikazu Kato

26. Research on Memory Factors of City Souvenir
Ziheng Zhang, Jianxin Chengl, Wei Ding, Junnan Ye, Tengye Li, Zhiye Yu

27. Relationship Between Physical Attributes of Spoon Designs and Eye Movements Caused by Kawaii Feelings
Tipporn Laohakangvalvit, Michiko Ohkura

28. Are Kawaii Products Valuable to Chinese Customers?
Pei-Luen Patrick Rau, Nan Qie, Chien-Wen Tung

29. How to Model Value-Creating Communication: Coaching Process as an Example
Yuri Hamada, Hiroko Shoji

30. Participation in a Virtual Reality Concert via Brainwave and Heartbeat
Ryota Horie, Minami Wada, Eri Watanabe

31. Evaluation of Immersive Feeling in VR System with HMD by fNIRS Measurement
Kazuki Miyamoto, Yoshiki Koinuma, Shinichiro Kanoh, Michiko Ohkura

32. Evaluation of “Feelings of Excitement” Caused by a VR Interactive System with Unknown Experience Using ECG
Kodai Ito, Shigeki Usuda, Kiryu Yasunaga, Michiko Ohkura

33. Measurement of Surface and Virtual Prototyping for Kansei Engineering
Tatsuro Matsubara, Shigekazu Ishihara, Yukihiro Matsubara, Mitsuo Nagamachi

34. Kansei Ergonomic Study of Body Brush Development
Keiko Ishihara, Kosuke Morinaga, Masayuki Booka, Shigekazu Ishihara, Akira Katayama

35. Development and Evaluation of Ankle Mobility VR Rehabilitation Game
Atsushi Kanbe, Shigekazu Ishihara, Mitsuo Nagamachi

36. Persuasive Semantics of Aging Health Products Based on AHP and Kansei Engineering
Yongyan Guo, Minggang Yang, Meiyu Zhou

37. Development of Remote Control Unit of Domestic Water Heater by Kansei Engineering
Toshio Tsuchiya

38. History of Kansei Engineering and Application of Artificial Intelligence
Mitsuo Nagamachi

39. A Study on the Approach of Redesign Based on Consumer Awareness of Traditional Handicrafts, with Longevity Lock, as an Example
Zhiye Yu, Wei Yu, Tengye Li, Zhang Zhang, Ziheng Zhang

40. Modeling the Relationship Between Stress and Appetite to Create a Dish Recommendation System Based on Desired Nutrients
Hiroya Kato, Toru Nakata, Toshikazu Kato

41. Assessing Symptoms of Excessive SNS Usage Based on User Behavior and Emotion: Analysis of Log Data
Ploypailin Intapong, Saromporn Charoenpit, Tiranee Achalakul, Michiko Ohkura

42. Transformable Camping Cart Design for a Jack Company
Myungjin Kim, Haebin Lee, Muhammad Tufail, KwanMyung Kim

43. Integrated Design Process: A Case of Recliner Design
Haebin Lee, Muhammad Tufail, Myungjin Kim, KwanMyung Kim

44. The Design of Personal Protective Garments for Workplace: An Ergonomic Radiation Protection Design Practice
Muhammad Tufail, Haebin Lee, Myungjin Kim, KwanMyung Kim

45. Memory Recall of Nouns and Adjectives Expressing Two-Color Combinations
Saki Tomita, Takashi Sakamoto, Toshikazu Kato

46. Determination of the Optimal Timing for a Relaxing Stimulus
Yusuke Kishine, Toshikazu Kato, Toru Nakata

47. Research on Attitude Accessibility in Product Design Evaluation: Cognitive Features and Memory Network
Tengye Li, Jianxin Cheng, Tao Xiong, Junnan Ye, Ziheng Zhang

48. Research on the Information Transmission Design of OTC Medicine Packaging Graphic for the Elderly
Xinyi Xie, Delai Men

49. Musical Preferences Are Influenced by Changes in Heart Rate: A Trial Study Using Step Aerobics
Takuma Oishi, Takashi Sakamoto, Toshikazu Kato

50. Fitting School Buildings to the Requirements of Physically Disabled Students in Algeria: An Ergonomic Study
Lahcene Bouabdellah, Houda Kharbache, Mohamed Mokdad, Bouhafs Mebarki

51. Categorization of Aesthetic Pleasure Derived Attributes: A Cultural Perspective
Angela Henao

52. Research on User Experience Design Applications in Detail Designs of Elders’ Garment Products
Xiaoping Hu, Xiao Zhang, Lyuhuayang Feng

Keywords: Engineering, Computational Intelligence, Engineering Design, Emotion, Industrial and Production Engineering, User Interfaces and Human Computer Interaction

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Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing
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13 pages
Technology, Energy, Traffic
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