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Advances in Usability and User Experience

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Table of contents

1. What Does the Eye Want? An Investigation of Interface Parameters to Ensure Intuitive Gaze-Controlled Interactions for Multidimensional Inputs
Marcus Jenke, Thomas Maier

2. The Evolution of User Experiences and Interfaces for Delivering Context-Aware Recommendations to Information Analysts
Adam Fouse, Ryan S. Mullins, Gabriel Ganberg, Chad Weiss

3. A SmarTactile Map Designed for the Visually Impaired to Improve Spatial Cognition
MyungJoong Lee

4. Usability Evaluation on Learning Management System
Nattaporn Phongphaew, Arisara Jiamsanguanwong

5. Not Ready for Industry 4.0: Usability of CAx Systems
Eva-Maria Jakobs, Claas Digmayer, Sara Vogelsang, Michael Servos

6. User-Centered Design in U.S Air Force Additive Manufacturing; Case Studies on Tools, Jigs, and Topology Optimization
William L. Page, Jeffrey C. Parr, Alfred E. Thal, Amy M. Cox

7. Understanding the International Space Station Crew Perspective Following Long Duration Missions Through Data Analytics and Visualization of Crew Feedback
Cody Bryant, Susan Schuh, Nicole Schoenstein, David Meza

8. The Relationship Between the Severity of Usability Problems and User Skin Conductance Levels During Human-Computer Interactions
Chuan Wang

9. From Healthcare to Human-Computer Interaction: Using Framework Analysis Within Qualitative Inquiry
Ger Joyce, Mariana Lilley, Trevor Barker, Amanda Jefferies

10. Ease of Use and Medical Devices – Perceptions and Reality
Natalie Charlotte Shortt, Marie Davis, Richard Featherstone

11. Comparison Between Color and Greyscale Interfaces: Recipe Usability for a Dietary Plan in Diabetics
Carlos Díaz de León Zuloaga, Lilia Roselia Prado León

12. Preventing Trauma Accidents in Children: An Ecosystem Based on Interactive Ludic Activities for Mobile and Web-Based Environments
Daniel Pulla-Sánchez, Diego Quisi-Peralta, Verónica Cevallos-León Wong, Gabriela Moreno-Luzuriaga, Vladimir Robles-Bykbaev, Cristian Timbi-Sisalima

13. Designing the Remote Aerodrome Flight Information Service Systems Interface Base on Human Centred Design Approach
Satoru Inoue, Yuto Fukuchi, Kazuhiko Yamazaki

14. User Experience and User Acceptance of an Augmented Reality Based Knowledge-Sharing Solution in Industrial Maintenance Work
Susanna Aromaa, Antti Väätänen, Mika Hakkarainen, Eija Kaasinen

15. Implementation of Information Management System: Human Factors Lessons Learned from Industrial Company
Magdalena K. Wyrwicka, Barbara Zasada, Beata Mrugalska

16. Sitting Comfort for Pedal Operators
Yifen Qiu, Pei Zhou, Songtao Zhu, Chaoyi Zhao, Huimin Hu

17. An Accessibility Evaluation of Social Media Through Mobile Device for Elderly
Abdulrahman Hafez, Yuanqiong (Kathy) Wang, Jessica Arfaa

18. Conceptualising Mobile Interaction Scale
Jean-Éric Pelet, Jashim Khan

19. Smart Blanket: A Real-Time User Posture Sensing Approach for Ergonomic Designs
Bo Zhou, Monit Shah Singh, Muhammet Yildirim, Ivi Prifti, Heber Cruz Zurian, Yorman Munoz Yuncosa, Paul Lukowicz

20. Visual Attention and Recall in Website Advertisements: An Eye Tracking Study
Hanne Sørum

21. The IoT Design Deck: A Tool for the Co-design of Connected Products
Massimiliano Dibitonto, Federica Tazzi, Katarzyna Leszczynska, Carlo M. Medaglia

22. Visual Feedback for Grasping in Virtual Reality Environments for an Interface to Instruct Digital Human Models
Andreas Geiger, Imke Bewersdorf, Elisabeth Brandenburg, Rainer Stark

23. User Experience Research on Automotive Interior Lighting Design
Wen Luo, Xingyu Luo

24. Should an Artificial Window Substitute a Natural One?
Cristina Caramelo Gomes, Sandra Preto

25. iTunes®: User Evaluation
Lízie Sancho Nascimento, Iara Margolis Ribeiro, Tareq Ahram, Laura Bezerra Martins, Walter Franklin Marques Correia

26. Usability of Enlargement Methods: How Enlargement Method Influences the Amount of Scrolling Actions Needed to Read Publications
Wayne E. Dick

27. A Hybrid Evaluation Approach and Guidance for mHealth Education Applications
Tareq Aljaber, Neil Gordon

28. Usability Model Based on Traditional Metrics and Physiological and Eye Tracking Variables Depending on User Profile
José Laparra-Hernández, Juan-Manuel Belda-Lois, Álvaro Page

29. Playbook Data Analysis Tool: Collecting Interaction Data from Extremely Remote Users
Bob Kanefsky, Jimin Zheng, Ivonne Deliz, Jessica J. Marquez, Steven Hillenius

30. Estimating User’s Intention and Emotion by Analyzing Operation Log Data of IoT Appliances
Atsushi Uenoyama, Masahiko Sakata, Miwa Nakanishi

31. A Research on the Barrier-Free Color Design in Digitalized Interaction
Xi Wang, Zhaohui Huang

32. A User Satisfaction Survey for Chinese Tractors Based on Attitude Index of Product Attributes
Bianbian Qiu, Jiping Zhou, Zaixiang Zheng, Hui Shen

33. Addressing the Alerting Needs of Older Adults to Age in Place
Reema Upadhyaya, Akhil Oswall, Brian Jones

34. Research on Efficiency of Visual Search of Users About Different Forms of Prompts of Text Entry Fields
Linghua Ran, Xin Zhang, Hong Luo, Ling Luo, Huimin Hu, Chaoyi Zhao

35. Research on the Degree of Attraction to Users of Ads at Different Positions During Targeted Operation
Linghua Ran, Xin Zhang, Hong Luo, Huimin Hu, Zhongting Wang

36. Voice Guidance Design Guideline for Home Appliances from Viewpoints of Design Consistency
Sawaya Harigaya, Miwa Nakanishi

37. Ergonomic Evaluation of Videogame Controllers
Karthik Kalyan Raj Kumar Yesodha, Veeraraghavan Narasimhan, Yueqing Li, Brian Craig

38. Is Uber “Wild”? A Study of a Car Sharing Product-Service System (PSS) Under the Perspective of Cognition in the Wild
Manuela Gortz, Décio Estevão Nascimento, Luiz Ernesto Merkle, Marilia Abrahão Amaral, Leonelo Dell Anhol Almeida

39. An Augmented Reality Application to Enhance the Children’s Engagement in an Early Development Method for Mathematics Literacy
Andrés Solano, Fabián Ugalde, Juan Gómez, Luis Sánchez

40. Optimal Visual Search Elements in Small Scale Map Design
Steven Karrmann, Connie Shears

41. Assessing Information Ergonomics in Work by Logging and Heart Rate Variability
Jussi Okkonen, Tomi Heimonen, Reijo Savolainen, Markku Turunen

42. IT Professional Preferences to Evaluate Systems Usability
Samira Ribeiro, Elizabeth S. Furtado, João Vasco Furtado, Niedja Cavalcante

43. Using Heuristic Evaluation to Enhance the Usability: A Model for Illiterate Farmers in Pakistan
Javed Anjum Sheikh, Anam Arshad

44. Beyond “Usability and User Experience”, Towards an Integrative Heuristic Inspection: From Accessibility to Persuasiveness in the UX Evaluation
Josefina Isabel Gil Urrutia, Eric Brangier, Véronique Senderowicz, Laurent Cessat

45. Usability Heuristic Evaluation of Scientific Data Analysis and Visualization Tools
Samar Swaid, Mnsa Maat, Hari Krishnan, Devarshi Ghoshal, Lavanya Ramakrishnan

46. Effects of Cognitive Redundancy on Interface Design and Information Visualization
Jing Zhang, Chengqi Xue, Jing Wang, Zhangfan Shen, Lei Zhou, Xiaozhou Zhou, Lin Yun, Ling Zhou

47. Visualizing Uncertainty in Node-Link Diagrams - a User Study
Johannes Schwank, Sebastian Schöffel

48. The Fiction in Computer Science: A Qualitative Data Analysis of the ACM Digital Library for Traces of Star Trek
Philipp Jordan, Brent Auernheimer

49. Understanding the Effect of Architectural and Environmental Features on Human Behavior
Anthony Durante, Eric Rivers, George Beane, Rebecca Chau

50. Comparison of Japanese Text Input Efficiency Between PC and Smartphone
Jun Iio

51. The Effects of Website White Space on Middle-Aged Users
Yu-Chun Liu, Chih-Hsiang Ko

52. Measuring User Experience in Situ: Use Emotion Data to Assess User Experience
Yuanyuan Chen, Fang You, Jianmin Wang, Ronald Schroeter

53. The Usage of UTAUT Model for Digital Audio Workstation User Experience Evaluation
Darko Etinger, Tihomir Orehovački

54. Empathy, Design and Human Factors
Andree Woodcock, Deana McDonagh, Jane Osmond, Wesley Scott

55. Hesitation Analysis for Exploring Difficulties During Mental Operation in RTA Furniture Assembly
Yao-Ting Huang, Ting-Ju Kuo, Yi-Chia Chien, Philip Hwang

56. Usability Evaluation of Ticketing System of Metro Manila Train Network
Troy Canicosa, Jeremiah Medina, Benjamin Guzman, Benette Custodio, Alyssa Jean Portus

57. A Study on the Usability of Typing Interface on Large-Screen Phones for Different Thumb Sizes
Ching-yi Wang, Peng-Jyun Liu

58. Usability Analysis in Surgical Prosthetics Application for Patient Specific Implants PSI
María José González, Clara Isabel López, Fernanda Maradei

59. A Validation Test of an Accessibility Evaluation Method
Yu Ting Sun, Kim-Phuong L. Vu, Thomas Z. Strybel

60. User Experience (UX) Evaluation Based on Interaction-Related Mental Models
Stefano Filippi, Daniela Barattin

61. Introducing ‘Human-Centered Agile Workflow’ (HCAW) – An Agile Conception and Development Process Model
Leonhard Glomann

62. Measuring User Experience of Using Battery Swapping Station
Fei-Hui Huang

63. How Screen Magnification with and Without Word-Wrapping Affects the User Experience of Adults with Low Vision
Elyse C. Hallett, Wayne Dick, Tom Jewett, Kim-Phuong L. Vu

64. Usability Test in Different Types of Control-Authority Allocations for Multi-Operator Single-Robot System OCTOPUS
Kui Chen, Mitsuhiro Kamezaki, Takahiro Katano, Taisei Kaneko, Kohga Azuma, Masatoshi Seki, Ken Ichiryu, Tatsuzo Ishida, Shigeki Sugano

65. Providing Individual Knowledge from Students with Autism and Mild Mental Disability Using Computer Interface
N. Tuğbagül Altan Akin, Mehmet Göktürk

66. Research on Multi-factor Sofa Inclination Comfort Based on User Experience
Huimin Hu, Ling Luo, Yanlong Yao, Chaoyi Zhao, Haimei Wu, Xin Zhang, Linghua Ran, Rui Wang

Keywords: Computer Science, User Interfaces and Human Computer Interaction, Engineering Design, Interaction Design, Computational Intelligence

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Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing
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Information Technology, Telecommunications
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