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Advances in Human Factors and Ergonomics in Healthcare and Medical Devices

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Table of contents

1. Increasing Patient Safety Through Resilient Design: Using Human Factors Engineering and Environmental Support Mechanisms to Reduce Potentials of Hospital Acquired Infection
Lisa Sundahl Platt, Michael Greene

2. An Ergonomic Evaluation of Preoperative and Postoperative Workspaces in Ambulatory Surgery Centers
Deborah Wingler, Anjali Joseph, Rutali Joshi

3. Characteristics of United States Military Personnel and Veterans Who Complete Mindfulness Training
Baoxia Liu, Valerie J. Rice

4. Evidence of a Symptom Cluster: The Impact of Mindfulness Meditation on Self-Reported Stress, Fatigue, Pain and Sleep Among U.S. Military Service Members and Veterans
Valerie J. Rice, Paul J. Schroeder

5. Evaluation of Effect on Cognition Response to Time Pressure by Using EEG
Shyh-Yueh Cheng

6. A Pilot Study Evaluating the Utility, Acceptability, and Feasibility of an Abbreviated Mindfulness Meditation Program Before and During Army Warfighting Training
Valerie J. Rice, Gary L. Boykin, Cory R. Overby, Angela Jeter, Jessica Villarreal

7. Learning Effects of Perturbation to Postural Control in Diabetics with Neuropathy
Byungjoon B. J. Kim, Tracey Kim

8. Considering Ergonomics in the Accident and Emergency Department: Possible or Not
Ahmad Rasdan Ismail, Shaik Farid Abdull Wahab, Rohayu Othman

9. Superficial Electromyography, Motion Analysis and Triggered-Stereo Cameras Technologies Applied to Ultrasound System User Interface Evaluation
Federica Vannetti, Tiziana Atzori, Laura Fabbri, Guido Pasquini, Leonardo Forzoni, Claudio Macchi

10. Case Study of Integrated Ergonomic Assessment of a Cart-Based High-End Ultrasound System
Giuseppe Andreoni, Alfredo Goddi, Luca Aiani, Nicola Gaibazzi, Zhan Weiwei, Fabio Rezzonico, Nicola Guraschi, Marco Delpiano, Claudio Fertino, Deanna Garcia, Luis Rojas, Leonardo Forzoni

11. Development of a Support System for the Presumptive Diagnosis of Glaucoma Through the Processing of Biomedical Images of the Human Eye Fundus in Ecuador
Eduardo Pinos-Vélez, Susana Encalada, Edwin Gamboa, Vladimir Robles-Bykbaev, William Ipanque, Carlos Luis Chacón

12. A RGB-D Sensor Based Tool for Assessment and Rating of Movement Disorders
Vitoantonio Bevilacqua, Gianpaolo Francesco Trotta, Claudio Loconsole, Antonio Brunetti, Nicholas Caporusso, Giuseppe Maria Bellantuono, Irio Feudis, Donato Patruno, Domenico Marco, Andrea Venneri, Maria Grazia Vietro, Giacomo Losavio, Sabina Ilaria Tatò

13. A Comprehensive Approach for Physical Rehabilitation Assessment in Multiple Sclerosis Patients Based on Gait Analysis
Vitoantonio Bevilacqua, Gianpaolo Francesco Trotta, Antonio Brunetti, Nicholas Caporusso, Claudio Loconsole, Giacomo Donato Cascarano, Francesco Catino, Pantaleo Cozzoli, Giancarlo Delfine, Adriano Mastronardi, Andrea Candia, Giuseppina Lelli, Pietro Fiore

14. HomeAssist: An Assisted Living Platform for Aging in Place Based on an Interdisciplinary Approach
Charles Consel, Lucile Dupuy, Hélène Sauzéon

15. Healthcare Application for Foreigners Living in China
Syed Attiqur Rehman, Zhe Chen, Muhammad Haris

16. Train4OrthoMIS Online Course as a Manner of Improving Ergonomics in Orthopaedic Surgery
Joanna Bartnicka, Alicia Piedrabuena, Raquel Portilla, Juan Luis Moyano-Cuevas, José Blas Pagador, Francisco M. Sánchez-Margallo, Peter Augat, Dariusz Michalak, Jarosław Tokarczyk

17. Quality Care and Patient Safety: Strategies to Disclose Medical Errors
Jawahar (Jay) Kalra, Ashish Kopargaonkar

18. Effect of Walking upon Fatigue Due to Monotonous Work
Kousuke Aramaki, Hiroshi Hagiwara

19. Modeling Self-determination in Emotional Labor: Stressful Patient Interactions, Emotion Regulation, and Burnout in Geriatric Nursing
Severin Hornung, Bettina Lampert, Matthias Weigl, Jürgen Glaser

20. Assessment of Postural Analysis in a Dialysis Clinic
Kira Andrea C. Chan, John A. Molina, Denise Ann T. Tirthdas

21. Most Effective Exercise Load for Burning Body Fat with Aerobic Exercise in Young Japanese Women
Tamaki Mitsuno, Miya Nagayasu, Yuko Shinohara, Yui Ando

22. Gender Difference and Optimal Carrying Load Limit for Industrial Workers
Rohit Sharma, Kushal Kamboj, Purshottam Kumar, Jyoti Bhardwaj

23. Influence of the Traditional Use of Chumbi in Lumbar Weakness in Women of Ecuadorian Highlands
Thalía San Antonio, Anita Larrea, Fernando Urrutia, María Naranjo, María Latta

24. Analysis of Risk for Repetitive Work Using Thermography Sensory
Alejandra García, Claudia Camargo, Jesús Olguín, J. Andrés López Barreras

25. Taxonomy of Communications in the Operating Room
Carlos A. Velasquez, Rashid Mazhar, Amer Chaikhouni, Tian Zhou, Juan P. Wachs

26. A Proactive Risk Assessment Framework to Enhance Patient Safety in Operating Rooms
Maryam Tabibzadeh, Gelareh Jahangiri

27. Lessons Learned from the Implementation of a Specialized Health Care Network in the Municipality of Porto Alegre, Brazil
Anna Luiza Bueno Coutinho, Werner Leyh

28. Effectiveness and User Satisfaction from a Usability Evaluation of a Veterans Benefits Letter
Nancy J. Lightner, Helen J. A. Fuller, Kyle D. Maddox, Nsikak E. Inyang, Dennis Lofton

29. Research on the Development of the Maternity Dress Based on the Health and Safety
Shang Yuting

30. Movement Analysis and Ergonomic Garment Opening Design of Garment Block Patterns for Physically Disabled People with Scoliosis Using Fuzzy Logic
Yan Hong, Xianyi Zeng, Pascal Bruniaux, Antonela Curteza, Yan Chen

31. Modeling of Electronic and Mechanical Dimensioning of an Exoskeleton Bottom for Bipedal Gait
Serpa-Andrade Luis, Illescas Francisco, Cuzco William, Pinos-Velez Eduardo

32. Adhesion Distribution Between a Hygiene Mask and a Female Dummy Face via Multiple Approaches
Mika Morishima, Tamaki Mitsuno

33. Qualitative, Quantitative or Mixed: Which Is the Most Preferred for Healthcare Studies
Shaik Farid Abdull Wahab, Ahmad Rasdan Ismail, Rohayu Othman

34. Service Based Healthcare Monitoring System for the Elderly - Physical Activity and Exercise
Se Jin Park, Murali Subramaniyam, Seunghee Hong, Damee Kim

35. Reorganizing Neonatal Resuscitation Equipment Improves Performance Speed Under Simulation Conditions
Brenda Law, Po-Yin Cheung, Megan O’Reilly, Caroline Fray, Georg Schmölzer

36. Bridging the Gap Between Human Factors and Epidemiological Models: Recommendations for Future Research
Anna Paula Galvão Scheidegger, Amarnath Banerjee

37. Development of Stroke Diagnosis Algorithm Through Logistic Regression Analysis with National Health Insurance Database
Seung Nam Min, Kyung-Sun Lee, Se Jin Park, Murali Subramaniyam, Dong Joon Kim

38. Evaluation of Ergonomic Risk Factors and Presence of Musculoskeletal Symptoms in Medical Specialty in Echography
Elena Ochoa-Chaidez, Elvia L. Gonzalez-Muñoz, Enrique Herrera-Lugo, Jean-Paul Becker

39. Relationship Between Ergonomic Workstations with Musculoskeletal Disorders and Job Stress Among Staff of Bank in Tehran City
Tabatabaei Yahyaabadi Shahnaz, Khani Jazani Reza, Kavousi Amir, Bahreini Maryam

40. Higher Functioning Teams Improve the Triage Process in Las Cruces, NM
Lori DeLeeuw, Nancy Hallbauer, Chris Baeza, Deborah E. Welsh, Gary Sculli, Crystal Davis-Whited

41. Medical Tourism, Biomedical Wastes and Health Hazard
Bela Das

42. DesignX in the Emergency Department: Requirements of a Digital Antibiogram
Isaac Fehr, Lars Mueller, Eliah Aronoff-Spencer

43. Operational Efficiency Analysis of Public Hospital Systems of India: Application of Data Envelopment Analysis
Abhik Patra, Pradip Kumar Ray

44. Ergonomic Assessment and Analysis of Postural Load of Surgeons Performing Laparoscopic Surgeries in Cuenca, Ecuador
Mónica Ordóñez-Ríos, Oswaldo Jara-Díaz, Juan C. Salamea, Vladimir Robles-Bykbaev

45. Further Development and Evaluation of a Universal Foot Switch for Diverse Medical Disciplines within the Framework of an Open Integration Concept for the Operation Theatre of the Future
Anna Vitting, Armin Janß, Benjamin Strathen, Melanie Strake, Klaus Radermacher

46. Effects of Noises and Music on Nurses’ Mental Workload and Situation Awareness in the Operating Room
Li-Ping Tseng, Yung-Ching Liu

47. Preliminary Study of Ontological Process Analysis of Surgical Endoscopy
Kazuhiko Shinohara

48. Operating Room Ergonomics: A Practical Approach for Reducing Operating Room Ergonomic Hazards
Yona Vaisbuc, Justin M. Moore, Robert K. Jackler, John Vaughan

49. Incorrect Surgery and Invasive Procedures: Internet Videos Fail to Depict the Full Story
Douglas E. Paull, Robert Kononowech, Sarah Simpson, David M. Sine, Robin R. Hemphill

50. Teaching Proactive Risk Assessment to Clinicians and Administrators
Tandi Bagian, Helen J. A. Fuller

51. Potential and Influence of Industrie 4.0 in Oral Implantology Products and Their Production for Patient, Dentist and Dental Laboratory
Yübo Wang, Oliver Sandig, Christian Steinmetz, Christof Ellerbrock, Reiner Anderl

52. Development of Pneumatic Dual-Cell Stacking Implanter
Yih-Lin Cheng, Yi-Tung Lai

53. Human Factors in Prosthesis of Total Knee Arthroplasty
Rene Pimentel, Cristiano Fontes, Salvador Àvila, Jocelma Rios, Adonias Magdiel, Cristiane Fragoso, Ivone Cerqueira, Caroline Massolino

54. Mathematical Modeling and Ergonomic Study of a Pencil Through Numerical Simulation for Support of the Graphological Presumptive Diagnosis
Luis González-Delgado, Julio Verdugo-Cabrera, Luis Serpa-Andrade, Isaac Ojeda-Zamalloa, Vladimir Robles-Bykbaev, Fernando Pesántez-Avilés, Olena Naidiuk, Ninfa González-Delgado

55. Precise Placement of Precordial Electrodes with +/−0.5cm Accuracy for Recording ECG in Self-operable Diagnostic Devices
Kavita Shashank, Sakire Arslan Ay, Ankit Fulzele, R. C. Ram, Huan Hu, Subhanshu Gupta

56. A Domotics Control Tool Based on MYO Devices and Neural Networks
Santiago Luna-Romero, Paul Delgado-Espinoza, Fredy Rivera-Calle, Luis Serpa-Andrade

57. Biomimetical Arm Prosthesis: A New Proposal
Daniel Proaño-Guevara, Javier Procel-Feijóo, Johnny Zhingre-Balcazar, Luis Serpa-Andrade

58. Design of an Intelligent System for Prediction and Simulation of Writing in Children with Spasticity
Luis Serpa-Andrade, Luis González-Delgado, Ana Parra-Astudillo, Isaac Ojeda-Zamalloa, Vladimir Robles-Bykbaev, Roman Bunay

59. Privacy and Security of Cardiovascular Implantable Electronic Devices: Applying a Contextual Integrity Analysis
Beth Strickland Bloch, Masooda Bashir

60. Method of Ergonomics Assessment of Technical Systems and Its Influence on Operators Heath on Basis of Hybrid Fuzzy Models
Riad Taha Al-Kasasbeh, Nikolay Korenevskiy, Mahdi Salman Alshamasin, Ilyash Maksim

61. Hazard and Safety Analysis of the Integra™ UltraVS™ Neonate Valve
Amber Torrez

62. Investigation of Human Factors Engineering Methods Used in Medical Device Procurement Process
Kelly C. D. Lobato, Carlos H. P. Mello, Ana P. S. S. Almeida, Rodrigo M. A. Almeida

63. Usefulness of Skin Punch Tools for Corneal Biopsy
Lore Veelaert, Iris Boons, Anton Carmen, Julie Engelen, Nick Janssens, Clara Devriendt, Nadia Zakaria, Guido Bruyne

64. Medical Device Design for Improving Orthostatic Hypotension During Supine-to-Stand (STS)
Fong-Gong Wu, XIn-An Chen

Keywords: Engineering, Computational Intelligence, Occupational Medicine/Industrial Medicine, User Interfaces and Human Computer Interaction, Health Informatics

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