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Advanced Gear Engineering

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Table of contents

1. Computerized Simulation of Manufacturing Errors in Cylindrical Spur Gears and Their Compensation Through Flank Modifications
Alfonso Fuentes-Aznar, Scott Eisele, Ignacio Gonzalez-Perez

2. Gear Geometry as a Function of the Production Method
A. Kubo, A. Ueda

3. Model of Loaded Contact in Multi-pair Gears
E. Trubachev, A. Kuznetsov, A. Sannikov

4. Quality Characteristics of Gearing
D. Babichev, M. Storchak

5. Geometric Pitch Configurations—Basic Primitives of the Mathematical Models for the Synthesis of Hyperboloid Gear Drives
V. Abadjiev, E. Abadjieva

6. Load Distribution in Meshing of Planetary Gearwheels and Its Influence on the Technical and Economic Performance of the Mechanism
F. Plekhanov, V. Goldfarb, E. Vychuzhanina

7. Actual Issues of Design and Production of Advanced Worm Gears
S. Lagutin, A. Sandler, E. Gudov

8. Multi Axis CnC Manufacturing of Straight and Spiral Bevel Gears
C. Gosselin

9. Increase in Contact Strength of Heavy-Loaded Rolling Bearings for Gear Drives and Transmissions
E. Tesker

10. Features of the Relationship Between Vibration, Lubrication and Noise of Gears
V. L. Basinyuk, V. E. Starzhinsky, A. I. Mardasevich, S. V. Shil’ko, E. M. Petrokovets

11. Development of Geometric Descriptors for Gears and Gear Tools
D. Babichev

12. S-gears: From Metal to Polymer Solution
G. Hlebanja, J. Hlebanja

13. Aspects of Teaching “Advanced Gears” for Future Mechanical Engineers Within “Bachelor of Sciences” Programs at Technical Universities
V. Goldfarb, E. Krylov, O. Perminova, N. Barmina, L. Vasiliev

14. Kinematics of Bevel Biplanetary Gear
J. Drewniak, T. Kądziołka, S. Zawiślak

15. Tool Profiling for the Grinding of Helical Surfaces
V. Medvedev, A. Volkov

16. Practice of Design and Production of Worm Gears with Localized Contact
E. Trubachev, T. Savelyeva, T. Pushkareva

17. Optimization of Requirements for Accuracy of Base Surfaces for Spur and Helical Gearwheels at Their Tooth Cutting
M. Kane

18. Optimization of HCR Gearing Geometry from a Scuffing Point of View
M. Rackov, M. Vereš, M. Čavić, M. Penčić, Ž. Kanović, S. Kuzmanović, I. Knežević

19. Problems of Developing the Model of Class of Objects in Intelligent CAD of Gearbox Systems
O. Malina

20. Approximated Rod-Toothed Gears
B. Timofeev, M. Sachkov

21. Planetary Rotor Hydraulic Machine with Two Central Gearwheels Having Similar Tooth Number
G. Volkov, D. Kurasov

22. Aspects of Optimization of the Process of Computer-Aided Design of Complex Objects
O. Malina, O. Valeyev

23. Efficient Schemes and Methods for Gear Machining of Spiroid Gearwheels and Worms
E. Trubachev, S. Loginov, K. Bogdanov, D. Khvatov, A. Shutkina

24. Influence of Layout Features and Parameters of a Planetary Gear on Its Dynamics and Strength Characteristics
F. Plekhanov, A. Pushkarev, I. Pushkarev

Keywords: Engineering, Engineering Design, Industrial and Production Engineering, Software Engineering/Programming and Operating Systems, Computer-Aided Engineering (CAD, CAE) and Design

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Mechanisms and Machine Science
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12 pages
Technology, Energy, Traffic
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