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Women in Mathematical Biology

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Table of contents

1. The Modulation of Pain by Circadian and Sleep-Dependent Processes: A Review of the Experimental Evidence
Megan Hastings Hagenauer, Jennifer A. Crodelle, Sofia H. Piltz, Natalia Toporikova, Paige Ferguson, Victoria Booth

2. Investigating Circadian Rhythmicity in Pain Sensitivity Using a Neural Circuit Model for Spinal Cord Processing of Pain
Jennifer A. Crodelle, Sofia H. Piltz, Victoria Booth, Megan Hastings Hagenauer

3. A Two-Process Model for Circadian and Sleep-Dependent Modulation of Pain Sensitivity
Natalia Toporikova, Megan Hastings Hagenauer, Paige Ferguson, Victoria Booth

4. Introduction to Mathematical Modeling of Blood Flow Control in the Kidney
Anita T. Layton, Aurélie Edwards

5. Modeling Autoregulation of the Afferent Arteriole of the Rat Kidney
Maria-Veronica Ciocanel, Tracy L. Stepien, Aurélie Edwards, Anita T. Layton

6. Modeling Blood Flow and Oxygenation in a Diabetic Rat Kidney
Ioannis Sgouralis, Anita T. Layton

7. Tracking the Distribution of a Solute Bolus in the Rat Kidney
Anita T. Layton

8. Mathematical Modeling of the Effects of Nutrient Competition and Bile Acid Metabolism by the Gut Microbiota on Colonization Resistance Against Clostridium difficile

Arietta Fleming-Davies, Sara Jabbari, Suzanne L. Robertson, Tri Sri Noor Asih, Cristina Lanzas, Suzanne Lenhart, Casey M. Theriot

9. Revisiting the Physics of Spider Ballooning
Kimberly S. Sheldon, Longhua Zhao, Angela Chuang, Iordanka N. Panayotova, Laura A. Miller, Lydia Bourouiba

10. Flying Spiders: Simulating and Modeling the Dynamics of Ballooning
Longhua Zhao, Iordanka N. Panayotova, Angela Chuang, Kimberly S. Sheldon, Lydia Bourouiba, Laura A. Miller

11. On the Dynamic Suction Pumping of Blood Cells in Tubular Hearts
Nicholas A. Battista, Andrea N. Lane, Laura A. Miller

12. Undergraduate Research Highlight: Modeling Movement Behavior Among Interacting Species
Anne Talkington

13. Erratum
Anita T. Layton, Laura A. Miller

Keywords: Mathematics, Physiological, Cellular and Medical Topics, Mathematical Modeling and Industrial Mathematics

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Association for Women in Mathematics Series
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8 pages
Natural Sciences
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