Aelst, Peter Van

How Political Actors Use the Media

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Table of contents

1. Information and Arena: The Dual Function of the News Media for Political Elites
Peter Aelst, Stefaan Walgrave

Part I. Conceptualizing Media Influence in Politics

2. An Intervening Intermediary: Making Political Sense of Media Influence
Gunnar Thesen

3. Celebrities as Political Actors and Entertainment as Political Media
Regina G. Lawrence, Amber E. Boydstun

4. Political Public Relations and Mediatization: The Strategies of News Management
Jesper Strömbäck, Frank Esser

5. Too Powerful or Just Doing Their Job? Explaining Differences in Conceptions of Media Power Among Politicians and Journalists
Rens Vliegenthart, Morten Skovsgaard

Part II. The Media as a Source of Information

6. What Politicians Learn from the Mass Media and Why They React to It: Evidence from Elite Interviews
Julie Sevenans

7. The Media Independency of Political Elites
Stefaan Walgrave, Julie Sevenans, Alon Zoizner, Matthew Ayling

8. When Politicians React to the Media: How the Attitudes and Goals of Political Elites Moderate the Effect of the Media on the Political Agenda
Alon Zoizner, Yair Fogel-Dror, Tamir Sheafer

Part III. The Media as a Political Arena

9. Moving Beyond the Single Mediated Arena Model: Media Uses and Influences Across Three Arena’s
Aeron Davis

10. The Charm of Salient Issues? Parties’ Strategic Behavior in Press Releases
Caroline Dalmus, Regula Hänggli, Laurent Bernhard

11. News Tone and the Government in the News: When and Why Do Government Actors Appear in the News?
Christoffer Green-Pedersen, Peter B. Mortensen, Gunnar Thesen

Part IV. Combining Information and Arena

12. Why Do Politicians Use the Media When Making Laws? A Study On the Functional Use of Mass Media During Legislative Processes
Lotte Melenhorst, Peter Aelst

13. Information Source and Political Arena: How Actors from Inside and Outside Politics Use the Media
Nayla Fawzi

14. Elaborating and Specifying the Information & Arena Framework
Stefaan Walgrave, Peter Aelst

Keywords: Cultural and Media Studies, Media and Communication, European Politics, Journalism and Broadcasting, US Politics, Cultural Policy and Politics

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