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Advances in Human Factors in Training, Education, and Learning Sciences

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Table of contents

1. Digital Social Learning – Collaboration and Learning in Enterprise Social Networks
Christian Zinke, Kyrill Meyer, Julia Friedrich, Leopold Reif

2. Sero!: A Learning Assessment Platform for Adult Learning Environments
Brian Moon, Sana Rizvi

3. Time and Control in Teachers’ Work - The Erosion of Rhythms
Henrik Lund

4. Interactions Between Learner Assessment and Content Requirement: A Verification Approach
Robert E. Wray, Kimberly Stowers

5. A Review of Personal Profile Features in Personalized Learning Systems
Jean-Francois Lapointe, Irina Kondratova, Heather Molyneaux, Kamran Shaikh, Norman G. Vinson

6. Research on the Effects of Post-doctoral System on the University Faculty in China
Aili Zhang

7. Satisfaction and Cognitive Styles in Students of the Virtual Collaborative Project: “Our Earth: Deforestation”
Luis Héctor Montoya, Iñaki Olaizola, Pere Ponsa, Ramon Vilanova

8. Detection System for Distinguishing Between Initial Reading and Rereading of a Digital Document by Observing Focal Point Movement
Shinnosuke Iwamoto, Takashi Sakamoto, Toru Nakata, Toshikazu Kato

9. Early Engagement of Schoolchildren in Research Activities: The Human Factor
Alexander O. Karpov

10. Ergonomic Intervention Using a Train-the-Trainer Approach in a Biotechnology Company: A Case Study
Kathryn Meeks

11. Educational Effect Using Expert Model in Fire Process of Quartz Glass
Masamichi Suda, Toru Takahashi, Akio Hattori, Akihiko Goto, Hiroyuki Hamada

12. An Intelligent System to Automatically Generate Video-Summaries for Accessible Learning Objects for People with Hearing Loss
Paola Ingavélez-Guerra, Irma Cuzco-Calle, Daniel Calle-López, Christian Oyola-Flores, Inés Yambay-Aulla, Vladimir Robles-Bykbaev, José Ramón Hilera

13. Why Is Video Modeling Not Used in Special Needs Classrooms?
Ahmad Abualsamid, Charles E. Hughes

14. The Impact of Curriculum Teaching Reform on Graduate Students’ Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Yangguang Xu, Wei Ye, Xuebo Chen, Qiubai Sun

15. Effectiveness of Learning Management System Application in the Learnability of Tertiary Students in an Undergraduate Engineering Program in the Philippines
Yoshiki B. Kurata, Rose Marie Lou P. Bano, Ma. Carole T. Marcelo

16. A Study of Problems and Needs in Teaching in a Virtual Science Lab to Develop Middle School Students’ Analytical Thinking Skills
Unchana Klentien, Wannachai Wannasawade

17. Development of Learning Habit Scale and Situational Analysis of Japanese Junior High School Student Learning Habits
Kohei Okado, Hiroyuki Hamada, Noriyuki Kida

18. An Overview of the Air Force Institute of Technology’s Human Systems Master’s Degree Program
Jeffrey C. Parr, Christina F. Rusnock, Michael E. Miller

19. Competency-Based Training System for Personalized Learning
Terence Andre, Kerri Conning Chik, Ryan Meyer, Gregg Liming, Rod Ford, Camilla Knott, Caitlin Robie, Danyele Harris-Thompson

20. Influences of Mentoring Functions on Job Satisfaction and Organizational Commitment of Graduate Employees
Morena William Nkomo, Wellington Didibhuku Thwala, Clinton Ohis Aigbavboa

21. Human Resource Management and Effects of Mentoring on Retention of Employees in the Construction Sector: A Literature Review
Morena William Nkomo, Wellington Didibhuku Thwala, Clinton Ohis Aigbavboa

22. Children’s Interactions Within a Virtual Reality Environment for Learning Chemistry
Ghislain Maurice N. Isabwe, Margrethe Moxnes, Marie Ristesund, Derek Woodgate

23. Virtual Tele-Cooperation: Applying AR and VR for Cooperative Tele-Maintenance and Advanced Distance Learning
Thomas Alexander, Alexander Ripkens, Martin Westhoven, Michael Kleiber, Claudius Pfendler

24. Anatomy Builder VR: Applying a Constructive Learning Method in the Virtual Reality Canine Skeletal System
Jinsil Hwaryoung Seo, Brian Michael Smith, Margaret Cook, Erica Malone, Michelle Pine, Steven Leal, Zhikun Bai, Jinkyo Suh

25. Sign Language Trainer Using Leap Motion
Christian Feicán, Julio Cabrera, John Arévalo, Edy Ayala, Fernando Guerrero, Eduardo Pinos

26. A Comparison of Virtual Reality-Based Psychomotor Task Training with Visual and Haptic Aiding
Wenqi Ma, David Kaber, Guk-Ho Gil, Michael Clamann, Wooram Jeon, Biwen Zhu, Nancy Currie

27. High-Level Context Information for Tasks in Teaching
Renée Schulz, Ghislain Maurice N. Isabwe, Andreas Prinz, Takahiro Hara

28. Code for America as an Instructional Resource for Teaching User Centered Design and Accessibility
Lisa Jo Elliott, Angie Brunk

29. The Positive Effect of Digital Game Based Programming on Students
Ebru Yeniman Yildirim

30. Valuing of Economic Efficiency of University Spin-Offs: Case of Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University
Olga Miroliubova, Aleksandr Kozlov

31. Optimizing the Teaching/Learning Experience in Fashion Education
Mário Ribeiro, Inês Simões

32. E-book Accessibility Evaluations
Yuting Sun, Ryan M. Fritz, Laura Yorba, Aaron K. M. Manabat, Noam A. Katz, Kim-Phuong L. Vu

33. Computerized and Adaptable Tests to Measure Visuospatial Abilities in STEM Students
Juan C. Castro-Alonso, Paul Ayres, Fred Paas

34. Fading Scaffolds in STEM: Supporting Students’ Learning on Explanations of Natural Phenomena
Valeria M. Cabello, Martin E. Sommer Lohrmann

35. Advance Use of Training Simulator in Maritime Education and Training: A Questionnaire Study
Salman Nazir, Karina Hjelmervik

36. The Effect of Teacher Questions on Elementary School Students’ Written Responses on an Online STEM Platform
Roberto Araya, Enzo Aljovin

37. Impact of the Dunning Kruger Effect on Psychology Students at the University of Cuenca
Roman Bunay, Wilson Siguenza, Karla Flores, Luis Serpa-Andrade

38. Assessment of the Students’ Expectations and Perception Regarding the Development of the Competences in Industrial Engineering Course
Lucio Garcia Veraldo, Messias Borges Silva, Jose Lourenço, Benedito Manoel Almeida, Cesar Augusto Botura, Paulo França Barbosa Neto, Jober Antonio Duarte

39. The Role of the Lifelong Learning in Logistics 4.0
Magdalena Wrobel-Lachowska, Zbigniew Wisniewski, Aleksandra Polak-Sopinska

40. Innovating in the Classroom
Selene Vázquez, Enrique García, Miguel Domínguez

41. Supporting the Construction of Explanations of Natural Phenomena in Primary School Pupils
Martin E. Sommer Lohrmann, Valeria M. Cabello

42. HEI Quality Culture in Poland – Multi-paradigm View
Lukasz Sulkowski, Zofia Patora-Wysocka

Keywords: Engineering, Computational Intelligence, User Interfaces and Human Computer Interaction, Educational Technology, Cognitive Psychology

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