Hofbaur, Michael

New Trends in Medical and Service Robots

Hofbaur, Michael - New Trends in Medical and Service Robots, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Design of a Needle Insertion Module for Robotic Assisted Transperineal Prostate Biopsy
C. Vaida, I. Birlescu, N. Plitea, N. Crisan, D. Pisla

2. Motion Analysis of the Left Ventricle of a Human Heart for Realization in a Cardiovascular Mock-Loop
S. Kurtenbach, F. Wieja, I. Müller, M. Neidlin, S. J. Sonntag, A. Goetzenich, N. Hatam, P. Bruns, F. Chuembou Pekam, M. Fuente Klein, K. Radermacher, C. Hopmann, R. Autschbach, U. Steinseifer, M. Hüsing, B. Corves

3. Improved Design of a Gait Rehabilitation Robot
C. J. Stolle, C. A. Nelson, J. M. Burnfield, T. W. Buster

4. The Role of Technology in the Implementation and Learning of Minimally-Invasive Surgery
N. Crişan, I. Andraş, I. Coman

5. Bio-Kinematic Design of Individualized Lift-Assist Devices
S. M. F. Reimer, K. Abdul-Sater, T. C. Lueth

6. Organising Bodyformation of Modular Autonomous Robots Using Virtual Embryogenesis
M. Daushan, R. Thenius, K. Crailsheim, Th. Schmickl

7. Sensor and Control Concept for a Wearable Robot for Manual Load Handling Assistance
P. Stelzer, B. Otten, W. Kraus, A. Pott

8. Unilateral Teleoperation Design for a Robotic Endoscopic Pituitary Surgery System
M. İ. C. Dede, O. W. Maaroof, G. Ateş, M. Berker, İ. Işıkay, Ş. Hanalioğlu

9. Kinematic and Dynamic Modeling of a Multifunctional Rehabilitation Robot UHP
A. Mancisidor, A. Zubizarreta, I. Cabanes, P. Bengoa, J. H. Jung

10. Minimally Actuated Four-Bar Linkages for Upper Limb Rehabilitation
E. Xydas, A. Mueller, L. S. Louca

11. Inter-individual Differences in Conscious and Unconscious Processes During Robot-Child Interaction
I. Giannopulu, T. Watanabe

12. Surgical Robotics—Past, Present and Future
F. Graur, E. Radu, N. Al Hajjar, C. Vaida, D. Pisla

13. Robotic System Navigation Developed for Hip Resurfacing Prosthesis Surgery
P. M. B. Torres, P. J. S. Gonçalves, J. M. M. Martins

14. HiBSO Hip Exoskeleton: Toward a Wearable and Autonomous Design
R. Baud, A. Ortlieb, J. Olivier, M. Bouri, H. Bleuler

15. Balance Control for an Active Leg Exoskeleton Based on Human Balance Strategies
V. Huynh, C. Bidard, C. Chevallereau

16. First Investigations into Artificial Emotions in Cognitive Robotics
D. Moser, R. Thenius, Th. Schmickl

17. Legal Frame of Non-social Personal Care Robots
E. Fosch Villaronga

18. Test Bench for Space Remote Docking System
A. Pisla, C. Vaida, F. Covaciu

19. Rob’Autism: How to Change Autistic Social Skills in 20Weeks
S. Sakka, R. Gaboriau, J. Picard, E. Redois, G. Parchantour, L. Sarfaty, S. Navarro, A. Barreau

20. Force Balance Conditions of Complex Parallel Mechanisms with Mass Equivalent Modeling
V. Wijk

21. Numerical Simulations and Experimental Human Gait Analysis Using Wearable Sensors
D. Tarnita, I. Geonea, A. Petcu, D. N. Tarnita

22. Motion Control Algorithm for a Lower Limb Exoskeleton Based on Iterative LQR and ZMP Method for Trajectory Generation
S. Jatsun, S. Savin, A. Yatsun

23. FSTT Algorithm: Can Tides Assist Bio-Inspired Gradient Taxis?
J.Ch. Varughese, R. Thenius, F. Wotawa, Th. Schmickl

Keywords: Engineering, Robotics and Automation, Engineering Design, Artificial Intelligence (incl. Robotics)

Publication year
Mechanisms and Machine Science
Technology, Energy, Traffic
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