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Elite Education and Internationalisation

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Table of contents

1. Elite Education and Internationalisation—From the Early Years into Higher Education. An Introduction
Ulrike Deppe, Claire Maxwell, Heinz-Hermann Krüger, Werner Helsper

Part I. Theoretical Approaches

2. Where Have All the Elites Gone? Cultural Transformation of Elitism
in the Schooled Society
David P. Baker

3. Elite Formation in the Educational System: Between Meritocracy and Cumulative Advantage
Richard Münch

4. Exclusive Globality, Inclusive Diversity: Internationalisation as a Strategy of Inclusion and Exclusion
Tobias Peter

5. Internationality within Business Elites and National Elite Educational Institutions
Michael Hartmann

6. The Work of Desire: Elite Schools’ Multi-scalar Markets
Jane Kenway

7. Commentary to Part I: “Elites” and “Internationalisation” in Education Research: Essentially Contested Concepts with Great Heuristic Fertility
Reinhard Kreckel

Part II. Early Years and Primary Education

8. Embedded Internationalisation and Privilege in German Early Years Provision
Johanna Mierendorff, Thilo Ernst, Marius Mader

9. Marketisation, Elite Education and Internationalisation in Australian Early Childhood Education and Care
Frances Press, Christine Woodrow

10. Choosing International: A Case Study of Globally Mobile Parents
Georg Breidenstein, Martin Forsey, Fenna Gro, Jens Oliver Krüger, Anna Roch

11. Commentary to Part II: Internationalising Early Childhood Education, or Embedding International Children into Local Contexts?
Ingela K. Naumann

Part III. Secondary Schooling

12. Processes of Internationalisation in Germany’s Secondary Education System: A Case Study on Internationality in the Gymnasium

Katrin Kotzyba, Lena Dreier, Mareke Niemann, Werner Helsper

13. “Being International”: Institutional Claims and Student Perspectives at an Exclusive International School
Catharina I. Keßler, Heinz-Hermann Krüger

14. Elites Go Public? International Baccalaureate’s Decolonising Paradox in Ecuador
Howard Prosser

15. Commentary to Part III: Why Is “Being International” So Attractive? “Being International” as a Source of Legitimacy and Distinction
Florian Waldow

Part IV. Higher Education

16. Stratification Through Internationality in German Higher Education
Roland Bloch, Reinhard Kreckel, Alexander Mitterle, Manfred Stock

17. Institutional Habitus of French Elite Colleges in the Context of Internationalisation: An In-Depth Look at the Écoles Normales Supérieures

Anne Schippling

18. Commentary to Part IV: Institutional Identities in Flux: Internationalisation and Elite Making in Higher Education
Aline Courtois

Part V. Elite Education and Internationalisation

19. Internationalisation, Stratification and Elite Formation in the German Education System
Ulrike Deppe, Jasmin Lüdemann, Heiko Kastner

20. Making It Political: Working Towards Transformation in the Study of Internationalisation of Elite Education
Adam Howard

21. Changing Spaces—The Reshaping of (Elite) Education Through Internationalisation
Claire Maxwell

Keywords: Education, Sociology of Education, Higher Education, Early Childhood Education, International and Comparative Education, Social Structure, Social Inequality, Sociology of Education

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