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The Science of Time 2016

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Table of contents

1. Cosmic Time: From the Big Bang to the Eternal Future
Chris Impey

2. The Proof of the Pudding
William Andrewes

3. The Role of Ephemerides from Ptolemy to Kepler
Owen Gingerich

4. How Time Served to Measure the Geographical Position Since Hellenism
Susanne M. Hoffmann

5. Changing Times in the Nautical Almanac Over 250 Years
Susan Nelmes

6. Bond Time: The Electric Method of Time Recording
Donald Saff

7. The Development and Use of the Pilkington and Gibbs Heliochronometer and Sol Horometer
Geoff Parsons

8. These Are Not Your Mother’s Sundials: Or, Time and Astronomy’s Authority
Sara J. Schechner

9. The History of Time
Dennis McCarthy

10. “When?” It’s a Basic Question That We Ask All the Time
Harlan Stenn

11. Inter-site Alignments of Prehistoric Shrines in Chaco Canyon to the Major Lunar Standstill
Anna Sofaer, Robert Weiner, William Stone

12. Atomic Time Scales and Their Applications in Astronomy
Felicitas Arias

13. Relativistic Time at the US Naval Observatory
Matsakis Demetrios

14. Real-Time Realization of UTC at Observatoire de Paris
G. D. Rovera, S. Bize, B. Chupin, J. Guéna, Ph. Laurent, P. Rosenbusch, P. Uhrich, M. Abgrall

15. Time in Television Systems
Donald Craig

16. From Computer Time to Legal Civil Time: IANA tz, IETF tzdist, etc.
Steve Allen

17. The UT1 and UTC Time Services Provided by the National Institute of Standards and Technology
Judah Levine

18. On a Redefinition of the SI Second
Fritz Riehle

19. Time Scales Steered by Optical Clocks
T. Ido, H. Hachisu, F. Nakagawa, Y. Hanado

20. Activities of Time and Frequency Metrology at NICT: Optical and Microwave Frequency Standards and Their Remote Comparisons
T. Ido, M. Fujieda, H. Hachisu, K. Hayasaka, M. Kajita, M. Kumagai, Y. Li, K. Matsubara, S. Nagano, N. Ohtsubo, Y. Hanado, M. Hosokawa

21. IAU Standards of Fundamental Astronomy (SOFA): Time and Date
Catherine Hohenkerk

22. Earth’s Variable Clock
L. V. Morrison, F. R. Stephenson, C. Hohenkerk

23. The Determination of Earth Orientation by VLBI and GNSS: Principles and Results
Nicole Capitaine

24. Status of the Gaia Mission
François Mignard

25. Time Synchronization and the Origins of GPS
Richard D. Easton

26. DASCH for Days to Decades Time Domain Astronomy
Jonathan Grindlay

27. Mean Solar Time and Its Connection to Universal Time
John H. Seago, P. Kenneth Seidelmann

28. How Gravity and Continuity in UT1 Moved the Greenwich Meridian
Stephen Malys, John H. Seago, Nikolaos K. Pavlis, P. Kenneth Seidelmann, George H. Kaplan

29. Aspects of Time as It Relates to Space Geodesy
Ludwig Combrinck

30. Pulsars: Celestial Clocks
R. N. Manchester, L. Guo, G. Hobbs, W. A. Coles

31. The Leap Second Debate: Rational Arguments vs. Unspoken Unease
Pavel Gabor

32. How to Talk to the Public About the Leap Second? The Experience of the IERS Central Bureau
Wolfgang R. Dick

33. The Problem of Leap Seconds
Bob Frankston

34. Common Calendar: Fixed-Epoch Deterministic UTC-Based Local Timescales
Brooks Harris

35. The Transfer of Earth-Time to the Planets
David E. Smith, Maria T. Zuber

36. Keeping Time with the Asteroids
Rob Seaman, Frank Shelly, Eric Christensen, Alexander Gibbs, Stephen Larson

37. Long-Term Timekeeping in the Clock of the Long Now
W. Daniel Hillis

38. Aspects of Time Distribution
Martin Burnicki

39. Time Critical: Contesting the Measure of the Now
Daniel Wiley

40. Timescale Pluralism and Sciences of Time
Kevin Birth

41. Liberating Clocks: Exploring Other Possible Futures
Michelle Bastian

42. New Technologies and the Future of Timekeeping
Elisa Felicitas Arias

43. Are Clocks Enough? Science, Philosophy, and Time
Adam Frank

44. Time Warped: Photography, History, and Temporality
Kris Belden-Adams

Keywords: Physics, Astronomy, Observations and Techniques, History and Philosophical Foundations of Physics, History of Science, Measurement Science and Instrumentation

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Astrophysics and Space Science Proceedings
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10 pages
Natural Sciences
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