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Air Pollution in Eastern Asia: An Integrated Perspective

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Table of contents

Part I. General Perspective

1. Overview of Persistent Haze Events in China
Renyi Zhang, Pengfei Tian, Yemeng Ji, Yun Lin, Jianfei Peng, Bowen Pan, Yuan Wang, Gehui Wang, Guohui Li, Weigang Wang, Fang Zhang, Xidan Feng, Lian Duan, Jiaxi Hu, Wilmarie Marrero-Ortiz, Jeremiah Secrest, Min Hu

2. An Overview of Air Quality Modeling Activities in South Asia
Rajesh Kumar, Mary C. Barth, Luca Delle Monache, Sachin D. Ghude, Gabriele Pfister, Manish Naja, Guy P. Brasseur

3. Sources and Chemical Composition of Particulate Matter During Haze Pollution Events in China
Ru-Jin Huang, Junji Cao, Douglas R. Worsnop

4. Photochemical Smog in Southern China: A Synthesis of Observations and Model Investigations of the Sources and Effects of Nitrous Acid
Tao Wang, Yutong Liang, Qiaozhi Zha, Li Zhang, Zhe Wang, Weihao Wang, Steven Poon

5. Connection Between East Asian Air Pollution and Monsoon System
Mian Chin, Huisheng Bian, Tom Kucsera, Thomas Diehl, Zhining Tao, Dongchul Kim, Xiaohua Pan

Part II. Sources of Air Pollution

6. Anthropogenic Emissions in Asia
Claire Granier, Thierno Doumbia, Louise Granier, Katerina Sindelarova, Gregory J. Frost, Idir Bouarar, Catherine Liousse, Sabine Darras, Jenny Stavrakou

7. Biomass Burning Sources in China
Caiqing Yan, Jinting Yu, Yanan Zhao, Mei Zheng

8. Sources and Long-Term Trends of Ozone Precursors to Asian Pollution
Trissevgeni Stavrakou, Jean-François Müller, Maite Bauwens, Isabelle Smedt

9. Source Apportionment of Tropospheric Ozone by Chemical Transport Model: From Global to City Cluster
Bin Zhu, Jinhui Gao, Xuewei Hou, Hanqing Kang, Chen Pan

Part III. Analysis of In-Situ Measurements

10. Real-Time Characterization of Aerosol Particle Composition During Winter High-Pollution Events in China
Qiyuan Wang, Miriam Elser, Ru-Jin Huang, Suixin Liu, Yichen Wang, Imad El Haddad, André S. H. Prévôt, Junji Cao

11. Chemical Composition During Severe Haze Events in Northern China
Lili Wang, Yuesi Wang

12. Spatial Distributions, Chemical Properties, and Sources of Ambient Particulate Matters in China
Song Guo, Jing Zheng, Min Hu

Part IV. Space Observations

13. Observation of Air Pollution in Asia Using UV/Visible Space Sensors
Andreas Richter, Andreas Hilboll, Thomas Wagner

14. Observation of Air Pollution over China Using the IASI Thermal Infrared Space Sensor
Cathy Clerbaux, Sophie Bauduin, Anne Boynard, Lieven Clarisse, Pierre Coheur, Maya George, Juliette Hadji-Lazaro, Daniel Hurtmans, Sarah Safieddine, Martin Damme, Simon Whitburn

15. Monitoring Aerosol Properties in East Asia from Geostationary Orbit: GOCI, MI and GEMS
Jhoon Kim, Mijin Kim, Myungje Choi

16. Space Observation of Aerosols from Satellite Over China During Pollution Episodes: Status and Perspectives
Jacques Pelon, David M. Winker, Gérard Ancellet, Mark A. Vaughan, Damien Josset, Arianne Bazureau, Nicolas Pascal

17. Space Observations of Dust in East Asia
Paul Ginoux, Adrien Deroubaix

Part V. Modeling

18. Predicting Air Pollution in East Asia
Idir Bouarar, Katinka Petersen, Claire Granier, Ying Xie, Bas Mijling, A. Ronald, Michael Gauss, Matthieu Pommier, Mikhail Sofiev, Rostislav Kouznetsov, Natalia Sudarchikova, Lili Wang, Guangqiang Zhou, Guy P. Brasseur

19. Chemical Weather Forecasting for Eastern China
Ying Xie, Jianming Xu, Guangqiang Zhou, Luyu Chang, Yixuan Gu, Baode Chen

20. Modelling Assessment of Atmospheric Composition and Air Quality in Eastern and Southern Asia
Mikhail Sofiev, Rostislav Kouznetsov, Julius Vira, Joana Soares, Marje Prank, Jukka-Pekka Jalkanen, Lasse Johansson, Ari Karppinen

21. Chemical and Meteorological Feedbacks in the Formation of Intense Haze Events
Meng Gao, Gregory R. Carmichael, Yuesi Wang, Pablo E. Saide, Zirui Liu, Jinyuan Xin, Yunpeng Shan, Zifa Wang

22. Impact of Urbanization on Regional Climate and Air Quality in China
Xuemei Wang, Zhiyong Wu, Qi Zhang, Jason Cohen, Jiongming Pang

Part VI. Impacts of Air Pollution

23. Surface PM2.5, Satellite Distribution of Atmospheric Optical Depth and Related Effects on Crop Production in China
Xuexi Tie, Xin Long, Wenting Dai, Guy P. Brasseur

24. Research Perspectives on Air Pollution and Human Health in Asia
Benjamin Guinot, Isabella Annesi-Maesano

Keywords: Environment, Atmospheric Protection/Air Quality Control/Air Pollution, Sustainable Development, Industrial Pollution Prevention, Environmental Management

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ISSI Scientific Report Series
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11 pages
Natural Sciences
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