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Intelligent Interactive Multimedia Systems and Services 2017

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Table of contents

1. Hand-Designed Local Image Descriptors vs. Off-the-Shelf CNN-Based Features for Texture Classification: An Experimental Comparison
Raquel Bello-Cerezo, Francesco Bianconi, Silvia Cascianelli, Mario Luca Fravolini, Francesco Maria, Fabrizio Smeraldi

2. Images Selection and Best Descriptor Combination for Multi-shot Person Re-identification
Yousra Hadj Hassen, Kais Loukil, Tarek Ouni, Mohamed Jallouli

3. Dimensionality Reduction Strategies for CNN-Based Classification of Histopathological Images
Silvia Cascianelli, Raquel Bello-Cerezo, Francesco Bianconi, Mario L. Fravolini, Mehdi Belal, Barbara Palumbo, Jakob N. Kather

4. Optimizing Multiresolution Segmentation for Extracting Plastic Greenhouses from WorldView-3 Imagery
Manuel A. Aguilar, Antonio Novelli, Abderrahim Nemamoui, Fernando J. Aguilar, Andrés García Lorca, Óscar González-Yebra

5. A New Threshold Relative Radiometric Correction Algorithm (TRRCA) of Multiband Satellite Data
Antonio Novelli, Manuel A. Aguilar, Eufemia Tarantino

6. Greenhouse Detection Using Aerial Orthophoto and Digital Surface Model
Salih Celik, Dilek Koc-San

7. Comparison of Mesh Simplification Tools in a 3D Watermarking Framework
Francesca Uccheddu, Michaela Servi, Rocco Furferi, Lapo Governi

8. A Smart-CA Architecture for Opencast Matterhorn
Vicente Goyanes, Rubén González, Anxo Sánchez, Domingo Docampo

9. An Effective Corpus-Based Question Answering Pipeline for Italian
Emanuele Damiano, Raffaele Spinelli, Massimo Esposito, Giuseppe Pietro

10. Towards a Cognitive System for the Identification of Sleep Disorders
Antonio Coronato, Giovanni Paragliola

11. An Ensemble Classifiers Approach for Emotion Classification
Mohamed Walid Chaibi

12. Sign Languages Recognition Based on Neural Network Architecture
Manuele Palmeri, Filippo Vella, Ignazio Infantino, Salvatore Gaglio

13. Medical Entity and Relation Extraction from Narrative Clinical Records in Italian Language
Crescenzo Diomaiuta, Maria Mercorella, Mario Ciampi, Giuseppe Pietro

14. Detection of Indoor Actions Through Probabilistic Induction Model
Umberto Maniscalco, Giovanni Pilato, Filippo Vella

15. A ROS Driven Platform for Radiomap Management Optimization in Fingerprinting Based Indoor Positioning
Giovanni Luca Dierna, Alberto Machì, Sergio Scirè

16. Improving Spatial Reasoning by Interacting with a Humanoid Robot
Agnese Augello, Giuseppe Città, Manuel Gentile, Ignazio Infantino, Dario Guardia, Adriano Manfré, Umberto Maniscalco, Simona Ottaviano, Giovanni Pilato, Filippo Vella, Mario Allegra

17. An Artificial Pain Model for a Humanoid Robot
Umberto Maniscalco, Ignazio Infantino

18. Interaction Capabilities of a Robotic Receptionist
Carlo Nuccio, Agnese Augello, Salvatore Gaglio, Giovanni Pilato

19. Artificial Pleasure and Pain Antagonism Mechanism in a Social Robot
Antonello Galipó, Ignazio Infantino, Umberto Maniscalco, Salvatore Gaglio

20. Move Your Mind: Creative Dancing Humanoids as Support to STEAM Activities
Giuseppe Città, Sylvester Arnab, Agnese Augello, Manuel Gentile, Sebastian Idelsohn Zielonka, Dirk Ifenthaler, Ignazio Infantino, Dario Guardia, Adriano Manfrè, Mario Allegra

21. A Recommender System for Multimedia Art Collections
Flora Amato, Vincenzo Moscato, Antonio Picariello, Giancarlo Sperlí

22. Using Multilayer Perceptron in Computer Security to Improve Intrusion Detection
Flora Amato, Giovanni Cozzolino, Antonino Mazzeo, Emilio Vivenzio

23. WiFiNS: A Smart Method to Improve Positioning Systems Combining WiFi and INS Techniques
Walter Balzano, Mattia Formisano, Luca Gaudino

24. PAM-SAD: Ubiquitous Car Parking Availability Model Based on V2V and Smartphone Activity Detection
Walter Balzano, Fabio Vitale

25. A Composite Methodology for Supporting Early-Detection of Handwriting Dysgraphia via Big Data Analysis Techniques
Pierluigi D’Antrassi, Iolanda Perrone, Alfredo Cuzzocrea, Agostino Accardo

26. SADICO: Self-ADaptIve Approach to the Web Service COmposition
Hajer Nabli, Sihem Cherif, Raoudha Ben Djmeaa, Ikram Amous Ben Amor

27. Autonomous Systems Research Embedded in Teaching
Maria Spichkova, Milan Simic

28. Vehicle Flat Ride Dynamics
Hormoz Marzbani, Dai Voquoc, Reza N. Jazar, Mohammad Fard

29. Autonomous Vehicle Design for Predator Proof Fence Monitoring
Silas Tullah, Heinz Chelard, Milan Simic

30. Sentiment Analysis Method for Tracking Touristics Reviews in Social Media Network
Yasmine Chaabani, Radhia Toujani, Jalel Akaichi

31. Mobility Based Machine Learning Modeling for Event Mining in Social Networks
Radhia Toujani, Zeineb Dhouioui, Jalel Akaichi

32. Ant Colony Optimization Approach for Optimizing Irrigation System Layout: Case of Gravity and Collective Network
Sahar Marouane, Fahad Alahmari, Jalel Akaichi

33. Query Recommendation Systems Based on the Exploration of OLAP and SOLAP Data Cubes
Olfa Layouni, Assawer Zekri, Marwa Massaâbi, Jalel Akaichi

34. Regions Trajectories Data: Evolution of Modeling and Construction Methods
Marwa Massaâbi, Olfa Layouni, Assawer Zekri, Mohammad Aljeaid, Jalel Akaichi

35. Integrating Trajectory Data in the Warehousing Chain: A New Way to Handle the Trajectory ELT Process
Noura Azaiez, Jalel Akaichi

36. Detection of Opinion Leaders in Social Networks: A Survey
Seifallah Arrami, Wided Oueslati, Jalel Akaichi

37. A Real Time Two-Level Method for Fingertips Tracking and Number Identification in a Video
Ouissem Ben Henia

38. Trajectory ETL Modeling
Assawer Zekri, Marwa Massaâbi, Olfa Layouni, Jalel Akaichi

39. Computing Semantic Trajectories: Methods and Used Techniques
Thouraya Sakouhi, Jalel Akaichi, Usman Ahmed

40. Ambulance Fastest Path Using Ant Colony Optimization Algorithm
Hazar Hamdi, Nouha Arfaoui, Yasser Al Mashhour, Jalel Akaichi

41. Educational Assessment: Pupils’ Experience in Primary School (Arabic Grammar in 7th Year in Tunisia)
Wiem Ben Khalifa, Sameh Baccari, Dalila Souilem, Mahmoud Neji

42. Clustering Social Network Profiles Using Possibilistic C-means Algorithm
Mohamed Moussaoui, Montaceur Zaghdoud, Jalel Akaichi

43. Big Data Classification: A Combined Approach Based on Parallel and Approx SVM
Walid Ksiaâ, Fahmi Ben Rejab, Kaouther Nouira

44. The Four Types of Self-adaptive Systems: A Metamodel
Luca Sabatucci, Valeria Seidita, Massimo Cossentino

45. Context Reasoning and Prediction in Smart Environments: The Home Manager Case
Roberta Calegari, Enrico Denti

46. Social Activities Recommendation System for Students in Smart Campus
Sabrine Abdrabbah, Raouia Ayachi, Nahla Amor

47. A Deep Learning Approach for Scientific Paper Semantic Ranking
Francesco Gargiulo, Stefano Silvestri, Mariarosaria Fontanella, Mario Ciampi, Giuseppe Pietro

48. neOCampus: A Demonstrator of Connected, Innovative, Intelligent and Sustainable Campus
Marie-Pierre Gleizes, Jérémy Boes, Bérangère Lartigue, François Thiébolt

49. MUSA 2.0: A Distributed and Scalable Middleware for User-Driven Service Adaptation
Luca Sabatucci, Salvatore Lopes, Massimo Cossentino

50. Approximate Algorithm for Multi-source Skyline Queries on Decentralized Remote Spatial Databases
Hideki Sato, Shuichi Hirabayashi, Masaya Takagi

51. A New Simple Preprocessing Method for MUSIC Suitable for Non-contact Vital Sensing Using Doppler Sensors
Yukihiro Kamiya

52. A Comparative Study of Communication Methods for Evacuation Guidance Systems in Disaster Situations
Koichi Asakura, Toyohide Watanabe

53. Research View Shift for Supporting Learning Action from Teaching Action
Toyohide Watanabe

54. Video Saliency Using Supervoxels
Rahma Kalboussi, Mehrez Abdellaoui, Ali Douik

55. A Rehabilitation System for Post-operative Heart Surgery
Giuseppe Caggianese, Mariaconsiglia Calabrese, Vincenzo Maio, Giuseppe Pietro, Armando Faggiano, Luigi Gallo, Giovanna Sannino, Carmine Vecchione

56. Evaluation of the Criteria and Indicators that Determine Quality in Higher Education: A Questionnaire Proposal
Fouzia Kahloun, Sonia Ayachi Ghannouchi

57. Toward a Personalized Recommender System for Learning Activities in the Context of MOOCs
Marwa Harrathi, Narjess Touzani, Rafik Braham

Keywords: Engineering, Computational Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence (incl. Robotics)

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Smart Innovation, Systems and Technologies
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