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Intelligent Decision Technologies 2017

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Table of contents

1. A Development of Classification Model for Smartphone Addiction Recognition System Based on Smartphone Usage Data
Worawat Lawanont, Masahiro Inoue

2. Complex Object Recognition Based on Multi-shape Invariant Radon Transform
Ghassen Hammouda, Atef Hammouda, Dorra Sellami

3. Genetic Algorithms Based Resampling for the Classification of Unbalanced Datasets
Marco Vannucci, Valentina Colla

4. Analysis of Multiple Classifiers Performance for Discretized Data in Authorship Attribution
Grzegorz Baron

5. Speaker Identification in Noisy Conditions Using Short Sequences of Speech Frames
Giorgio Biagetti, Paolo Crippa, Laura Falaschetti, Simone Orcioni, Claudio Turchetti

6. Human Activity Recognition Using Accelerometer and Photoplethysmographic Signals
Giorgio Biagetti, Paolo Crippa, Laura Falaschetti, Simone Orcioni, Claudio Turchetti

7. When Energy Revolution Meets Digital Transformation
Shéhérazade Benzerga, Dominik Hauf, Michael Pretz, Ahmed Bounfour

8. Decision-Controlled Digitization Architecture for Internet of Things and Microservices
Alfred Zimmermann, Rainer Schmidt, Kurt Sandkuhl, Dierk Jugel, Justus Bogner, Michael Möhring

9. Digital Enterprise Architecture Management in Tourism – State of the Art and Future Directions
Rainer Schmidt, Michael Möhring, Barbara Keller, Alfred Zimmermann, Martina Toni, Laura Pietro

10. Building Fuzzy Variance Gamma Option Pricing Models with Jump Levy Process
Huiming Zhang, Junzo Watada

11. Evolutionary Regressor Selection in ARIMA Model for Stock Price Time Series Forecasting
Ruxandra Stoean, Catalin Stoean, Adrian Sandita

12. Fuzzy ARTMAP with Binary Relevance for Multi-label Classification
Lik Xun Yuan, Shing Chiang Tan, Pey Yun Goh, Chee Peng Lim, Junzo Watada

13. Rough Set-Based Text Mining from a Large Data Repository of Experts’ Diagnoses for Power Systems
Junzo Watada, Shing Chiang Tan, Yoshiyuki Matsumoto, Pandian Vasant

14. Applying Domain Knowledge for Data Quality Assessment in Dermatology
Nemanja Igić, Branko Terzić, Milan Matić, Vladimir Ivančević, Ivan Luković

15. A Comparison of Predictive Analytics Solutions on Hadoop
Ramin Norousi, Jan Bauer, Ralf-Christian Härting, Christopher Reichstein

16. A Data Analytics Framework for Business in Small and Medium-Sized Organizations
Michael Dittert, Ralf-Christian Härting, Christopher Reichstein, Christian Bayer

17. The Deep Learning Random Neural Network with a Management Cluster
Will Serrano, Erol Gelenbe

18. The Importance of Paraconsistency and Paracompleteness in Intelligent Systems
Jair M. Abe, Kazumi Nakamatsu, Seiki Akama, João I. S. Filho

19. Towards REX Method for Capitalizing the Knowledge of a Corporate Memory
Hioual Ouided, Laskri Mouhamed Tayab, Maifi Lyes

20. Solar Power Monitoring System “SunMieru”
Alireza Ahrary, Masayoshi Inada, Yoshitaka Yamashita

21. Visual Analysis of Eye Movement Data with Fixation Distance Plots
Michael Burch

22. Which Symbols, Features, and Regions Are Visually Attended in Metro Maps?
Michael Burch

23. Gaussian Function Improves Gaze-Controlled Gaming
Cezary Biele, Dominik Chrza̧stowski-Wachtel, Marek Młodożeniec, Anna Niedzielska, Jarosław Kowalski, Paweł Kobyliński, Krzysztof Krejtz, Andrew T. Duchowski

24. Measurements of Contrast Detection Thresholds for Peripheral Vision Using Non-flashing Stimuli
Michał Chwesiuk, Radosław Mantiuk

25. Visual World Paradigm Data: From Preprocessing to Nonlinear Time-Course Analysis
Vincent Porretta, Aki-Juhani Kyröläinen, Jacolien Rij, Juhani Järvikivi

26. Examining the Impact of Dental Imperfections on Scan-Path Patterns
Pawel Kasprowski, Katarzyna Harezlak, Pawel Fudalej, Piotr Fudalej

27. Touch Input and Gaze Correlation on Tablets
Pierre Weill-Tessier, Hans Gellersen

28. Modeling Search in Web Environment: The Analysis of Eye Movement Measures and Patterns
Irina Blinnikova, Anna Izmalkova

29. Using Eye Trackers as Indicators of Diagnostic Markers: Implications from HCI Devices
Thomas D. W. Wilcockson

30. Social Stream Clustering to Improve Events Extraction
Ferdaous Jenhani, Mohamed Salah Gouider, Lamjed Ben Said

31. A New Social Recommender System Based on Link Prediction Across Heterogeneous Networks
Manel Slokom, Raouia Ayachi

32. Social Market: Stock Market and Twitter Correlation
Ivo Bernardo, Roberto Henriques, Victor Lobo

Keywords: Engineering, Computational Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence (incl. Robotics)

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Smart Innovation, Systems and Technologies
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18 pages
Technology, Energy, Traffic
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