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Integral Methods in Science and Engineering, Volume 2

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Table of contents

1. On a Continuous Energy Monte Carlo Simulator for Neutron Transport: Optimisation with Fission, Intermediate and Thermal Distributions
L. F. F. Chaves Barcellos, B. E. J. Bodmann, S. Q. Bogado Leite, M. T. Vilhena

2. The Use of Similarity Indices in the Analysis of Temporal Distribution of Mammals
M. Belmaker

3. The Method of Superposition for Near-Field Acoustic Holography in a Semi-anechoic Chamber
D. J. Chappell, N. M. Abusag

4. Application of Stochastic Dynamic Programming in Demand Dispatch-Based Optimal Operation of a Microgrid
F. Daburi Farimani, H. Rajabi Mashhadi

5. Spectral Boundary Element Algorithms for Multi-Length Interfacial Dynamics
P. Dimitrakopoulos

6. Kinect Depth Recovery Based on Local Filters and Plane Primitives
M. A. Esfahani, H. Pourreza

7. On the Neutron Point Kinetic Equation with Reactivity Decomposition Based on Two Time Scales
C. E. Espinosa, B. E. J. Bodmann, M. T. Vilhena

8. Iterated Kantorovich vs Kulkarni Method for Fredholm Integral Equations
R. Fernandes, F. D. d’Almeida

9. Infiltration Simulation in Porous Media: A Universal Functional Solution for Unsaturated Media
I. C. Furtado, B. E. J. Bodmann, M. T. Vilhena

10. Mathematical Models of Cell Clustering Due to Chemotaxis
P. J. Harris

11. An Acceleration Approach for Fracture Problems in the Extended Boundary Element Method (XBEM) Framework
G. Hattori, S. H. Kettle, L. Campos, J. Trevelyan, E. L. Albuquerque

12. Flux Characterization in Heterogeneous Transport Problems by the Boundary Integral Method
R. D. Hazlett

13. GPU Based Mixed Precision PWR Depletion Calculation
A. Heimlich, A. C. A. Alvim, F. C. Silva, A. S. Martinez

14. 2D Gauss-Hermite Quadrature Method for Jump-Diffusion PIDE Option Pricing Models
L. Jódar, M. Fakharany, R. Company

15. Online Traffic Prediction Using Time Series: A Case study
M. Karimpour, A. Karimpour, K. Kompany, Ali Karimpour

16. Mathematical Modeling of One-Dimensional Oil Displacement by Combined Solvent-Thermal Flooding
T. Marotto, A. Pires, F. Forouzanfar

17. Collocation Methods for Solving Two-Dimensional Neural Field Models on Complex Triangulated Domains
R. Martin, D. J. Chappell, N. Chuzhanova, J. J. Crofts

18. Kulkarni Method for the Generalized Airfoil Equation
A. Mennouni

19. Droplet Deposition and Coalescence in Curved Pipes
H. Nguyen, R. Mohan, O. Shoham, G. Kouba

20. Shifting Strategy in the Spectral Analysis for the Spectral Green’s Function Nodal Method for Slab-Geometry Adjoint Transport Problems in the Discrete Ordinates Formulation
J. P. Curbelo, O. P. Silva, C. R. García, R. C. Barros

21. A Metaheuristic Approach for an Optimized Design of a Silicon Carbide Operational Amplifier
M. Pourreza, S. Kargarrazi

22. Severe Precipitation in Brazil: Data Mining Approach
H. Musetti Ruivo, H. F. Campos Velho, S. R. Freitas

23. Shifting the Boundary Conditions to the Middle Surface in the Numerical Solution of Neumann Boundary Value Problems Using Integral Equations
A. V. Setukha

24. Performance Assessment of a New FFT Based High Impedance Fault Detection Scheme
A. Soheili, J. Sadeh






Matrix and Integral Equation for Electromagnetic Scattering by a Perfectly Conducting Object
S. L. Stavtsev

26. Fast Parameter Estimation for Cancer Cell Progression and Response to Therapy
P. Stpiczyński, B. Zubik-Kowal

27. Development of a Poroelastic Model of Spinal Cord Cavities
J. Venton, P. J. Harris, G. Phillips

28. A Semi-Analytical Solution for a Buildup Test for a Horizontal Well in an Anisotropic Gas Reservoir
B. J. Vicente, A. P. Pires, A. M. M. Peres

29. Counter-Gradient Term Applied to the Turbulence Parameterization in the BRAMS
M. E. S. Welter, H. F. Campos Velho, S. R. Freitas, R. S. R. Ruiz

Keywords: Mathematics, Ordinary Differential Equations, Partial Differential Equations, Integral Equations, Numerical Analysis

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