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Integral Methods in Science and Engineering, Volume 1

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Table of contents

1. An L
1-Product-Integration Method in Astrophysics
M. Ahues Blanchait, H. Kaboul

2. Differential Operators and Approximation Processes Generated by Markov Operators
F. Altomare, M. Cappelletti Montano, V. Leonessa, I. Raşa

3. Analysis of Boundary-Domain Integral Equations for Variable-Coefficient Neumann BVP in 2D
T. G. Ayele, T. T. Dufera, S. E. Mikhailov

4. A Measure of the Torsional Performances of Partially Hinged Rectangular Plates
E. Berchio, D. Buoso, F. Gazzola

5. On a Class of Integral Equations Involving Kernels of Cosine and Sine Type
L. P. Castro, R. C. Guerra, N. M. Tuan

6. The Simple-Layer Potential Approach to the Dirichlet Problem: An Extension to Higher Dimensions of Muskhelishvili Method and Applications
A. Cialdea

7. Bending of Elastic Plates: Generalized Fourier Series Method
C. Constanda, D. Doty

8. Existence and Uniqueness Results for a Class of Singular Elliptic Problems in Two-Component Domains
P. Donato, F. Raimondi

9. Fredholmness of Nonlocal Singular Integral Operators with Slowly Oscillating Data
G. Fernández-Torres, Yu. I. Karlovich

10. Multidimensional Time Fractional Diffusion Equation
M. Ferreira, N. Vieira

11. On Homogenization of Nonlinear Robin Type Boundary Conditions for the n-Laplacian in n-Dimensional Perforated Domains
D. Gómez, E. Pérez, A. V. Podol’skii, T. A. Shaposhnikova

12. Interior Transmission Eigenvalues for Anisotropic Media
A. Kleefeld, D. Colton

13. Improvement of the Inside-Outside Duality Method
A. Kleefeld, E. Reichwein

14. A Note on Optimal Design for Thin Structures in the Orlicz–Sobolev Setting
P. A. Kozarzewski, E. Zappale

15. On the Radiative Conductive Transfer Equation: A Heuristic Convergence Criterion by Stability Analysis
C. A. Ladeia, J. C. L. Fernandes, B. E. J. Bodmann, M. T. Vilhena

16. An Indirect Boundary Integral Equation Method for Boundary Value Problems in Elastostatics
A. Malaspina

17. An Instability Result for Suspension Bridges
C. Marchionna, S. Panizzi

18. A New Diffeomorph Conformal Methodology to Solve Flow Problems with Complex Boundaries by an Equivalent Plane Parallel Problem
A. Meneghetti, B. E. J. Bodmann, M. T. Vilhena

19. A New Family of Boundary-Domain Integral Equations for the Mixed Exterior Stationary Heat Transfer Problem with Variable Coefficient
S. E. Mikhailov, C. F. Portillo

20. Radiation Conditions and Integral Representations for Clifford Algebra-Valued Null-Solutions of the Iterated Helmholtz Operator
D. Mitrea, N. Okamoto

21. A Wiener-Hopf System of Equations in the Steady-State Propagation of a Rectilinear Crack in an Infinite Elastic Plate
A. Nobili, E. Radi, L. Lanzoni

22. Mono-Energetic Neutron Space-Kinetics in Full Cylinder Symmetry: Simulating Power Decrease
F. R. Oliveira, B. E. J. Bodmann, M. T. Vilhena, F. Carvalho da Silva

23. Asymptotic Solutions of Maxwell’s Equations in a Layered Periodic Structure
M. V. Perel, M. S. Sidorenko

24. Some Properties of the Fractional Circle Zernike Polynomials
M. M. Rodrigues, N. Vieira

25. Double Laplace Transform and Explicit Fractional Analogue of 2D Laplacian
S. Rogosin, M. Dubatovskaya

26. Stability of the Laplace Single Layer Boundary Integral Operator in Sobolev Spaces
O. Steinbach

27. Spectral Lanczos’ Tau Method for Systems of Nonlinear Integro-Differential Equations
P. B. Vasconcelos, J. Matos, M. S. Trindade

28. Discreteness, Periodicity, Holomorphy, and Factorization
V. B. Vasilyev

29. Modes Coupling Seismic Waves and Vibrating Buildings: Existence
D. Volkov, S. Zheltukhin

Keywords: Mathematics, Ordinary Differential Equations, Partial Differential Equations, Integral Equations, Numerical Analysis

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