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Urban Transformations

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Table of contents

Part I. Conceptual Approaches of Sustainable Urban Transformations

1. Exploring the Extent, Selected Topics and Governance Modes of Urban Sustainability Transformations
Dieter Rink, Sigrun Kabisch, Florian Koch, Kerstin Krellenberg

2. Linking Transition Theories with Theories of Institutions – Implications for Sustainable Urban Infrastructures Between Flexibility and Stability
Norman Bedtke, Erik Gawel

3. Efficiency–Equity–Trade–Off as a Challenge for Shaping Urban Transformations
Erik Gawel, Christian Kuhlicke

4. On the Connection Between Urban Sustainability Transformations and Multiple Societal Crises
Annegret Haase, Norman Bedtke, Chloe Begg, Erik Gawel, Dieter Rink, Manuel Wolff

5. How to Measure Progress Towards an Inclusive, Safe, Resilient and Sustainable City? Reflections on Applying the Indicators of Sustainable Development Goal 11 in Germany and India
Florian Koch, Sohail Ahmad

Part II. Urban Resources and Governance

6. Sustainable Transformation of Urban Water Infrastructure in Amman, Jordan – Meeting Residential Water Demand in the Face of Deficient Public Supply and Alternative Private Water Markets
Christian Klassert, Erik Gawel, Katja Sigel, Bernd Klauer

7. The TEEB Approach Towards Sustainable Urban Transformations: Demonstrating and Capturing Ecosystem Service Values
Bernd Hansjürgens, Miriam Brenck, Robert Bartz, Ingo Kowarik

8. Green Infrastructure for Increased Resource Efficiency in Urban Water Management
Jaime Nivala, Andreas Zehnsdorf, Manfred Afferden, Roland A. Müller

9. Sustainable Urban Water Governance – Main Aims, Challenges and Institutional Approaches in Germany and Beyond
Moritz Reese, Erik Gawel

10. Transitioning the Heat Supply System – Challenges with Special Focus on Bioenergy in the Context of Urban Areas
Volker Lenz, Cornelia Rönsch, Kay Schaubach, Sebastian Bohnet, Daniela Thrän

11. From Shrinkage to Regrowth: The Nexus Between Urban Dynamics, Land Use Change and Ecosystem Service Provision
Annegret Haase, Manuel Wolff, Dieter Rink

12. Potentials of Urban Brownfields for Improving the Quality of Urban Space
Ellen Banzhaf, Thomas Arndt, Jan Ladiges

Part III. Quality of Life and Ecosystem services

13. Local Residential Quality from an Interdisciplinary Perspective: Combining Individual Perception and Micrometeorological Factors
Sigrun Kabisch, Maximilian Ueberham, Uwe Schlink, Daniel Hertel, Abdelrhman Mohamdeen

14. Socio-Spatial Distribution of Airborne Outdoor Exposures – An Indicator for Environmental Quality, Quality of Life, and Environmental Justice: The Case Study of Berlin
Annegret Kindler, Heinz-Josef Klimeczek, Ulrich Franck

15. What Really Matters in Green Infrastructure for the Urban Quality of Life? Santiago de Chile as a Showcase City
Ellen Banzhaf, Sonia M. Reyes-Paecke, Francisco Barrera

16. Do Urban Biodiversity and Urban Ecosystem Services Go Hand in Hand, or Do We Just Hope It Is That Easy?
Sonja Knapp, Dagmar Haase, Stefan Klotz, Nina Schwarz

Part IV. Urban Risks and Resilience

17. Resilience, Adaptation and Transformation: Conceptual and Empirical Insights from Two Case Studies in Germany and Chile
Christian Kuhlicke, Kerstin Krellenberg, Juliane Welz

18. Adapting Built–Up Areas to Climate Change: Assessment of Effects and Feasibility of Adaptation Measures on Heat Hazard
Juliane Welz, Daniel Hertel, Kerstin Krellenberg, Uwe Schlink

19. Climate Proofing of Urban Development: Regulatory Challenges and Approaches in Europe, Germany, and Beyond
Moritz Reese

20. Decision Support on Flood Management in Complex Urban Settings. Is Risk Assessment the Right Approach or Do We Need Decision Heuristics?
Volker Meyer

Keywords: Life Sciences, Applied Ecology, Urban Studies/Sociology, Environmental Management, Environmental Sociology, Environmental Economics, Climate Change/Climate Change Impacts

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