Baets, Bernard De

Aggregation Functions in Theory and in Practice

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Table of contents

1. Capacities, Survival Functions and Universal Integrals
Radko Mesiar, Andrea Stupňanová

2. Point-Interval-Valued Sets: Aggregation and Construction
Slavka Bodjanova, Martin Kalina

3. On Some Applications of Williamson’s Transform in Copula Theory
Tomáš Bacigál

4. Some Remarks on Idempotent Nullnorms on Bounded Lattices
Gül Deniz Çaylı, Funda Karaçal

5. Aggregating Fuzzy Subgroups and T-vague Groups
D. Boixader, G. Mayor, J. Recasens

6. Families of Perturbation Copulas Generalizing the FGM Family and Their Relations to Dependence Measures
Jozef Komorník, Magdaléna Komorníková, Jana Kalická

k-maxitivity of Order-Preserving Homomorphisms of Lattices
Radko Mesiar, Anna Kolesárová

8. On Some Classes of RU-Implications Satisfying U-Modus Ponens
Margarita Mas, Daniel Ruiz-Aguilera, Joan Torrens

9. CMin-Integral: A Choquet-Like Aggregation Function Based on the Minimum t-Norm for Applications to Fuzzy Rule-Based Classification Systems
Graçaliz Pereira Dimuro, Giancarlo Lucca, José António Sanz, Humberto Bustince, Benjamín Bedregal

10. Directional and Ordered Directional Monotonicity of Mixture Functions
Jana Špirková, Gleb Beliakov, Humberto Bustince, Javier Fernández

11. Using Uninorms and Nullnorms to Modify Fuzzy Implication Functions
Isabel Aguiló, Jaume Suñer, Joan Torrens

12. On the Aggregation of Zadeh’s Z-Numbers Based on Discrete Fuzzy Numbers
Sebastia Massanet, Juan Vicente Riera, Joan Torrens

13. Aggregation over Property-Based Preference Domains
Marta Cardin

14. Generalization of Czogała-Drewniak Theorem for n-ary Semigroups
Gergely Kiss, Gabor Somlai

15. On Idempotent Discrete Uninorms
Miguel Couceiro, Jimmy Devillet, Jean-Luc Marichal

16. On the F-partial Order and Equivalence Classes of Nullnorms
Emel Aşıcı

17. A Generalization of the Gravitational Search Algorithm
Humberto Bustince, Maria Minárová, Javier Fernandez, Mikel Sesma-Sara, Cedric Marco-Detchart, Javier Ruiz-Aranguren

18. On Stability of Families for Improper Aggregation Operators
Pablo Olaso, Karina Rojas, Daniel Gómez, Javier Montero

19. Sizes, Super Level Measures and Integrals
Lenka Halčinová

20. Monotonicity in the Construction of Ordinal Sums of Fuzzy Implications
Michał Baczyński, Paweł Drygaś, Radko Mesiar

21. On the Visualization of Discrete Non-additive Measures
Juhee Bae, Elio Ventocilla, Maria Riveiro, Vicenç Torra

22. Generating Recommendations in GDM with an Allocation of Information Granularity
Francisco Javier Cabrerizo, Juan Antonio Morente-Molinera, Sergio Alonso, Ignacio Javier Pérez, Raquel Ureña, Enrique Herrera-Viedma

23. Aggregation Functions, Similarity and Fuzzy Measures
Surajit Borkotokey, Magdaléna Komorníková, Jun Li, Radko Mesiar

24. On the Construction of Associative, Commutative and Increasing Operations by Paving
Wenwen Zong, Yong Su, Hua-Wen Liu, Bernard Baets

25. On Implication Operators
József Dombi

26. Some Results About Fuzzy Consequence Operators and Fuzzy Preorders Using Conjunctors
Carlos Bejines, María Jesús Chasco, Jorge Elorza, Susana Montes

Keywords: Engineering, Computational Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence (incl. Robotics)

Publication year
Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing
Page amount
25 pages
Technology, Energy, Traffic
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