Gorb, Stanislav N.

Bio-inspired Structured Adhesives

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Table of contents

1. A Bibliometric Analysis of Gecko Adhesion: A View of Its Origins and Current Directions
Peter H. Niewiarowski, Alyssa Y. Stark, Ali Dhinojwala

2. Impact of Ambient Humidity on Traction Forces in Ladybird Beetles (Coccinella septempunctata)
Lars Heepe, Jonas O. Wolff, Stanislav N. Gorb

3. Roughness Versus Chemistry: Effect of Different Surface Properties on Insect Adhesion
Elena V. Gorb, Matt W. England, Tomoya Sato, Makoto Yagihashi, Atsushi Hozumi, Stanislav N. Gorb

4. Effect of Substrate Stiffness on the Attachment Ability in Ladybird Beetles Coccinella septempunctata

Lars Heepe, Dennis S. Petersen, Lisa Tölle, Jonas O. Wolff, Stanislav N. Gorb

5. Structural Effects of Glue Application in Spiders—What Can We Learn from Silk Anchors?
Jonas O. Wolff

6. Optimal Adhesion Control via Cooperative Hierarchy, Grading, Geometries and Non-linearity of Anchorages and Adhesive Pads
Lucas Brely, Daniele Liprandi, Federico Bosia, Nicola M. Pugno

7. Double Peeling Mechanism Inspired by Biological Adhesive Systems: An Experimental Study
Lars Heepe, Saverio Raguseo, Stanislav N. Gorb

8. The Role of Effective Elastic Modulus in the Performance of Structured Adhesives
Di Tan, Yingjie Zheng, Longjian Xue

9. Biological Microstructures with Enhanced Adhesion and Friction: A Numerical Approach
Valentin L. Popov, Alexander E. Filippov, Stanislav N. Gorb

10. Hierarchical Models of Engineering Rough Surfaces and Bio-inspired Adhesives
Feodor M. Borodich, Ovidiu Savencu

11. Manufacturing Approaches and Applications for Bioinspired Dry Adhesives
Dan Sameoto

12. Contact Mechanics of Mushroom-Shaped Adhesive Structures
Giuseppe Carbone, Elena Pierro

13. Bioinspired Mushroom-Like Fiber Adhesives
Serdar Gorumlu, Burak Aksak

14. Adhesion Enhancement of a Gel-Elastomer Interface by Shape Complementarity
Dadhichi Paretkar, Pooja Malhotra, C.-Y. Hui, Anand Jagota

15. On the Bioadhesive Properties of Silicone-Based Coatings by Incorporation of Block Copolymers
Thị Chinh Ngo, Radostina Kalinova, Rosica Mincheva, Audrey Beaussart, Elise Hennebert, Patrick Flammang, Yves Dufrêne, Philippe Dubois, Roberto Lazzaroni, Philippe Leclère

Keywords: Materials Science, Biomaterials, Biological and Medical Physics, Biophysics, Biomedical Engineering, Nanoscale Science and Technology, Surface and Interface Science, Thin Films

Publication year
Biologically-Inspired Systems
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18 pages
Technology, Energy, Traffic
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