Pezzoli, Alessandro

Renewing Local Planning to Face Climate Change in the Tropics

Pezzoli, Alessandro - Renewing Local Planning to Face Climate Change in the Tropics, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Renewing Climate Planning Locally to Attend the 11th Sustainable Development Goal in the Tropics
Maurizio Tiepolo, Alessandro Pezzoli, Vieri Tarchiani

Part I. Analysis for Planning

2. Setting up and Managing Automatic Weather Stations for Remote Sites Monitoring: From Niger to Nepal
Francesco Sabatini

3. Hazard Events Characterization in Tillaberi Region, Niger: Present and Future Projections
Maurizio Bacci, Moussa Mouhaïmouni

4. Characterization of Climate Risks for Rice Crop in Casamance, Senegal
Maurizio Bacci

5. A Methodology for the Vulnerability Analysis of the Climate Change in the Oromia Region, Ethiopia
Elena Belcore, Angela Calvo, Carolin Canessa, Alessandro Pezzoli

6. Tracking Climate Change Vulnerability at Municipal Level in Rural Haiti Using Open Data
Maurizio Tiepolo, Maurizio Bacci

7. Visualize and Communicate Extreme Weather Risk to Improve Urban Resilience in Malawi
Alessandro Demarchi, Elena Isotta Cristofori, Anna Facello

8. Building Resilience to Drought in the Sahel by Early Risk Identification and Advices
Patrizio Vignaroli

9. Rethinking Water Resources Management Under a Climate Change Perspective: From National to Local Level. The Case of Thailand
Francesca Franzetti, Alessandro Pezzoli, Marco Bagliani

Part II. Decision Making Tools for Climate Planning

10. Relevance and Quality of Climate Planning for Large andMedium-Sized Cities of the Tropics
Maurizio Tiepolo

11. Local and Scientific Knowledge Integration for Multi-risk Assessment in Rural Niger
Maurizio Tiepolo, Sarah Braccio

12. A Simplified Hydrological Method for Flood Risk Assessment at Sub-basin Level in Niger
Edoardo Fiorillo, Vieri Tarchiani

13. Knowledge for Transformational Adaptation Planning: Comparing the Potential of Forecasting and Backcasting Methods for Assessing People’s Vulnerability
Giuseppe Faldi, Silvia Macchi

14. An Effective Approach to Mainstreaming DRR and Resilience in La Paz, Mexico
Juan Carlos Vargas Moreno, Enrico Ponte, Sophia Emperador, Marcela Orozco Noriega

15. Possible Impact of Pelletised Crop Residues Use as a Fuel for Cooking in Niger
Stefano Bechis

16. Review of Pilot Projects on Index-Based Insurance in Africa: Insights and Lessons Learned
Federica Marcantonio, François Kayitakire

17. Addressing Climate Change Impacts in the Sahel Using Vulnerability Reduction Credits
Karl Schultz, Linus Adler

18. Renewing Climate Planning Locally in the Tropics: Conclusions
Maurizio Tiepolo, Alessandro Pezzoli, Vieri Tarchiani

Keywords: Geography, Remote Sensing/Photogrammetry, Environmental Management, Climate Change/Climate Change Impacts

Publication year
Green Energy and Technology
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16 pages
Natural Sciences
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