Baranov, Anton

50 Years with Hardy Spaces

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Table of contents

Part I. Havin’s Biomathography

1. Victor Petrovich Havin, A Life Devoted to Mathematics
Anton Baranov, Sergei Kisliakov, Nikolai Nikolski

2. Mathematics as a Source of Certainty and Uncertainty
Anton Baranov, Sergei Kisliakov, Nikolai Nikolski, V. P. Havin

3. Remembering Victor Petrovich Havin
Konstantin M. Dyakonov

Part II. Contributed Papers

4. Interpolation by the Derivatives of Operator Lipschitz Functions
A. B. Aleksandrov

5. Discrete Multichannel Scattering with Step-like Potential
Isaac Alvarez-Romero, Yurii Lyubarskii

6. Note on the Resonance Method for the Riemann Zeta Function
Andriy Bondarenko, Kristian Seip

7. Spectra of Stationary Processes on

Alexander Borichev, Mikhail Sodin, Benjamin Weiss

8. Index Formulas for Toeplitz Operators, Approximate Identities, and the Wolf–Havin Theorem
Albrecht Böttcher

9. Bounded Point Derivations on Certain Function Algebras
J. E. Brennan

10. Three Problems in Function Theory
J. E. Brennan

11. Various Sharp Estimates for Semi-discrete Riesz Transforms of the Second Order
K. Domelevo, A. Osękowski, S. Petermichl

12. On the Maximum Principle for the Riesz Transform
Vladimir Eiderman, Fedor Nazarov

13. Submultiplicative Operators on Ck-Spaces
Dmitry Faifman, Hermann König, Vitali Milman

14. Isoperimetric Functional Inequalities via the Maximum Principle: The Exterior Differential Systems Approach
Paata Ivanisvili, Alexander Volberg

15. Fundamental Groups, Slalom Curves and Extremal Length
Burglind Jöricke

16. Sparse Bounds for Random Discrete Carleson Theorems
Ben Krause, Michael T. Lacey

17. Nodal Sets of Laplace Eigenfunctions: Estimates of the Hausdorff Measure in Dimensions Two and Three
Alexander Logunov, Eugenia Malinnikova

18. Differentiability of Solutions to the Neumann Problem with Low-regularity Data via Dynamical Systems
Vladimir Maz’ya, Robert McOwen

19. A Function with Support of Finite Measure and “Small” Spectrum
Fedor Nazarov, Alexander Olevskii

20. An Elementary Approach to Operator Lipschitz Type Estimates
V. V. Peller

21. Spectral Gap Properties of the Unitary Groups: Around Rider’s Results on Non-commutative Sidon Sets
Gilles Pisier

22. Sublinear Equations and Schur’s Test for Integral Operators
Igor E. Verbitsky

Keywords: Mathematics, Real Functions, Measure and Integration, Functions of a Complex Variable, Dynamical Systems and Ergodic Theory, Functional Analysis, Operator Theory

Publication year
Operator Theory: Advances and Applications
Natural Sciences
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