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Architectural Draughtsmanship

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Table of contents

Part I. Innovation Teaching Strategies

1. Towards a New Descriptive Geometry. A Teaching Innovation Project to the Architecture
Antonio Álvaro Tordesillas, Noelia Galván Desvaux, Marta Alonso Rodríguez

2. Systems of Representation. A Space for Constructing Knowledge
Leandro Madrazo

3. Photomontage of Images with the Same Point of View
Ramón Maestre López-Salazar, Pablo Jeremías Juan Gutiérrez

4. Learning to Read the City Through Drawings: Michelucci’s Aurum in Pescara
Caterina Palestini

5. Expressions, Representations and Interpretations of the Public Space, from Intellectual Disabilities, in the Teaching of Architecture
Ángel B Comeras Serrano

6. Teaching Strategies for the BIM Work Process
Luis Agustín Hernández, Angélica Fernández-Morales, Miguel Sancho Mir

7. The Laboratory of Representation in the XXI Century, from the Study of Geometry to 3D Printing. Perspectives and Innovatively Coordinated Methodological Devices for an Experimental Teaching
Rita Valenti, Sebastiano Giuliano, Emanuela Paternò

8. Configural Containers and Physical Models in Architectural Ideation
Jorge Domingo-Gresa, Carlos L. Marcos

9. Technology Transfer: From the Film Industry to Architecture
Federico Luis Blanco García, Ismael García Ríos

10. From Abstraction to Design
Rodolfo Mejías Cubero

11. From the Atelier to the Personal Trainer App
Fernando Lancho Alvarado

12. A New Academic Realm: Video-Game Enrols in College
Eduardo Roig, Nieves Mestre

13. Playful in Creative Phase
Jessica López, Mónica Gómez

14. Multi-sensory Experience in the Creative Design of the Project: How to Materialize Them in Spatial Language
Amélia Panet Barros, Isabel Medero Rocha

15. Vision(s), Process and Intention. Place Appropriation. A Teaching Experience in the River Guadaira
Mercedes Pérez del Prado

16. Teaching to Think Through the Hands a Teaching Experience About the Use of the Scale Model for Architectural Design
Manuel Giménez Ribera, Jorge Llopis Verdú, Ana Torres Barchino, Juan Serra Lluch

17. Research About the Use of Audiovisuals in Architectural Configuration and Communication Learning
Angelique Trachana

18. Experimentation with Colour in Architectural Spaces
Juan Serra Lluch, Ana Torres Barchino, Irene Torre Fornés, Ángela García Codoñer

19. The Use of the e-Portfolio as a Graphical Tool of the Architecture
Carmen Escoda Pastor

20. MOOC-Graphies: Possibilities for Online Graphic Learning
Jorge García Fernández, Juan José Fernández Martín, Jesús San José Alonso

21. PBL. Problem-Based Learning Cross-Application to the First Year Graphical Courses of the Degree in Architecture
Ignacio Cabodevilla-Artieda, Taciana Laredo Torres, Aurelio Vallespín Muniesa

22. Paneling Complex Surfaces: From Research to Teaching Between Theory and Practice
Emanuela Lanzara, Mara Capone, Amleto Picerno Ceraso

23. Architectural Graphic Expression not Drawn: A Digital Approach
Pau Sola-Morales, Josep Maria Toldrà, Josep Maria Puche, Josep Maria Macias, Ivan Fernández Pino

24. A List of Immeasurable Exercises to Draw
Miguel Guzmán-Pastor, Ana González Uriel

25. Doctoral Thesis, “Enric Miralles, the Drawing of the Imagination” Research of Creative Process Through Graphic Expression
Salvador Gilabert Sanz, Hugo Barros Costa, Pedro Molina-Siles, Javier Cortina Maruenda

26. Example of a Blog as a Research and Academic Toll About Drawing
Hugo Barros Costa, Salvador Gilabert Sanz, Pedro Molina-Siles, Javier Cortina Maruenda

27. Installations, Stains, Drawings, Structures, Patterns, Maps and Nature (Methodology, Innovation and Self-criticism)
Ángela Ruiz Plaza, Luis García Gil

28. New Interactions Between Fundamentals of Descriptive Geometry and 3D Modeling for Design
Marco Vitali

29. Practical Actions in the City: Designs for an Environment
Ana Torres Barchino, Juan Serra Lluch, Aitziber Irisarri López, Anna Delcampo Carda

30. Puzzle Methodology in Architectural Graphic Expression. EGA 3 Examples
Taciana Laredo Torres, Ignacio Cabodevilla-Artieda, Ricardo Santonja Jiménez

31. Drawing and Mathematics. An Integrated Teaching
Alberto Lastra Sedano, Manuel Miguel Sánchez, Enrique Castaño Perea, Ernesto Echeverría Valiente

32. Singular Drawings: A Motivating Exercise
Aitor Goitia Cruz

33. Pictures of the Territory and the Landscape: Cartography and Drawings of the Mountains of Guadarrama
Pilar Chías Navarro

Part II. Design and Education

34. New Procedure for Teaching if the Manual Drawing in the First Year of the Degree in Studies of Architecture in the ETSAB
Joaquim Lloveras i Montserrat, Judit Taberna Torres

35. Summer Workshops on Graphic Expression. Study Case
Sonia Izquierdo Esteban

36. Put Drawing to Sleep
Irma Arribas Pérez

37. The Aesthetic Influence of Photography in the Representation of Architecture
Amparo Bernal López-Sanvicente

38. Survey, Model and Multimedia Communication: From Teaching to Research
Manuela Incerti, Stefania Iurilli

39. Graphic Analysis Between Teaching and Research. Mario Ridolfi Unbuilt
Francesco Maggio, Vincenza Garofalo

40. Teaching to See
Clara Eugenia Maestre Galindo

41. Graphical Analysis 2.0: Digital Representation for Understanding and Communication of Architecture
Stefano Brusaporci

42. On the White Scale Model (Un)Purpose…
João Miguel Couto Duarte

43. Teaching Drawing as a Code or Diagram—Mirror or Map—, and Its Correlation with the Right or Left Brain Hemispheres
Aurelio Vallespín Muniesa, Noelia Cervero Sánchez, Victoria González Gómez

44. Bologna Process and Web 2.0. A Free Software Based Assessment and Management System for the Art Studio Course Graphic Outcome
Iván Pajares Sánchez

45. Drawing of Carlo Scarpa’s Villa Ottolenghi
Alfonso Ippolito, Cristiana Bartolomei, Carlo Bianchini

46. The Sketch as an Approach to the Observation of Human Acts in Initial Architectural Training
Rodrigo Lagos Vergara, Jorge Harris Jorquera, Claudio Araneda Gutiérrez

47. From the Old World to the New. Experiences of Teaching Geometry in Peru
Ana Cristina Lavilla Iribarren

48. From the Mind to the Paper. New Techniques Applied to Architectural Drawing
Marta Alonso Rodríguez, Noelia Galván Desvaux, Antonio Álvaro Tordesillas

49. Values and Strategies to Adapt Training in Architectural Graphic Expression Around Digital Technologies and Social Networks
Francisco Martín San Cristóbal

50. The Traveling Snake. The Sculpture of the Eco Experimental Museum in Mexico City Visits Barcelona
Héctor Mendoza Ramírez

51. The Creative Experience. Reflections on a New Model of Education in the Field of Architectural Graphic Creation
Javier F. Raposo Grau, María Asunción Salgado de la Rosa, Belén Butragueño Díaz-Guerra

52. Representation of Natural Light in the Architecture Project: From Graphic Abstraction to Computer Simulation
Edgar Alonso Meneses Bedoya, Javier Monedero Isorna

53. Traditional Drawing and “New Drawing”: Reflections on the Role of Representation
Carlo Inglese, Luca James Senatore

54. Videography, Photogrammetry and Networks. A Path to Explore—and Get Lost in?
Juan José Fernández Martín, Jesús San José Alonso, Jorge García Fernández

55. Using BIM and GIS to Research and Teach Architecture
Francisco Pinto Puerto, Roque Angulo Fornos, Manuel Castellano Román, José Antonio Alba Dorado, Patricia Ferreira Lopes

56. “The Discourse of the One Thousand Works”: The Seduction of History and Politics of Excess
María Álvarez García, Carlos Naya Villaverde, Inmaculada Jiménez Caballero, María Villanueva Fernández, Luis Manuel Fernández Salido, Víctor Larripa Artieda

57. Urban Sketching. Drawing on Location as a Tool for Reading Architectural and Urban Contexts
Vincenzo Bagnolo

58. Urban Landscape Analysis. Graphical Representation of “Castello” in Cagliari
Andrea Pirinu

59. Freehand Drawing: From Tradition to the Present Day
Emanuela Chiavoni

60. Graphical Strategies for a New Swedish Architecture: Asplund and the Industrial Arts Exhibition Design in 1930
Víctor A. Lafuente Sánchez, Daniel López Bragado

61. The Architect of the Future According to Rem Koolhaas. Key Points for Its Necessary Adaptation and Pedagogical Conclusions
Jorge Losada Quintas, Lola Rodríguez Díaz

62. Architectural Drawings and Symbolic Systems. Implications of Goodman’s and Gardner’s Theoretical Approaches in Project Zero
Ángel Allepuz Pedreño

63. The Teaching of Drawing in the Graphic Design Study Courses
Stefano Chiarenza

64. An Analysis of the Work of Pedro Muguruza (1893–1952): Student and Teacher at the Madrid School of Architecture
Carlota Bustos

65. The Playful Aspect of the Architectural Model. Notes Explaining Its Survival Over Time
Eduardo Carazo Lefort

66. Perception, Drawing, Knowledge
Lia Maria Papa, Giuseppe Antuono, Francesco Pepe

67. Paul Klee. Principles on the Nature of Colour. Theory and Practice
José Coca Leicher

68. New Times, New Needs. Tradition and Technology in Drawing Teachings
Flavio Celis D’Amico, Ernesto Echeverria Valiente

Part III. Design and Architecture

69. The Evolution of Cartography and Georeference
Francisco Maza Vázquez

70. Virtual Reality as a Tool for Emotional Evaluation of Architectural Environments
Juan López-Tarruella Maldonado, Juan Luis Higuera Trujillo, Susana Iñarra Abad, M.ª Carmen Llinares Millán, Jaime Guixeres Provinciales, Mariano Alcañiz Raya

71. Herman Hertzberger: From Amsterdam’s Town Hall Competition to “Centraal Beheer” Office Building
Julio Grijalba Bengoetxea, Rebeca Merino del Río

72. The Plan and the Score: The Analytic Drawing on the Elements of Architecture and Music
Antonio Armesto, Josep Llorca

73. Research Over a Brazil: Travel Impressions of Lucio Costa
Gabriela Farsoni Villa, Joubert José Lancha

74. The Study of Architectural Heritage with HBIM Methodology. A Medieval Case Study
Jorge Luís García Valldecabres, María Concepción López González, Isabel Jordán Palomar

75. Environmental Analysis Processes and Algorithmic Design. An Educational Experience
Camilo Andrés Cifuentes Quin

76. Steven Holl: From the Hinged Space to the Chromatic Space
M. Teresa Díez Blanco

77. Re-drawing Architecture for Exploring the Design. From Research to Teaching and Vice Versa
Roberta Spallone

78. Atlas and Graphic Discourse. 50 Years of Strategies. Interactive Map
Alberto Grijalba Bengoetxea, Carolina Heisig Carretero

79. Generative Education: Thinking by Modeling/Modeling by Thinking
Fabio Bianconi, Marco Filippucci

80. Interactive Experience in Virtual Environments as a Project Tool
Mónica Val Fiel, José Luis Higón Calvet

81. Graphic Thinking and Digital Processes: Three Built Case Studies of Digital Materiality (COCOON/Colombia, BANCAPAR/Chile, SSFS/Argentina)
Mauro Chiarella, Andrés Martín-Pastor, Nicolás Saez

82. Review Graph Tech Support from EGA Magazines
Elsa M. Gutiérrez Labory, Enrique Solana Suárez

83. The Columbia Drawing Graphic Paradigm in 21 Century
Enrique Solana Suárez, Elsa Gutiérrez Labory

84. 3D Printing as a Technological Tool Geared Towards Architecture
Pedro Molina-Siles, Francisco Javier Cortina Maruenda, Hugo Barros Costa, Salvador Gilabert Sanz

85. From Integrated Design to BIM
Giovanna A. Massari

86. Three Historic Stages in the Graphic Confection of Project Documentation. BIM: Meetings in the Third Phase of the XXI Century
Iñigo Leon Cascante, Fernando Mora Martin, Juan Pedro Otaduy Zubizarreta, Maialen Sagarna Aranburu

87. Drawing Without Drawing
María Josefa Agudo-Martínez

88. Barcelona and Antalya. Cartographic Analysis of Two Mediterranean Cities
Antonio Millán-Gómez, Zeynep Birgonul

89. Tracing the Form-Place. Three Case Studies that Reveal Architecture as Interwoven of the Social and the Territory
Susana Velasco Sánchez

90. Light Control in Mediterranean Architecture. Interdisciplinary Design Experiences Between Didactics and Investigation
Pierpaolo D’Agostino, Mariateresa Giammetti

Part IV. History and Cultural Heritage

91. The Layout of a Gothic Dome Base. Geometry and Construction of the Octagon in the Guarç’s Gothic Layout (c. 1345–1380)
Josep Lluis i Ginovart, Agustí Costa Jover, Sergio Coll Pla, Albert Samper Sosa

92. The Graphical Documentation Like Source of Investigation of the Architectural Heritage
Antonio Miguel Trallero Sanz

93. Design Drawings: Traditionalism and Renewal. Drawings by the Aschieri Group for the Competition for the Arts & Crafts District in Rome in 1926
Fabio Lanfranchi

94. Participative Graphic Representation with Limited Access Database
Juan Saumell Lladó

Baukunst. Goethe’s Notes for a Treatise on Architecture
Juan Calduch Cervera, Alberto Rubio Garrido

96. Barbara Sokołowska Brukalski. Graphic Analysis of the House on Niegolewskiego Street
Starlight Vattano

97. Graphic Analysis of the Late Gothic Pillars of Hernan Ruiz “The Elder”
Pilar Gimena Córdoba

98. Drawing in Architectural Research: Drawing in Paestum
Juan Manuel Báez Mezquita

99. Analysis of the Plan for the Study of the Historic City. Methodological Transfers Between Architecture and Archeology
Mercedes Díaz Garrido

100. From Archival Drawings to 3D Representations. A Case Study of Gabriele d’Annunzio’s Birthplace in Pescara
Pasquale Tunzi

101. “Virtual Recreations of the Vanished Granada” Researching, Representing and Disseminating the Architecture of the Past with 21st Century Tools
Concepción Rodríguez-Moreno

102. The Development, Recovery and Reuse of the Architectural and Urban Heritage: Former Barracks as University Location
Antonella Salucci

103. Aerial Digital Photogrammetry and Terrestrial Laser Scanning for Reconstruction Hypothesis of Monumental Building Lost Façades: The Case of Villa Mondragone
Saverio D’Auria, Giuseppe Sini, Rodolfo Maria Strollo

104. The First Views of Malaga in the 16th Century: Graphic Sources for Research
Antonio Gámiz Gordo, Luis Ruiz Padrón

105. Graphical Analysis of the Landscape in and Around the San Francisco de Borja Fontilles Sanatorium
José Luis Higón Calvet, Jorge Llopis Verdú, Javier Pérez Igualada, Pedro Cabezos Bernal, Jorge Martínez Piqueras, Ignacio Cabodevilla-Artieda

106. Photo-Collage e Rhetoric of Regime. Piero Bottoni and the Design of the Piazza of the Armed Forces at the EUR in Rome
Fabio Colonnese

107. Graphic Study of Surfaces of Movement in the Proposals of Andrés and Alonso de Vandelvira. Formal and Constructive Views of the bóveda de Murcia and the ochavo de La Guardia

Antonio Estepa Rubio, Jesús Estepa Rubio

108. A Forensic Look to the Ruins of Saint Mary of Cazorla Church. Proposal for Virtual Reconstruction
Jesús Estepa Rubio, Antonio Estepa Rubio

109. Manuel Gomes da Costa, a Universe in Sketches
Miriam Lousame-Gutiérrez

110. Graphical Reconstruction of the Historical Buildings from the San Francisco de Borja Fontilles Sanatorium
Jorge Llopis Verdú, Francisco Hidalgo Delgado, Jorge Martínez Piqueras, Rafael Marín Tolosa, Eduard Baviera Llopez

111. An Unrealized Project: The Great Cemetery by Giuseppe Damiani Almeyda. From Archive Drawings to Three-Dimensional Reconstruction
Fabrizio Avella

112. Drawing: Method and Conclusion in Architectural Research
Ángel Martínez Díaz, María José Muñoz de Pablo

113. Traces of Stone Cut in a Fragment of the Royal Chapel of the Convent of Santo Domingo de Valencia. Drawing and Construction
Pablo Navarro Camallonga

114. The Roman Amphitheatre in Tarragona, Five Centuries of Drawing and Still Unsatisfied
Josep Maria Toldrà, Josep Maria Macias, Josep Maria Puche, Pau Sola-Morales

115. Putting the Colour Back into the Rua Junqueira in Lisbon
Ángela García Codoñer, Isabel Braz de Oliveira, Ana Torres Barchino, Juan Serra Lluch, Jorge Llopis Verdú

116. Representation of the Construction of the Modernist Movement in Valencia. Series of Photographs by the Sanchís and Desfilis Photographic Studios
Javier Cortina Maruenda, Pedro Molina-Siles, Hugo Rocha Barros, Salvador Gilabert Sanz

117. Architectural Interventions by Rafael Manzano at the Real Alcázar of Seville. 1966–1988
Julia Manzano Pérez de Guzmán, Pedro Barrero Ortega, Rafael Manzano Martos

118. Decision-Making, Sketching, Lasers and Drones. The System for Documenting the Bell Towers in the Province of Burgos
José Ignacio Sánchez Ribera, Juan José Fernández Martín, Jesús San José Alonso

119. Ethic and Aesthetic: The Role of Early Illustrations in Serlio’s Book of Antiquities
Gonzalo Muñoz Vera

120. Architecture and Place: Teaching and Research Experiences in the Higher Technical College of Architecture of the University of Granada
Antonio García Bueno, Karina Medina Granados

121. Drones for Architectural Surveying. Their Use in Documenting Towers of the Valencian Coast
Pablo Rodríguez-Navarro, Teresa Gil Piqueras, Giorgio Verdiani

122. New Survey Methods for Graphic Documentation of Architectural Heritage: The Remains of the Walls of Santo Domingo de La Calzada in La Rioja (Spain)
Licinia Aliberti, Pedro Iglesias Picazo

123. Graphic Sources for the Study and Restoration of the City Hall of Seville
Antonio J. Albardonedo Freire, María Dolores Robador González

124. The Graphic Expression of Urban Planning in the Twentieth Century
Laura Rives Navarro

125. The Drawing Pedagogy Reform in l’École d’Art of La Chaux-de-Fonds 1903–1914
Inmaculada Jimenez Caballero, María Alvarez Barredo

126. Revisiting Civitates Orbis Terrarum. The Urban Space Spectacle
Felipe Lazo-Mella

127. Drawings of the Guastavino Company: Innovation and Promotion
Manuel De Miguel Sánchez, María Paz Llorente Zurdo, Vanessa Antigüedad García

128. Vernacular Architecture Drawings: A Recognition for Modernisation of Spanish Architecture
Pedro Miguel Jiménez Vicario, Manuel Alejandro Ródenas López, Amanda Cirera Tortosa

129. The Figure of the Architect-Teacher in the Second Half of the 18th Century in Valencia
Consuelo Vidal García, Marina Sender Contell, Marta Pérez de los Cobos Cassinello, Pablo Navarro Esteve

130. Decor and Graphic Trace in Ceramics from Tradition to Contemporaneity
Anna Marotta

131. Villa Farnesina in Rome. Contributions to Its History
Cesare Cundari, Giovanni Maria Bagordo, Gian Carlo Cundari, Maria Rosaria Cundari

132. Three-Dimensional Nature of Architecture and Its Representation: A Suspension Bridge Between the Interpretations of Italian Treatise Writers of the Sixteenth Century and the Processing Methods of the Contemporary Era
Giuseppa Novello, Massimiliano Lo Turco

133. Geometrical Methods for the Cross Vault Ribs Profiles Layout. The Lonja de Valencia Chapel
Esther Capilla Tamborero

134. The Future of Augmented Reality in Architecture: From Real to Virtual Heritage
Enrique Castaño Perea, Julián Fuente Prieto

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