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European Yearbook of International Economic Law 2017

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Table of contents

Part I. Special Focus External Economic Relations of the European Union

1. Distinguished Essay: A Quiet Revolution—The Changing Nature of the EU’s Common Commercial Policy
Marise Cremona

2. Front-Loading Trade Policy-Making in the European Union: Towards a Trade Act
Thomas Cottier

3. International Trade Agreements and Democratic Participation
Mattias Wendel

4. Sincere Cooperation in the Common Commercial Policy: Lisbon, a “Joined-Up” Union, and “Brexit”
Joris Larik

5. Article 21 TEU and the EU’s Common Commercial Policy: A Test of Coherence
Alessandra Asteriti

6. The Perception of the EU Legal Order in International Law: An In- and Outside View
Christina Binder, Jane A. Hofbauer

7. The EU’s Trade Defence Instruments: Recent Judicial and Policy Developments
Wolfgang Müller

8. Democratic Legitimacy and the Rule of Law in Investor-State Dispute Settlement under CETA
Christoph Ohler

9. The EU and Investor-State Dispute Settlement: WTO Litigators Going “Investor-State Arbitration” and Back to a Permanent “Investment Court”
August Reinisch

10. Competition Law in EU Free Trade and Cooperation Agreements (and What the UK Can Expect After Brexit)
Florian Wagner-von Papp

11. The European Union’s Policy on Public Procurement in Preferential Trade Agreements
Stephen Woolcock

12. Good Raw Materials Governance: Towards a European Approach Contributing to a Constitutionalised International Economic Law
Karsten Nowrot

Part II. Regions: Ongoing Bi- and Multilateral Negotiations of the European Union

13. Bilateral Developments in EU Trade Policy Seven Years After Lisbon: A Look into the Spaghetti-Bowl à la Bruxelloise (2010–2016)
Frank Hoffmeister

14. Negotiating CETA with the European Union and Some Thoughts on the Impact of Mega-Regional Trade Agreements on Agreements Inter Partes and Agreements with Third Parties
Armand Mestral

15. Characteristics of EU Free Trade Agreements in a Legal Context: A Japanese Perspective
Yumiko Nakanishi

16. The China-EU BIT as a Stepping Stone Towards a China-EU FTA: A Policy Analysis
Manjiao Chi

17. The Proposed European and Australian Free Trade Agreement: And the Importance for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises
Leon Trakman, Robert Walters, Bruno Zeller

18. EU-Taiwan: New Partners in International Trade Negotiations
Roy Chun Lee

Part III. The European Union in International Organizations/Institutions

19. The European Union in United Nations Economic Governance Fora
Anna-Luise Chané, Jan Wouters

20. On the Duty of Cooperation, Consistency and Influence in the External Relations of the Euro-Zone: Representation of EU and EU Member States in the International Monetary Fund
Päivi Leino

21. Overview of WTO Jurisprudence in 2015 Involving the EU as a Main Party and Selected Cases with Third-Party Participation by the EU
Jan Bohanes, Kholofelo Kugler

Part IV. Book Reviews

22. Marise Cremona and Hans-W. Micklitz (eds.), Private Law in the External Relations of the EU
Peter Rott

23. Hedwig Kavasch, Unterschiedliche Zollpräferenzen für unterschiedliche Entwicklungsländer
Charlotte Sieber-Gasser

24. Billy A. Melo Araujo, The EU Deep Trade Agenda: Law and Policy
Wolfgang Weiß

25. Jan Ulrich Heinemann, Die Entwicklung der Außenkompetenzen der Europäischen Union im Vergleich der Rechtslagen vor und nach dem Reformvertrag von Lissabon: Unter besonderer Berücksichtigung der impliziten Außenkompetenzen
Anja Trautmann

Keywords: Law, International Economic Law, Trade Law, European Law, Dispute Resolution, Mediation, Arbitration, Sources and Subjects of International Law, International Organizations

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