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Model Reduction of Parametrized Systems

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Table of contents

1. Two Ways to Treat Time in Reduced Basis Methods
Silke Glas, Antonia Mayerhofer, Karsten Urban

2. Simultaneous Empirical Interpolation and Reduced Basis Method: Application to Non-linear Multi-Physics Problem
Cécile Daversin, Christophe Prud’homme

3. A Certified Reduced Basis Approach for Parametrized Optimal Control Problems with Two-Sided Control Constraints
Eduard Bader, Martin A. Grepl, Karen Veroy

4. A Reduced Basis Method with an Exact Solution Certificate and Spatio-Parameter Adaptivity: Application to Linear Elasticity
Masayuki Yano

5. A Reduced Basis Method for Parameter Functions Using Wavelet Approximations
Antonia Mayerhofer, Karsten Urban

6. Reduced Basis Isogeometric Mortar Approximations for Eigenvalue Problems in Vibroacoustics
Thomas Horger, Barbara Wohlmuth, Linus Wunderlich

7. Reduced Basis Approximations for Maxwell’s Equations in Dispersive Media
Peter Benner, Martin Hess

8. Offline Error Bounds for the Reduced Basis Method
Robert O’Connor, Martin Grepl

9. ArbiLoMod: Local Solution Spaces by Random Training in Electrodynamics
Andreas Buhr, Christian Engwer, Mario Ohlberger, Stephan Rave

10. Reduced-Order Semi-Implicit Schemes for Fluid-Structure Interaction Problems
Francesco Ballarin, Gianluigi Rozza, Yvon Maday

11. True Error Control for the Localized Reduced Basis Method for Parabolic Problems
Mario Ohlberger, Stephan Rave, Felix Schindler

12. Efficient Reduction of PDEs Defined on Domains with Variable Shape
Andrea Manzoni, Federico Negri

13. Localized Reduced Basis Approximation of a Nonlinear Finite Volume Battery Model with Resolved Electrode Geometry
Mario Ohlberger, Stephan Rave

14. A-Posteriori Error Estimation of Discrete POD Models for PDE-Constrained Optimal Control
Martin Gubisch, Ira Neitzel, Stefan Volkwein

15. Hi-POD Solution of Parametrized Fluid Dynamics Problems: Preliminary Results
Davide Baroli, Cristina Maria Cova, Simona Perotto, Lorenzo Sala, Alessandro Veneziani

16. Adaptive Sampling for Nonlinear Dimensionality Reduction Based on Manifold Learning
Thomas Franz, Ralf Zimmermann, Stefan Görtz

17. Cross-Gramian-Based Model Reduction: A Comparison
Christian Himpe, Mario Ohlberger

18. Truncated Gramians for Bilinear Systems and Their Advantages in Model Order Reduction
Peter Benner, Pawan Goyal, Martin Redmann

19. Leveraging Sparsity and Compressive Sensing for Reduced Order Modeling
J. Nathan Kutz, Syuzanna Sargsyan, Steven L. Brunton

20. A HJB-POD Approach to the Control of the Level Set Equation
Alessandro Alla, Giulia Fabrini, Maurizio Falcone

21. Model Order Reduction Approaches for Infinite Horizon Optimal Control Problems via the HJB Equation
Alessandro Alla, Andreas Schmidt, Bernard Haasdonk

22. Interpolatory Methods for

$$mathcal{H}_{infty }$$

Model Reduction of Multi-Input/Multi-Output Systems
Alessandro Castagnotto, Christopher Beattie, Serkan Gugercin

23. Model Reduction of Linear Time-Varying Systems with Applications for Moving Loads
M. Cruz Varona, B. Lohmann

24. Interpolation Strategy for BT-Based Parametric MOR of Gas Pipeline-Networks
Y. Lu, N. Marheineke, J. Mohring

25. Energy Stable Model Order Reduction for the Allen-Cahn Equation
Murat Uzunca, Bülent Karasözen

26. MOR-Based Uncertainty Quantification in Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation
Lorenzo Codecasa, Konstantin Weise, Luca Rienzo, Jens Haueisen

27. Model Order Reduction of Nonlinear Eddy Current Problems Using Missing Point Estimation
Y. Paquay, O. Brüls, C. Geuzaine

28. On Efficient Approaches for Solving a Cake Filtration Model Under Parameter Variation
S. Osterroth, O. Iliev, R. Pinnau

29. Model Reduction for Coupled Near-Well and Reservoir Models Using Multiple Space-Time Discretizations
Walid Kheriji, Yalchin Efendiev, Victor Manuel Calo, Eduardo Gildin

30. Time-Dependent Parametric Model Order Reduction for Material Removal Simulations
Michael Baumann, Dominik Hamann, Peter Eberhard

Keywords: Mathematics, Computational Mathematics and Numerical Analysis, Numeric Computing, Mathematical and Computational Engineering, Continuum Mechanics and Mechanics of Materials, Partial Differential Equations

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