Uljens, Michael

Bridging Educational Leadership, Curriculum Theory and Didaktik

Uljens, Michael - Bridging Educational Leadership, Curriculum Theory and Didaktik, ebook


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Table of contents

Part I. Re-theorizing the Field: Foundations of a Research Program

1. Non-affirmative Theory of Education as a Foundation for Curriculum Studies, Didaktik and Educational Leadership
Michael Uljens, Rose M. Ylimaki

Part II. Part II

2. Neo-liberal Governance Leads Education and Educational Leadership Astray
Lejf Moos

3. Lead Learner or Head Teacher? Exploring Connections Between Curriculum, Leadership and Evaluation in an ‘Age of Measurement’
Gert Biesta

4. Against the Epistemicide. Itinerant Curriculum Theory and the Reiteration of an Epistemology of Liberation
João M. Paraskeva

Part III. Part III

5. The Didaktik/Curriculum Dialogue: What Did We Learn?
Walter Doyle

6. School Leadership as Gap Management: Curriculum Traditions, Changing Evaluation Parameters, and School Leadership Pathways
Mariella Knapp, Stefan Hopmann

7. Curriculum Theory in Contestation? American Curriculum, European Didaktik, and Chinese Wisdom Traditions as Hybrid Platforms for Educational Leadership
Tero Autio

Part IV. Part IV

8. Forging the Needed Dialogue Between Educational Leadership and Curriculum Inquiry: Placing Social Justice, Democracy, and Multicultural Perspectives into Practice
Ira Bogotch, Dilys Schoorman, Daniel Reyes-Guerra

9. Curriculum and School Leadership – Adjusting School Leadership to Curriculum
Stephan Huber, Pierre Tulowitzki, Uwe Hameyer

10. Teachers and Administrators as Lead Professionals for Democratic Ethics: From Course Design to Collaborative Journeys of Becoming
Daniel J. Castner, Rosemary Gornik, James G. Henderson, Wendy L. Samford

11. Codification of Present Swedish Curriculum Processes: Linking Educational Activities over Time and Space
Eva Forsberg, Elisabet Nihlfors, Daniel Pettersson, Pia Skott

12. Rethinking Authority in Educational Leadership
William F. Pinar

Part V. Part V

13. National Curriculum Development as Educational Leadership: A Discursive and Non-affirmative Approach
Michael Uljens, Helena Rajakaltio

14. Curriculum and Leadership in Transnational Reform Policy: A Discursive-Institutionalist Approach
Kirsten Sivesind, Ninni Wahlström

Part VI. Conclusions and Implications

15. Curriculum Theory, Didaktik, and Educational Leadership: Reflections on the Foundations of the Research Program
Rose M. Ylimaki, Michael Uljens

Keywords: Education, Curriculum Studies, Administration, Organization and Leadership, Educational Policy and Politics

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