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Closing the Gap Between Practice and Research in Industrial Engineering

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Table of contents

Part I. Strategy and Enterpreneurship

1. Innovative Spillovers and Efficiency in the Brazilian Industry
B. D. Yamashita, H. F. Moralles, N. B. Santana, D. A. N. Rebelatto

2. Supply Chain Sustainability in Spanish Major Retailer Through Strategic Alliances and Lean Practices
Jesús Morcillo-Bellido, Alfonso Duran

3. The Executive’s Personal Characteristics Influences on the Strategic Decision-Making Process: Does the Mental Model Matter?
Flávio Bressan

4. Components to Construct a Business Model Innovation Under a Product-Service System Approach in the Aerospace Industry Through Analytical Hierarchy Process
Maria Fernanda Barbato Salomon, Carlos Henrique Pereira Mello, Eduardo Gomes Salgado, Mauricio Bitencourt

5. Depicting Big Data: Producing a Technological Profile
Iñaki Bildosola, Rosa Rio-Bélver, Ernesto Cilleruelo, Gaizka Garechana

6. Management, Innovation Capacity and Fear of Failure in a Sample of Spanish Firms
Antonio López Ramos, Carlos Rodriguez-Monroy, Félix Calvo-García

7. Sustainability Assessment of Environmentally Conscious Manufacturing Companies
S. Ozmehmet Tasan, B. Felekoglu, E. Ozmehmet

8. Application of Innovation Management Techniques in SMEs: A Process Based Method
J. I. Igartua, L. Markuerkiaga

9. Assessing an Incubator Model in a Technological Centre: The Importance of the Spin-Off’s Origin
Antonio González, Mikel Arcelus

Part II. Operations Research, Modelling and Simulation

10. A Novel Project Selection Scheduling Model
H. Amirian, Rashed Sahraeian

11. Resolving Product Configuration Conflicts
Vladimir Modrak, Slavomir Bednar, Zuzana Soltysova

12. Forecasting Dynamics of Daily Commuting to Work to Other Municipality in the Case of Changing Taxation Policies
P. Janež, S. Drobne, M. Bogataj

13. Public-Private Partnerships for Trade Facilitation: A Theoretical Model
M. L. Campos, C. Morini, G. H. S. M. Moraes, E. Inácio

14. Capacitated Lot-Sizing and Scheduling Problem for Second-Tier Suppliers in the Automotive Sector
M. Diaz-Madroñero, J. Mula, B. Andres, R. Poler, S. Sanchis

15. A Generic Decision Support Tool for Lot-Sizing and Scheduling Problems with Setup and Due Dates
Cristovao Silva, Nathalie Klement, Olivier Gibaru

Part III. Logistics

16. Application-Oriented Optimization of Internal Milk-Run Systems
Andreas Martini, Tobias Mauksch, Ulrich Stache

17. Analysing the Fit Between Innovation Strategies and Supply Chain Strategies
Ricardo Augusto Zimmermann, Luís Miguel Domingues Fernandes Ferreira, António Carrizo Moreira

18. On the Impact of Undershoots at Order Point in the Fill Rate Estimation in Continuous Review Policies for the Lost Sales Case
E. Guijarro, E. Babiloni, M. Cardós

19. The Importance of Measurement Systems in the Search for Suitable Packaging Options
Jesús García-Arca, A. T. González-Portela Garrido, J. C. Prado-Prado

20. How to Do Road Transport More Sustainable? A Literature Review
P. Domínguez-Caamaño, B. Olmedo, M. Rodríguez-García, J. C. Prado-Prado

21. Total Cost of Ownership in the Context of Supply Chain Management: An Instructional Case
Paulo Sérgio Lima Pereira Afonso

22. Tourist Route Planning with a Metaheuristic Approach
Çağla Cergibozan, A. Serdar Tasan

23. A Feasible Nurse Routing Plan for the Elderly: Quality and Spatial Trade-Offs
Norina Szander, Lorenzo Brian Ros-McDonnell, Marija Bogataj

Part IV. Production

24. Minimizing Lost-Work Costs in a Mixed-Model Assembly Line
Joaquín Bautista, Rocío Alfaro-Pozo, Cristina Batalla-García

25. Comparative Models for Minimizing Ergonomic Risk in Assembly Lines
Joaquín Bautista-Valhondo, Cristina Batalla-García, Rocío Alfaro-Pozo

26. Time-Based Conditions for Synchronized Procurement in Douki Seisan

Joaquín Bautista-Valhondo, Jordi Fortuny-Santos

27. An Overview of Optimization Models for Integrated Replenishment and Production Planning Decisions
Arturo Orbegozo, Beatriz Andres, Josefa Mula, Matthieu Lauras, Carlos Monteiro, Miguel Malheiro

28. Optimization Models to Support Decision-Making in Collaborative Networks: A Review
Beatriz Andres, Raul Poler, Leila Saari, Joseba Arana, Jose-Vicente Benaches, Javier Salazar

29. Petrobras’ Investment Projects in Brazil Under Checkmate: The Ghost Refineries Case
Raíssa Fernandes Yabiko, Gustavo Medeiros Pereira, Rosemarie Bröker Bone

Part V. Quality and Product Management

30. Relationship Between Operational Performance and Help Chain Critical Success Factors
Guilherme Tortorella, Diego Fettermann

31. An Alternative Test of Normality for Improving SPC in a Portuguese Automotive SME
Radu Godina, Eduardo M.G. Rodrigues, João C.O. Matias

Part VI. Knowledge and Project Management

32. Definition of a Project Performance Indicators Model: Contribution of Collaborative Engineering Practices on Project Management
Marcelo Silva Pereira, Rui M. Lima

33. The Characteristics of Workers as Mediators in Knowledge Sharing Within a Company
Lourdes Sáiz-Bárcena, José Ignacio Díez, Miguel Ángel Manzanedo, Ricardo Olmo

34. Project Management Success Factors in Basque Companies
N. Zabaleta, M. Ruiz, U. Elorza

35. Integration of Constructability and Project Risk Management
L. Farina, E. Danesi, A. Travaglini, Mauro Mancini, P. Trucco

Part VII. Service Systems

36. Sustainability Leveraged by Energy Service Projects (ESCO) in Spain: Analysis 2010–14
Jesús Morcillo-Bellido, Bernardo Prida-Romero, Javier Martínez-Belotto

Part VIII. Industry 4.0

37. Pushing the Limits of Lean Thinking–Design and Management of Complex Production Systems
Jochen Deuse, Christoph Heuser, Benedikt Konrad, David Lenze, Thomas Maschek, Mario Wiegand, Peter Willats

38. Industry 4.0: A Classification Scheme
David Pérez Perales, Faustino Alarcón Valero, Andrés Boza García

39. Framework for a New Wave of IT-Enabled Business Process Transformations
Miguel Gutierrez, Francisco Sastron

Part IX. Education

40. Development of a Lean Assessment Tool for Small and Medium Sized-Enterprises
Amine Belhadi, Fatima Ezzahra Touriki, Said El fezazi

41. Project-Based Learning as a Bridge to the Industrial Practice
Rui M. Lima, José Dinis-Carvalho, Rui Sousa, Pedro Arezes, Diana Mesquita

42. Wiki as an Activity Learning
Pilar Isabel Vidal-Carreras, Jose Pedro Garcia-Sabater, Julio Juan Garcia-Sabater, María Rosario Perello-Marin

Keywords: Engineering, Industrial and Production Engineering, Operations Management, Operations Research, Management Science, Computational Science and Engineering, Performance and Reliability

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