Furse, Cynthia M.

The World of Applied Electromagnetics

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Table of contents

1. Introduction
Akhlesh Lakhtakia, Cynthia M. Furse

2. Four Decades of Academic Career in Electromagnetic Research and Education
Magdy F. Iskander

3. Millimeter-Wave Endfire Single-Feed Circular-Polarization Antipodal Fermi Tapered Slot Antenna
Zouhair Briqech, Abdel-Razik Sebak, Tayeb A. Denidni

4. High-Performance Hybrid Smart Antenna Array for Advanced Wireless Communication Applications
Nuri Celik

5. Antenna Arrays for Physical Layer-Based Directional Networking Technology
Gui Chao Huang, Magdy F. Iskander, Farhan A. Qazi, Zhengqing Yun, Galen H. Sasaki

6. Electrically Small Antennas
James M. Baker

7. Metamaterial-Based Antennas and a Metasurface-Based Terahertz Frequency Splitter
Hisamatsu Nakano, Jun Shibayama, Junji Yamauchi

8. Electromagnetic Research and Challenges for Tactical Communication
Mahbub Hoque, Jeffrey Boksiner

9. Antenna Miniaturization in Mobile Communication Systems
Yue Li, Zhijun Zhang, Magdy F. Iskander

10. Making UWB Antennas Unidirectional: Phase Coherence with an Ultra-Wide Band Frequency Selective Surface Reflector
Yogesh Ranga, Karu P. Esselle, Ladislau Matekovits

11. Radar Cross Sections of Six Different Radar Reflectors Mounted on Power Boats
Hsing Yi Chen, Chien Yi Lin

12. Radio Propagation Modeling and Simulation Using Ray Tracing
Zhengqing Yun, Magdy F. Iskander

13. Radio Propagation Modeling: A Unified View of the Ray-Tracing Image Method Across Emerging Indoor and Outdoor Environments
Soo Yong Lim, Zhengqing Yun, Magdy F. Iskander

14. Wireless Performance in Dense-Transceiver Scenarios to Enable Context-Aware Scenarios
Peio Lopez-Iturri, Leyre Azpilicueta, Erik Aguirre, Francisco Falcone

15. Bioelectromagnetic Dosimetry: Simulating Electromagnetic Fields in the Human Body
Cynthia M. Furse

16. Crossed Viewpoints on Microwave-Based Imaging for Medical Diagnosis: From Genesis to Earliest Clinical Outcomes
Jean-Charles Bolomey

17. Real-Time Quantitative Reconstruction Methods in Microwave Imaging
Denys S. Shumakov, Daniel Tajik, Alexander S. Beaverstone, Natalia K. Nikolova

18. Electromagnetics in Medical Applications: The Cardiopulmonary Stethoscope Journey
Ruthsenne R. G. Perron, Magdy F. Iskander, Todd B. Seto, Gui Chao Huang, Darcy A. Bibb

19. The Ewald–Oseen Extinction Theorem and the Extended Boundary Condition Method
Akhlesh Lakhtakia

20. Propagator Methods in Electromagnetics
Jongchul Shin, Robert D. Nevels

21. Wave Propagation and Field Manipulation in Non-Hermitian Metamaterials
Silvio Savoia, Giuseppe Castaldi, Vincenzo Galdi

22. Unidirectional, Defect-Immune, and Topologically Protected Electromagnetic Surface Waves
George W. Hanson, Seyyed Ali Hassani Gangaraj, Andrei M. Nemilentsau

23. Single–Band and Multiband Angular Filtering Using Two–Dimensional Photonic Crystals and One–Layer Gratings
Andriy E. Serebryannikov, Ekmel Ozbay

24. Toward the Construction of Parts of the Universe on Tabletops
Tom G. Mackay, Akhlesh Lakhtakia

25. Electromagnetics Education: Past, Present, and Future Directions
Cynthia M. Furse, Elene Tiffany Iskander

26. Curriculum Vitae
Magdy F. Iskander

Keywords: Engineering, Circuits and Systems, Electronic Circuits and Devices, Signal, Image and Speech Processing

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