Dabbert, Stephan

Knowledge-Driven Developments in the Bioeconomy

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Table of contents

Part I. Bioeconomy Systems: Theoretical Underpinnings

1. Transformation of Economic Systems: The Bio-Economy Case
Andreas Pyka

2. Structural Change, Knowledge and the Bioeconomy
Pier Paolo Saviotti

3. Some Thoughts About the Bio-economy as Intelligently Navigated Complex Adaptive Systems
Hugo Vries

Part II. Framing the Bioeconomy: Regional and National Approaches

4. Varieties of Knowledge-Based Bioeconomies
Sophie Urmetzer, Andreas Pyka

5. International Bioeconomy Innovations in Central America
Mercedes Montero Vega, Olman Quirós Madrigal

6. Innovation Under the Bioeconomy Context in Brazil
Alcides L. Leao, Ivana Cesarino, Suresh Narine, Mohini Sain

7. Tasmania’s Bioeconomy: Employing the Seven Capitals to Sustain Innovative and Entrepreneurial Agrifood Value Chains
Holger Meinke, Laurie Bonney, Katherine Evans, Morgan Miles

8. Agricultural Biomass Utilisation as a Key Driver for Malaysian Bioeconomy
Ismail Norli, Ariffin Fazilah, Ismail Mohamad Pazli

9. University-Industry Relationships in the Bioeconomy Innovation System of Denmark
Keld Ejdrup Markedal, Jens Christian Sørensen, Susanne Sørensen

Part III. Resources of the Bioeconomy: Sustainable Biomass Supply

10. Increasing Biomass Production to Sustain the Bioeconomy
Iris Lewandowski

11. Importance of Sugarcane in Brazilian and World Bioeconomy
Reges Heinrichs, Rafael Otto, Aline Magalhães, Guilherme Constantino Meirelles

12. Economic Evaluation of Short Rotation Eucalyptus Plantation Harvesting System: A Case Study
Saulo Philipe Sebastião Guerra, Guilherme Oguri, Izabel Cristina Takitane, Giulia Lembo Caterina, Maura Seiko Tsutsui Esperancini

13. Technology and Sustainability of Crop Fibre Uses in Bioproducts in Ontario, Canada: Corn Stalk and Cob Fibre Performance in Polypropylene Composites
Muhammad Arif, Muhammad Riaz, C. Joe Martin, Yarmilla Reinprecht, Leonardo Simon, Bill Dean, K. Peter Pauls

Part IV. Bioeconomy Applications: Optimizing Processes and Management of the Bioeconomy

14. Strategic Supply Chain Planning in Biomass-Based Industries: A Literature Review of Quantitative Models
Stephan Fichtner, Herbert Meyr

15. Structuring the Planning Tasks in Biomass-Based Supply Chains
Hendrik Butemann, Katja Schimmelpfeng

16. The Use of Biomass for Energy Production and Organic Fertilizer for Mitigating Climate Change and Improving the Competitiveness of the Agricultural Enterprise: The Case of UPAP in Puriscal, Costa Rica
Olman Quirós Madrigal, Lady Arias Fallas

17. Bioethanol as the Sole Solvent for Vegetable Oil Extraction and Biodiesel Production
Marisa Aparecida Bismara Regitano-d’Arce, Naiane Sangaletti-Gerhard, Larissa Braga Bueno-Borges

Keywords: Economics, Institutional/Evolutionary Economics, Innovation/Technology Management, Environmental Engineering/Biotechnology, Economic Growth, Agriculture, Renewable and Green Energy

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Economic Complexity and Evolution
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12 pages
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