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International Handbook for Policy Research on School-Based Counseling

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Table of contents

Part I. Conceptual Introduction

1. Introduction to Policy Research in School-Based Counseling
Sharon F. Rallis, John C. Carey

2. What Government Policy Makers Need to Know About School-Based Counseling
Dawn Stevenson, Nathan Edvalson

Part II. Effective Methodologies

3. Ethical and Social Justice Foundations of Policy and Policy Research Related to School-Based Counseling
Vivian V. Lee

4. Using Scoping Reviews to Document and Synthesize Current Practices in School-Based Counselling
Belinda Harris

5. Developing and Conducting International School Counseling Survey Research
Michael P. Krezmien, Alexandra Lauterbach, Karen Harrington, Ayse Yakut

6. Using Mixed Methods to Evaluate Pilot Counselling Provision in Welsh Primary Schools
Susan Pattison, Maggie Robson

7. Conducting Needs Assessments to Identify Necessary School-Based Counseling Services
Ayşen Köse

8. Using Methodological Reviews and Meta-analyses to Identify Current Best Practices in School-Based Counseling
Michael P. Krezmien, Kristine A. Camacho, Jason C. Travers

9. Conducting Intervention Research to Identify Efficacious and Effective Practices in School-Based Counseling
Catherine Griffith, Scott Greenspan

10. Conducting Large-Scale Evaluation Studies to Identify Characteristics of Effective Comprehensive School Counseling Programs
Christopher A. Sink, Myya Cooney, Clara Adkins

11. Identifying and Using Secondary Datasets to Answer Policy Questions Related to School-Based Counseling: A Step-by-Step Guide
Julia Bryan, Jungnam Kim, Qi Shi

12. Evaluating the Impact of National and State Policies on School-Based Counseling Practices and Student Outcomes
Michael Trevisan

13. Using Qualitative Methods to Evaluate Policy Implementation in School-Based Counseling
Alfred A. Adegoke, Foluke N. Bolu-Steve

14. Using Cost-Benefit Analyses in School-Based Counseling Policy Research
Sang Min Lee, Mijin Chung

15. Focusing on Context Within International School-Based Counseling Research
Ian Martin, Mohammed Mahboob Morshed, John C. Carey

Part III. Current Findings

16. Policy, Capacity Building and School-Based Counselling in Nigeria
Oyaziwo Aluede, Florence Iyamu, Andrew Adubale, Emmanuel U. Oramah

17. Policy and Challenges of Contextualization for School-Based Counselling in Countries in Eastern and Southern Africa
Chika Eze, Sahaya G. Selvam, Josephine Adibo, Mandu Selepe, Sewela Monicca Ramaboea

18. School-Based Counseling Policy, Policy Research, and Implications: Findings from Hong Kong and Japan
Mantak Yuen, Queenie A. Y. Lee, Raymond M. C. Chan, Shinji Kurihara

19. School-Based Counseling Policy, Policy Research, and Implications: Findings from South Korea
Sang Min Lee, NaYeon Yang

20. Public Policy, Policy Research, and School Counseling in India
Elizabeth Thomas, Tony Sam George, Sachin Jain

21. Policy and Practice of School-Based Counseling in Bangladesh: Current Provisions and Future Directions
Mohammad Mahboob Morshed

22. School-Based Counseling in Malaysia as Southeast Asian Country
Mohamad Isa Amat, Ku Suhaila Ku Johari, Amin Al Haadi Shafie

23. Policy, Policy Research on School-Based Counselling in theUnited Kingdom
Terry Hanley, Julia Noble, Nicky Toor

24. Policy, Research and the Development of School Counselling in Malta: Lessons Learnt in a Small-Island Community
Marlene Cauchi, Ruth Falzon, Patricia Micallef, Moira Sammut

25. School-Based Counseling, Policy, Policy Research, and Implications in Turkey and Other Middle Eastern Countries
Ayşen Köse

26. Policy Research on School-Based Counseling in the United States: Establishing a Policy Research Agenda
John C. Carey, Ian Martin

27. Policy, Research, and Implications for School Counseling in Canada
Jason Kushner

28. Public Policy and Policy Research on School-Based Counseling in Australia
Marilyn Campbell

29. Policy, Policy Research in Aotearoa New Zealand
Ada Crowe

30. Historical Influences on the Development of Policy Affecting School-Based Guidance and Counseling in Latin America
George Davy Vera, Alfonso Barreto

31. Contemporary Public Policy on School-Based Guidance and Counseling in Venezuela, Costa Rica, and Other Latin American Countries
George Davy Vera, Dorelys Jiménez, Alfonso Barreto

Part IV. Synthesis and Future Directions

32. Using Advocacy in Policy Research and School-Based Counseling
Vivian V. Lee, Go Eun Na

33. Present Status and Future Directions for Policy Research and Evaluation in School-Based Counseling
Oyaziwo Aluede, John C. Carey, Belinda Harris, Sang Min Lee

Keywords: Psychology, Child and School Psychology, Educational Policy and Politics, Social Work, Psychotherapy and Counseling

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