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The Roads to Congress 2016

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Table of contents

Part I. Setting the Context

1. Sorting Out the 2016 U.S. Elections
Sean D. Foreman

2. Voting Behavior in the 114th Congress
Patrick Hickey

3. Voter Suppression Policies in the 2016 Campaign Cycle
Daniel E. Smith

4. What to Tweet when the Top Is Toxic? Gauging References to the 2016 Presidential Candidates in House Members’ Social Media Posts
Bryan T. Gervais

5. Broken, Cracked, and Missed Ceilings: Female and Minority Candidates in the Congressional Races of 2016
Kimberly L. Casey, Jessica Loyet Gracey

Part II. U.S. House of Representatives

6. California 49th Congressional District: A Near Upset in the Golden State
Laura J. Brantley, Marcia L. Godwin

7. Colorado Sixth Congressional District: Moderate Policy Positions and Distance from Trump Help a Republican Incumbent Fight off Another Strong Democratic Challenge
Josalyn Williams, Katherine Runge, Anand Edward Sokhey, Josh M. Ryan

8. Florida Congressional Districts: The Names Change but Party Domination Stays the Same
Sean D. Foreman

9. Illinois 10th Congressional District: Re-rematch in Chicago Suburbs
Jeffrey Ashley, Miles Williams

10. Iowa First Congressional District: Anomaly or New Normal?
Donna R. Hoffman, Christopher W. Larimer

11. New York’s 19th, 22nd, and 24th Congressional Districts: Republicans Hold On in One of the Bluest of States
Jeffrey Kraus

12. Texas District 23: Play It Again: A Nationalized Election in Texas’s Swingin’est District

Walter Clark Wilson

13. Wisconsin Eighth Congressional District: From Swing Seat to Solidly Republican?
Aaron Weinschenk

Part III. U.S. Senate

14. Arizona Senate Race: McCain Holds on for a Sixth Term
Tom Lansford

15. California Senate Race: The Anointing of Kamala Harris
Marcia L. Godwin

16. Colorado Senate Race: Republicans Expect to Capture Second Straight Senate Seat, but Fall Short
Kyle D. McEvilly, William K. Hall

17. Florida Senate Race: If This Campaign Had Been a Prize Fight—They Would Have Stopped It
Peter J. Bergerson

18. Louisiana Senate Race: Republicans Hold the Deep South
Joshua Stockley

19. Missouri Senate Race: Now Seeing Red
Kimberly L. Casey

20. Nevada Senate Race: The Reid Machine’s Last Stand
David F. Damore

21. New Hampshire Senate Race: Closest in the Nation
Jennifer Lucas, Tauna S. Sisco, Christopher J. Galdieri

22. Ohio Senate Race: A Summer Campaign
William C. Binning, Melanie J. Blumberg

23. Pennsylvania Senate Race: Calculated Campaigns in a Toss-up State
Melanie J. Blumberg, Michael D. Slaven, William C. Binning, Ellen Mariko Boyle

24. Wisconsin Senate Race: Stunning Upset in the Badger State
Douglas M. Brattebo

Part IV. Conclusion

25. What Have We Learned from the 2016 Elections?
Marcia L. Godwin, Sean D. Foreman

Keywords: Political Science and International Relations, Electoral Politics, Political Sociology, Cultural Policy and Politics

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