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Canonical Duality Theory

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Table of contents

1. Canonical Duality-Triality Theory: Bridge Between Nonconvex Analysis/Mechanics and Global Optimization in Complex System
David Yang Gao, Ning Ruan, Vittorio Latorre

2. Analytic Solutions to Large Deformation Problems Governed by Generalized Neo-Hookean Model
David Yang Gao

3. Analytic Solutions to 3-D Finite Deformation Problems Governed by St Venant–Kirchhoff Material
David Yang Gao, Eldar Hajilarov

4. Remarks on Analytic Solutions and Ellipticity in Anti-plane Shear Problems of Nonlinear Elasticity
David Yang Gao

5. Canonical Duality Method for Solving Kantorovich Mass Transfer Problem
Xiaojun Lu, David Yang Gao

6. Triality Theory for General Unconstrained Global Optimization Problems
David Yang Gao, Changzhi Wu

7. Canonical Duality Theory for Solving Non-monotone Variational Inequality Problems
Guoshan Liu, David Yang Gao, Shouyang Wang

8. Canonical Dual Approach for Contact Mechanics Problems with Friction
Vittorio Latorre, Simone Sagratella, David Yang Gao

9. Canonical Duality Theory for Solving Nonconvex/Discrete Constrained Global Optimization Problems
Ning Ruan, David Yang Gao

10. On D.C. Optimization Problems
Zhong Jin, David Yang Gao

11. Canonical Primal–Dual Method for Solving Nonconvex Minimization Problems
Changzhi Wu, David Yang Gao

12. Unified Interior Point Methodology for Canonical Duality in Global Optimization
Vittorio Latorre

13. Canonical Duality Theory for Topology Optimization
David Yang Gao

14. Improved Canonical Dual Finite Element Method and Algorithm for Post-Buckling Analysis of Nonlinear Gao Beam
Elaf Jaafar Ali, David Yang Gao

15. Global Solutions to Spherically Constrained Quadratic Minimization via Canonical Duality Theory
Yi Chen, David Yang Gao

16. Global Optimal Solution to Quadratic Discrete Programming Problem with Inequality Constraints
Ning Ruan, David Yang Gao

17. Global Optimization Solutions to a Class of Nonconvex Quadratic Minimization Problems with Quadratic Constraints
Yu Bo Yuan

18. On Minimal Distance Between Two Surfaces
Daniel Morales-Silva, D. Y. Gao

Keywords: Mathematics, Optimization, Classical Mechanics

Publication year
Advances in Mechanics and Mathematics
Page amount
8 pages
Natural Sciences
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