Parris, Sheri R.

Child Maltreatment in Residential Care

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Table of contents

1. An Introduction to Maltreatment of Institutionalized Children
Adrian V. Rus, Sheri R. Parris, Ecaterina Stativa, Anca Bejenaru, Rebecca Webster, Jeremy Wente, Stefan Cojocaru

2. Institutional Neglect in Romania’s Long-Term Residential Centers in the 1990s from the Perspective of Children’s Rights
Ecaterina Stativa, Adrian V. Rus, Sheri R. Parris, Jacquelyn S. Pennings, Oana Clocotici

3. Punishment, Peer Exploitation, and Sexual Abuse in Long-Term Romanian Residential Centers: Findings from a Nationally Representative Sample of Institutionalized Children
Adrian V. Rus, Ecaterina Stativa, Sheri R. Parris, Jacquelyn S. Pennings, Max E. Butterfield, Wesley C. Lee, Ovidiu Gavrilovici

4. Academic Achievement of Romanian Institutionalized Children: A Social–Ecological Approach
Adrian V. Rus, Ecaterina Stativa, Sheri R. Parris, Jacquelyn S. Pennings, Florin Tibu, Reggies Wenyika, Gabriel Burcea

5. The Prevalence of Stunting Among the Romanian Institutionalized Children Placed in Long-Term Institutional Settings in the 1990s
Ecaterina Stativa, Adrian V. Rus, Sheri R. Parris, Jacquelyn S. Pennings, Bogdan Simion, Reggies Wenyika

6. Psychopathology Following Severe Deprivation: History, Research, and Implications of the Bucharest Early Intervention Project
Kathryn L. Humphreys, Nathan A. Fox, Charles A. Nelson, Charles H. Zeanah

7. Poly-victimization and Mental Health Problems Among Adolescents in Residential Facilities in Spain
Anna Segura, Noemí Pereda, Georgina Guilera, Soledad Álvarez-Lister

8. Child Sexual Abuse in Religiously Affiliated and Secular Institutions in Germany
Miriam Rassenhofer, Nina Spröber-Kolb, Paul L. Plener, Michael Kölch, Jörg M. Fegert

9. Research on Child Sexual Abuse in Institutions in German-Speaking Countries: A Summary
Nina Spröber-Kolb, Miriam Rassenhofer, Marc Allroggen, Paul L. Plener, Michael Kölch, Jörg M. Fegert

10. Family Environment in Institutions for Young Children in Russia: Mental Health and Development Versus Medical Care
Maria Solodunova, Oleg Palmov, Rifkat J. Muhamedrahimov

11. Institutional Care in Ukraine: Historical Underpinnings and Developmental Consequences
Nataliya A. Dobrova-Krol, Marinus H. IJzendoorn

12. Divergent Developmental Pathways of Children and Adolescents Reared in Long-Term Residential Protective Care in Turkey
Nese Erol, Zeynep Simsek, Abdullah Oskay, Kerim Münir

13. Experiences of Victimization by Peers and Staff in Residential Care for Children atRisk in Israel from anEcological Perspective
Shalhevet Attar-Schwartz

14. Structural Neglect in Orphanages: Physical Growth, Cognition, and Daily Life of Young Institutionalized Children in India
Femmie Juffer, Marinus H. IJzendoorn, Marian J. Bakermans-Kranenburg

15. Child Maltreatment and Prevention Practices in Chinese Orphanages
Xiaoyuan Shang, Karen R. Fisher

16. Child Abuse and Neglect in Charitable Children’s Institutions in Uasin Gishu County, Kenya: A Challenge of Context
Paula Braitstein, Samuel Ayaya, David Ayuku, Allison DeLong, Lukoye Atwoli

17. Interaction Competencies with Children (ICC): An Approach for Preventing Violence, Abuse, and Neglect in Institutional Care in Sub-Saharan Africa
Tobias Hecker, Getrude Mkinga, Joseph Ssenyonga, Katharin Hermenau

18. Why Institutions Matter: Empirical Data from Five Low- and Middle-Income Countries Indicate the Critical Role of Institutions for Orphans
Christine L. Gray, Sumedha Ariely, Brian W. Pence, Kathryn Whetten

19. Institutional Care Environments for Infants and Young Children in Latin America and the Caribbean
Afton R. Kirk, Christina J. Groark, Robert B. McCall

20. Experiences and Outcomes of Adults Who Endured Maltreatment as Children in Care in Australia in the Twentieth Century
Elizabeth Fernandez, Jung-Sook Lee

21. Congregate Care Settings in the United States
Rebecca Webster, Jeremy Wente, Sheri R. Parris, Adrian V. Rus

22. Best Practices for Residential/Institutional/Group Care of Children: A Harm Reduction Framework
Victor Groza, Kelley McCreery Bunkers

23. Interventions Designed for Children with Histories of Institutionalization and Placed in Foster or Adoptive Families
Maureen Riley-Behringer, Victor Groza

24. Child Maltreatment in Residential Centers: Summing Up
Adrian V. Rus, Sheri R. Parris, Ecaterina Stativa, Cosmin O. Popa

Keywords: Social Sciences, Social Work, Child and School Psychology, Public Health

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