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Ecosystem Services of Headwater Catchments

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Table of contents

Part I. Headwater Environment and Natural Resources

1. Headwater Catchments: Foundation Pillars for Ecosystem Services
Elaine Springgay

2. Technical and Ecological Methods to Control the Water Cycle in Mountain Watersheds
Edward Pierzgalski

3. Ecosystem Services Supporting Water Supply Systems
Özden Görücü

4. Ecosystem Services in Headwaters of the Boreal Environment
Eero Kubin, Josef Křeček

5. Climate Change Impacts on Water Resources in a Snow-Dominated Watershed of Northern Japan
Yoshinobu Sato

6. Ecohydrological-Based Forest Management in Semi-arid Climate
Antonio D. Campo, M. González-Sanchis, A. Lidón, A. García-Prats, C. Lull, I. Bautista, G. Ruíz-Pérez, F. Francés

7. Ecosystem Services in African Headwaters
Jaroslav Balek

Part II. Enhancing Environmental Services in Headwaters

8. Protective Stands: Lessons from the Past and Today’s Challenges
Jérôme Lievois, Xavier Gauquelin, Anthony Dubois, Alison Evans

9. Headwaters Management Constraints Within the Kinneret Ecosystem Services
Moshe Gophen

10. Mitigation of Natural Hazards in Mountain Watersheds of Japan
Hideaki Marui

11. Environmental Management in the Headwater Catchments of Kiliki River, Nagaland, North East India
Mohan S. Rawat

12. Agro-Environmental Sustainability of the Yuanyang Rice Terraces in Yunnan Province, China
Michael A. Fullen, Zhu Youyong, Wu Bozhi, Li Chengyun, Li Yong Mei, An Tong Xin, Gilles Colinet

13. Environmental Security and Headwater Control in Brazil
Ladislav Palán, Petr Punčochář

Part III. Environmental Services in the Changing World

14. Maintaining Environmental Services in Mountain Watersheds
Hans Schreier

15. Prioritizing Adaptation Needs for Ecosystem Services: A Regional Case Study in the Eastern Alps
Christin Haida, Clemens Geitner, Michiko Hama, Richard Hastik, Karl-Michael Höferl, Katrin Schneider

16. Environmental Services in Mountain Catchments Affected by the Acid Atmospheric Deposition
Josef Křeček, Ladislav Palán

17. Impacts of Reclaimed Opencast Coal-Land on Headwater Ecosystem Services
Martin Haigh

18. The Effect of Land Degradation on Ecosystem Services
Ádám Kertész

19. Extreme Climate Events and Erosion Control in Headwater Catchments of Serbia
Stanimir Kostadinov, Olivera Košanin, Ana Petrović, Slavoljub Dragićević

Part IV. New Challenges for Environmental Education and Active Citizenship

20. Ecosystem Services, European Union Policies, and Stakeholders’ Participation
Pier Carlo Zingari, Giovanna Gobbo

21. Water Conservation Business Arising from Company’s Environmental Responsibility
Mia Suominen

22. Natural Protective Services in Mountain Catchments: Provision, Transaction and Consumption
Florian Rudolf-Miklau

23. Citizens Participation in Ecosystem Services
Claude Poudrier

24. Watershed Ecosystem Services and Academic Programmes on Environmental Education
Erika Pénzesné Kónya

Keywords: Earth Sciences, Environmental Science and Engineering, Natural Hazards, Hydrology/Water Resources, Landscape/Regional and Urban Planning, Climate Change, Pollution, general

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