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Progress in Turbulence VII

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Table of contents

Part I. Theory

1. Emergence of Non-Gaussianity in Turbulence
Michael Wilczek, Dimitar G. Vlaykov, Cristian C. Lalescu

2. Percolation: Statistical Description of a Spatial and Temporal Highly Resolved Boundary Layer Transition
Tom T. B. Wester, Dominik Traphan, Gerd Gülker, Joachim Peinke

3. The Key Role of Pressure in the Turbulence Cascading Process
Patrick Bechlars, Richard D. Sandberg

4. Lagrangian Intermittency Based on an Ensemble of Gaussian Velocity Time Series
Laura J. Lukassen, Michael Wilczek

Part II. Wall Bounded Flows

5. Convection Velocity Variation as a Result of Amplitude Modulation Phenomena
Artur Dróżdż, Witold Elsner

6. On the Turbulent Boundary Layer with Wall Suction
Marco Ferro, Bengt E. G. Fallenius, Jens H. M. Fransson

7. DNS of Couette Flows With Wall Transpiration up to

Stefanie Kraheberger, Sergio Hoyas, Martin Oberlack

8. Flow Structures and Momentum Transport in Turbulent Rotating Plane Couette Flow
Takuya Kawata, P. Henrik Alfredsson

9. Towards a Physical Scale Decomposition of Mean Skin Friction Generation in the Turbulent Boundary Layer
Nicolas Renard, Sébastien Deck

10. Identifying Well-Behaved Turbulent Boundary Layers
Carlos Sanmiguel Vila, Ricardo Vinuesa, Stefano Discetti, Andrea Ianiro, Philipp Schlatter, Ramis Örlü

11. Scaling of Adverse-Pressure-Gradient Turbulent Boundary Layers in Near-Equilibrium Conditions
Ricardo Vinuesa, Alexandra Bobke, Ramis Örlü, Philipp Schlatter

Part III. Pipe Flows

12. Transitional and Turbulent Bent Pipes
Philipp Schlatter, Azad Noorani, Jacopo Canton, Lorenz Hufnagel, Ramis Örlü, Oana Marin, Elia Merzari

13. Turbulent Pipe Flow Near-Wall Statistics
Tommaso Fiorini, Gabriele Bellani, Ramis Örlü, Antonio Segalini, P. Henrik Alfredsson, Alessandro Talamelli

14. High Reynolds Number Experimental Facilities for Turbulent Pipe Flow at NMIJ
Noriyuki Furuichi, Yoshiya Terao, Yoshiyuki Tsuji

15. Wavenumber Dependence of Very Large-Scale Motions in CICLoPE at

Emir Öngüner, El-Sayed Zanoun, Tommaso Fiorini, Gabriele Bellani, Amir Shahirpour, Christoph Egbers, Alessandro Talamelli

16. Streamwise Auto-Correlation Analysis in Turbulent Pipe Flow Using Particle Image Velocimetry at High Reynolds Numbers
Emir Öngüner, El-Sayed Zanoun, Christoph Egbers

Part IV. Modelling

17. Subgrid-Scale Model with Structural Effects Incorporated Through the Helicity
Nobumitsu Yokoi, Akira Yoshizawa

18. Fractional Turbulence Models
Peter W. Egolf, Kolumban Hutter

19. A Framework for the Assessment and Creation of Subgrid-Scale Models for Large-Eddy Simulation
Maurits H. Silvis, Ronald A. Remmerswaal, Roel Verstappen

20. Towards an Improved Subgrid-Scale Model for Thermally Driven Flows
Riccardo Togni, Andrea Cimarelli, Elisabetta De Angelis

21. Integral Formula for Determination of the Reynolds Stress in Canonical Flow Geometries
Tae-Woo Lee, Jung Eun Park

22. A Matrix-Free Incompressible DG Algorithm for the Simulation of Turbulent Flows
Andrea Crivellini, Matteo Franciolini, Alessandra Nigro

Part V. Experiments

23. Measurement of Turbulent Spatial Structure and Kinetic Energy Spectrum—Part 1: Convection Record Method
Preben Buchhave, Clara M. Velte

24. Measurement of Turbulent Spatial Structure and Kinetic Energy Spectrum—Part 2: Convection Record Measurements
Clara M. Velte, Preben Buchhave, Azur Hodžić

25. Comparison of the Development of a Wind Turbine Wake Under Different Inflow Conditions
Ingrid Neunaber, Jannik Schottler, Joachim Peinke, Michael Hölling

26. The Development of Packets of Hairpin Vortices in Laminar Channel Flows in Response to Localized Disturbances
Jun-De Li

27. Very Large-Scale Feature of Transitional and Turbulent Channel Flows: Dependence on Facilities
Shun Horii, Yoshiyuki Sagawa, Makoto Miyazaki, Masaharu Matsubara

Part VI. Miscellaneous Topics

28. Turbulence Structure Analysis of DNS Data Using DMD and SPOD: Mixing Jet and Channel Flow
Abouelmagd Abdelsamie, Gábor Janiga, Cheng Chi, Dominique Thévenin

29. Signature of a Cubical Canopy on the Spatial Dynamics of an Atmospheric Boundary Layer
Jérémy Basley, Laurent Perret

30. Near and Far-Field Analysis of an Axisymmetric Fractal-Forced Turbulent Jet
Massimiliano Breda, Oliver R. H. Buxton

31. Study of Energetics in Drag-Reduced Turbulent Channel Flows
Davide Gatti, Maurizio Quadrio, Andrea Cimarelli, Yosuke Hasegawa, Bettina Frohnapfel

32. Evolution of Vortex Formation in the Wake of Thin Flat Plates with Different Aspect-Ratios
Arman Hemmati, David H. Wood, Robert J. Martinuzzi

33. Structure of Turbulence in a Flow Around a Rectangular Cylinder
Adriano Leonforte, Andrea Cimarelli, Diego Angeli

34. Application of Sponge Boundary Conditions to Large-Eddy Simulation of Multiple Thermal Plumes
Chandra Shekhar Pant, Amitabh Bhattacharya

35. Heat Transport in Horizontal and Inclined Convection
Olga Shishkina

Keywords: Engineering, Complexity, Applications of Nonlinear Dynamics and Chaos Theory, Engineering Fluid Dynamics, Vibration, Dynamical Systems, Control, Fluid- and Aerodynamics, Partial Differential Equations

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Springer Proceedings in Physics
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