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Submarine Geomorphology

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Table of contents

1. Introduction
Aaron Micallef, Sebastian Krastel, Alessandra Savini

Part I. Data and Methods in Submarine Geomorphology

2. Sidescan Sonar
Ingo Klaucke

3. Multibeam Echosounders
John E. Hughes Clarke

4. Reflection and Refraction Seismic Methods
Gareth J. Crutchley, Heidrun Kopp

5. Quantitative Analyses of Morphological Data
Philippe Blondel

6. Seafloor Sediment and Rock Sampling
Aggeliki Georgiopoulou

7. ROVs and AUVs
Veerle A.I. Huvenne, Katleen Robert, Leigh Marsh, Claudio Lo Iacono, Tim Le Bas, Russell B. Wynn

Part II. Submarine Landforms and Processes

8. Origin and Geomorphic Characteristics of Ocean Basins
Peter T. Harris, Miles Macmillan-Lawler

9. Drivers of Seafloor Geomorphic Change
Angelo Camerlenghi

10. Shallow Coastal Landforms
Fantina Madricardo, Federica Rizzetto

11. Continental Shelf Landforms
Ruth Durán, Jorge Guillén

12. Submarine Glacial Landforms
Christine L. Batchelor, Julian A. Dowdeswell, Dag Ottesen

13. Submarine Landslides
Joshu Mountjoy, Aaron Micallef

14. Submarine Canyons and Gullies
David Amblas, Silvia Ceramicola, Thomas P. Gerber, Miquel Canals, Francesco L. Chiocci, Julian A. Dowdeswell, Peter T. Harris, Veerle A.I. Huvenne, Steven Y.J. Lai, Galderic Lastras, Claudio Lo Iacono, Aaron Micallef, Joshu J. Mountjoy, Charles K. Paull, Pere Puig, Anna Sanchez-Vidal

15. Submarine Fans and Their Channels, Levees, and Lobes
Mark E. Deptuck, Zoltán Sylvester

16. Contourite Drifts and Associated Bedforms
Ibimina Esentia, Dorrik Stow, Zeinab Smillie

17. Volcanic Islands and Seamounts
Daniele Casalbore

18. Mid-ocean Ridges
Neil C. Mitchell

19. Cold Seep Systems
Silvia Ceramicola, Stéphanie Dupré, Luis Somoza, John Woodside

20. Abyssal Hills and Abyssal Plains
Marie-Helene Cormier, Heather Sloan

21. Oceanic Trenches
Jacob Geersen, David Voelker, Jan H. Behrmann

22. Cold-Water Carbonate Bioconstructions
Claudio Lo Iacono, Alessandra Savini, Daniela Basso

Part III. Applied Submarine Geomorphology

23. Applied Geomorphology and Geohazard Assessment for Deepwater Development
Roger Moore, Geoff Davis, Oliver Dabson

24. Seabed Mining
Anne Peukert, Sven Petersen, Jens Greinert, François Charlot

25. Fishing Activities
Ferdinand K. J. Oberle, Pere Puig, Jacobo Martín

26. National Programmes: Geomorphological Mapping at Multiple Scales for Multiple Purposes
Terje Thorsnes, Lilja R. Bjarnadóttir, Alexandra Jarna, Nicole Baeten, Gill Scott, Janine Guinan, Xavier Monteys, Dayton Dove, Sophie Green, Joana Gafeira, Alan Stevenson

Part IV. Conclusion

27. Conclusion
Aaron Micallef, Sebastian Krastel, Alessandra Savini

Keywords: Earth Sciences, Geology, Geomorphology, Oceanography

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Springer Geology
Natural Sciences
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