Capello, Roberta

Seminal Studies in Regional and Urban Economics

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Table of contents

1. Regional Competitiveness, Territory and the City: The Research Programme of an Impressive Mind
Roberta Capello

Part I. On Regional Economics

2. From the Role of Space in Knowledge Creation to Scenario Building Through Territorial Capital
Juan R. Cuadrado-Roura

3. Spatial Diffusion of Pervasive Process Innovation
Roberto Camagni

4. Technological Change, Uncertainty and Innovation Networks: Towards a Dynamic Theory of Economic Space
Roberto Camagni

5. On the Concept of Territorial Competitiveness: Sound or Misleading?
Roberto Camagni

6. Regional Competitiveness: Towards a Concept of Territorial Capital
Roberto Camagni

7. After-Crisis Scenarios for the European Regions
Roberto Camagni, Roberta Capello

Part II. On Urban Economics

8. In Economics Not Only Space Matters, But Certainly Also Territory and Politics
Dénise Pumain

9. Urban Growth and Decline in a Hierarchical System: A Supply-Oriented Dynamic Approach
Roberto Camagni, Lidia Diappi, Giorgio Leonardi

10. From City Hierarchy to City Network: Reflections About an Emerging Paradigm
Roberto Camagni

11. Urban Milieux: From Theory to Empirical Findings
Roberto Camagni, Roberta Capello

12. Static vs. Dynamic Agglomeration Economies: Spatial Context and Structural Evolution Behind Urban Growth
Roberto Camagni, Roberta Capello, Andrea Caragliu

13. Sustainable Urban Development: Definition and Reasons for a Research Programme
Roberto Camagni

14. Urban Development and Control on Urban Land Rents
Roberto Camagni

Part III. On Regional Policies and Spatial Planning

15. Regional Development and Urban Dynamics
Peter Nijkamp

16. Regional Innovation Patterns and the EU Regional Policy Reform: Towards Smart Innovation Policies
Roberto Camagni, Roberta Capello

17. Rationale and Design of EU Cohesion Policies in a Period of Crisis
Roberto Camagni, Roberta Capello

18. Towards Creativity-Oriented Innovation Policies Based on a Hermeneutic Approach to the Knowledge-Space Nexus
Roberto Camagni

19. Integrated Spatial Planning: Why and How?
Roberto Camagni

20. Territorial Impact Assessment (TIA): A Methodological Proposal
Roberto Camagni

Part IV. An Inspiring Mind: The First Generation of Scholars

21. An Inspiring Mind, a Trustworthy Human Being
Roberta Capello

22. When Periphery Becomes Core: The Long Stay in Padua of Roberto Camagni
Francesca Gambarotto

23. Leading by Example Both in Research and in Application
Tomaso Pompili

24. Roberto Camagni, the Milieu Innovateur and Me
Roberta Rabellotti

Part V. An Inspiring Mind: The Second Generation of Scholars

25. Time Out
Andrea Caragliu

26. Roberto Camagni: A View from the Other Side of the Corridor
Ugo Fratesi

27. A Keen Traveller
Camilla Lenzi

28. Three Lessons from and an Open Question to Roberto Camagni
Giovanni Perucca

Part VI. An Inspiring Mind: The Third Generation of Scholars

29. An Inspiring Cross-Fertilized Curiosity
Silvia Cerisola

30. A Master in Teaching and Motivating His Students
Alessandro Toppeta

Keywords: Economics, Regional/Spatial Science, Landscape/Regional and Urban Planning, Economic Growth

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