Graier, Wolfgang F.

Store-Operated Ca²⁺ Entry (SOCE) Pathways

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Table of contents

Part I. SOCE: Fundamental Mechanistic Concepts

1. Introduction
James W. Putney

2. The STIM-Orai Pathway: STIM-Orai Structures: Isolated and in Complex
Jinhui Zhu, Qingping Feng, Peter B. Stathopulos

3. The STIM-Orai Pathway: Orai, the Pore-Forming Subunit of the CRAC Channel
Aparna Gudlur, Patrick G. Hogan

4. The STIM-Orai Pathway: The Interactions Between STIM and Orai
Marc Fahrner, Rainer Schindl, Martin Muik, Isabella Derler, Christoph Romanin

5. The STIM-Orai Pathway: Conformational Coupling Between STIM and Orai in the Activation of Store-Operated Ca2+ Entry
Robert M. Nwokonko, Xiangyu Cai, Natalia A. Loktionova, Youjun Wang, Yandong Zhou, Donald L. Gill

6. The STIM-Orai Pathway: Regulation of STIM and Orai by Thiol Modifications
Barbara A. Niemeyer

7. The STIM-Orai Pathway: Light-Operated Ca2+ Entry Through Engineered CRAC Channels
Guolin Ma, Shufan Wen, Yun Huang, Yubin Zhou

8. STIM-TRP Pathways and Microdomain Organization: Ca2+ Influx Channels: The Orai-STIM1-TRPC Complexes
Dora Bodnar, Woo Young Chung, Dongki Yang, Jeong Hee Hong, Archana Jha, Shmuel Muallem

9. STIM-TRP Pathways and Microdomain Organization: Contribution of TRPC1 in Store-Operated Ca2+ Entry: Impact on Ca2+ Signaling and Cell Function
Hwei Ling Ong, Indu S. Ambudkar

10. STIM-TRP Pathways and Microdomain Organization: Auxiliary Proteins of the STIM/Orai Complex
Jonathan Pacheco, Luis Vaca

Part II. SOCE: Crosstalk Between Organelle and Cellular Compartments

11. Introduction
Alexei V. Tepikin

12. New Aspects of the Contribution of ER to SOCE Regulation: The Role of the ER and ER-Plasma Membrane Junctions in the Regulation of SOCE
Hayley Dingsdale, Emmanuel Okeke, Lee Haynes, Gyorgy Lur, Alexei V. Tepikin

13. New Aspects of the Contribution of ER to SOCE Regulation: TRPC Proteins as a Link Between Plasma Membrane Ion Transport and Intracellular Ca2+ Stores
Alexis Bavencoffe, Michael Xi Zhu, Jin-bin Tian

14. The Role of Mitochondria in the Activation/Maintenance of SOCE: Store-Operated Ca2+ Entry and Mitochondria
András Spät, Gergö Szanda

15. The Role of Mitochondria in the Activation/Maintenance of SOCE: Membrane Contact Sites as Signaling Hubs Sustaining Store-Operated Ca2+ Entry
Nicolas Demaurex, Daniele Guido

16. The Role of Mitochondria in the Activation/Maintenance of SOCE: The Contribution of Mitochondrial Ca2+ Uptake, Mitochondrial Motility, and Location to Store-Operated Ca2+ Entry
Roland Malli, Wolfgang F. Graier

17. Tissue Specificity: The Role of Organellar Membrane Nanojunctions in Smooth Muscle Ca2+ Signaling
Nicola Fameli, A. Mark Evans, Cornelis Breemen

18. Tissue Specificity: SOCE: Implications for Ca2+ Handling in Endothelial Cells
Lothar A. Blatter

19. Tissue Specificity: Store-Operated Ca2+ Entry in Cardiac Myocytes
Martin D. Bootman, Katja Rietdorf

Part III. SOCE: Molecular and Cellular (Patho)Physiology

20. Introduction: Overview of the Pathophysiological Implications of Store-Operated Calcium Entry in Mammalian Cells
Juan A. Rosado

21. Immunological Disorders: Regulation of Ca2+ Signaling in T Lymphocytes
Sonal Srikanth, Jin Seok Woo, Zuoming Sun, Yousang Gwack

22. Cardiovascular and Hemostatic Disorders: Role of STIM and Orai Proteins in Vascular Disorders
Jyoti Tanwar, Mohamed Trebak, Rajender K. Motiani

23. Cardiovascular and Hemostatic Disorders: SOCE and Ca2+ Handling in Platelet Dysfunction
Jose J. Lopez, Gines M. Salido, Juan A. Rosado

24. Cardiovascular and Hemostatic Disorders: SOCE in Cardiovascular Cells: Emerging Targets for Therapeutic Intervention
Klaus Groschner, Niroj Shrestha, Nicola Fameli

25. Cardiac Remodeling and Disease: SOCE and TRPC Signaling in Cardiac Pathology
Petra Eder

26. Cardiac Remodeling and Disease: Current Understanding of STIM1/Orai1-Mediated Store-Operated Ca2+ Entry in Cardiac Function and Pathology
Fiona Bartoli, Jessica Sabourin

27. Neurological and Motor Disorders: Neuronal Store-Operated Ca2+ Signaling: An Overview and Its Function
Sunitha Bollimuntha, Biswaranjan Pani, Brij B. Singh

28. Neurological and Motor Disorders: TRPC in the Skeletal Muscle
Sophie Saüc, Maud Frieden

29. Fertility: Store-Operated Ca2+ Entry in Germ Cells: Role in Egg Activation
Zoltan Machaty, Chunmin Wang, Kiho Lee, Lu Zhang

30. Metabolic Disorders and Cancer: Hepatocyte Store-Operated Ca2+ Channels in Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease
Eunüs S. Ali, Grigori Y. Rychkov, Greg J. Barritt

31. Metabolic Disorders and Cancer: Store-Operated Ca2+ Entry in Cancer: Focus on IP3R-Mediated Ca2+ Release from Intracellular Stores and Its Role in Migration and Invasion
Abigaël Ritaine, George Shapovalov, Natalia Prevarskaya

Keywords: Life Sciences, Cell Biology, Medical Biochemistry, Biological and Medical Physics, Biophysics, Cardiology

Publication year
2nd ed. 2017
Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology
Page amount
29 pages
Natural Sciences
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